While on the last days of my trip with Power Ministry,  I got word of our good friend Marks passing from this life to his heavenly home. Mark finished well! Having accepted Christ as Saviour 5 years ago, he became passionately involved in the building of Melodys Orphanage in Reynosa,  and supporting it almost entirely on his own. His legacy will indeed live on.
  A good friend of Mark's supplied Paula, Jaime and me free airfare to fly to Chicago to offer what comfort we could to Kathy and the family. I've never seen so many people at a wake and funeral. Mark was loved and respected by many, and he will be missed.
  Last Sunday we were able to attend the 75th anniversary of Moraine Valley Church.  It was quite an event, followed by food and fellowship. It's always good to go home, if only for a few days.
  Upon our return home, the Senior Carpenter's Crew were hard working at Big Heart Orphanage in Reynosa. They asked me if I could drive them to Big Heart Orphanage in the mountains near Saltillo on Wednesday. We made the over and back trip the same day, just taking a tour, eating lunch, and then heading back.
  We held our monthly food outreach Saturday morning and 170 families came, to worship God, hear the Word, and recieved the food that a team from Balstrop Texas had provided the funds for. They also came and shared the message.
  Paula is battling the flu, and is on the mend. I spent the last few days preparing donation statements for all those that have been a part of all of our ministries, and we want to thank you all. About 75 different people donated to the ministry. WOW!


   The bible says,  when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. Thats Power Ministry's scripture verse. And it came as I spent the last week traveling around Texas and Mexico doing various work projects from Acuna Mexico to Reynosa Mexico.  The last time I joined them on their trip I suffered a heart attack and it cut my trip short. This year a good friend and partner in the ministry died of a heart attack  and that cut this year's trip short.
  Mark Grennell got radically saved a few years ago when he joined us on a home building missions trip. I sit in the airport heading to Chicago to celebrate Marks life and rejoice at his life well lived.
  Our projects with Power included many building projects, street evangelism,  a carnival for the community, worship time, devotions daily, and some great fellowship.


  I forgot to post in 2020. Now that sounds strange, 2020. We were at Big Heart Orphanage in the mountains, bringing in the New Year with a group from Illinois, a group from Louisiana, us, and a few from Reynosa.  35 people or so, ringing in the new year serving God.
  We mixed and poured concrete, framed, insulated and sided the New game room, some painted, they also held events for the kids in the colonia.
  A fireside worship service kept me and Paula can get up almost until midnight, but we couldn't make it. The pastor from Louisiana made us gumbo new years day and it was spectacular. It rained all day but we still worked all day.
   Tomorrow we go back to the colonia and Melodys Orphanage to drop off some donated bread, pies and some meat. I have another eye injection in the afternoon. This week I leave on Thursday to join Power Ministry for another missions trip.  I'll be returning to the town I had my heart attack in April and trusting this trip will be better.
 On a sad note, our 12 year old cat Luna had to be put to sleep while we were gone last week. I'm glad we weren't there. She was such a good cat. Takoo is missing his sister.
  Thanks to all that sent a year end gift to the ministry. It really encourage our hearts to experience God's goodness. And thanks as well to our monthly partners.  God has some interesting things planned for this year.


  We have been away from family for most of the last 23 years on missions trips to Mexico, so flying to Chgo to be with them was such a blessing.  Kelly flew in from Colorado and the we had record setting temperatures.
  Even though we returned to Texas on Christmas night after dinner, just watching Leas face when she came downstairs and saw all the gifts under the tree. She is indeed spoiled, or blessed, or both.
  The highlight of the time there, though there were many, was after Paula and I went to our home church,  Moraine Valley Church,  we met the kids, grandkids, cousins, and extended family at their church. Parkview. It's a huge mega church, with thousands of people,  lots of helpers guiding traffic. Not for me, but they all like it. So 29 family members came, and I was reminded by God when we took a group photo, of His faithfulness. I was the first person saved in our family 30 years ago. Wow!!!
  Now we're in Big Heart Orphanage in the mountains for New Years with 7 people we drove over here last night.  Well be mixing concrete and framing walls. Shawn and Gator are driving back to the US to pick up another 17 people coming here to serve. It's cold, but clear sky's prevail.
  It's not to late to say yes to helping us fund the orphanages we support, and get a tax deduction for the year.  Make sure it's postmarked by tomorrow.  It's been a great tear in spite of my heart attack, so thanks to those of you that pray for us and support us.


  Paula and I went to Mexico this morning so Paula, Espiranza,Goya and Dulce could finish a quilt for Beth in Alabama. They got it done, and it's in the mail. We also took a 55 inch TV over for Melodys Orphanage.  The boys installed the security door on our house, thats something we needed to do after a break in a couple months ago.We said our goodbyes to everyone and headed home to pack. We have to drive to San Antonio tomorrow to catch our flight.
  I'm posting a copy of our annual newsletter, I hope it can be read, it's from a picture on my phone. We'll get to see some of you at church on Sunday, Moraine Valley Church at 9:30. We're looking forward to the cold, not!!


  I'm sure you all have heard that bad things happen in 3s. I decree and declare that great things happen in 3s.
  Saturday night we had our annual Sunday school class Christmas party. The class adopted the kids at Melodys Orphanage in Reynosa and brought gifts for all the kids and staff. Lee read a great Christmas story, we sang a few songs and yes, we are some fantastic food. Sunday night was the Christmas party at Melodys Orphanage in Reynosa.  The kids had a few dramas to present, they also sang Feliz Navidad. The worship time and the Word,  precluded yes, more food. Monday, Paula hosted a party for the sewing class and many other invited friends. I think forty or so in all. Sara flew in from North Carolina to join the party. 
  While the girls had their party we went to Sam's Club in Reynosa to buy the food for the monthly food outreach on the 28th. We also picked up 200 soccer balls that Power Ministry donated to us.
  I printed out a news letter to put in the Christmas cards were trying to get mailed out. I was in such a hurry to get the letter done, I couldn't possibly include everything from the year, only a few highlights. One thing I neglected to mention was the time we spent with family. A couple of short camping trips, and a weeks stay with Lea, Kristin and Larry.
  We are heading home to be with them for a few days. We fly home Christmas afternoon.  I tried to change our flight to the 26th, but no luck, sold out!  A few days will be better than none.
  If you don't or didn't get a Christmas card or news letter, sorry about that.  Merry Christmas to all and thanks for the continued prayers and support that keep us keeping on.


  Yesterday we drove to the mountains of Coahuila to Big Heart Orphanage in the mountains near Saltillo. I had loaded 208 treated 2x4s in the van and trailer, that they need for a building project.
  We arrived around noon, unloaded, ate lunch with the kids, and headed to the juvenile prison to deliver the sweatshirts and red t shirts. We met Pastor Alejandro and his wife there. The warden and the guards were all so welcoming. They took us into a large room and then the young men all came in and lined up from the smallest to the biggest. The pastor gave them a message, and I asked if I could share a word with them? I wanted to let them know that God had a plan for them, and that He loved them. They applauded when I was done, I don't know if it was out of respect or that they applauded God for second chances.
  The warden took us outside to show us the mural that was painted on a wall and asked for paint for the boys to learn how to express themselves through painting.  He has an artist willing to teach them. I gave the Pastor money to help buy paint.
  We prayed and headed back to the orphanage,  but stopped and ate some great food on the way back. We'll head back home this morning after breakfast. There's people coming over this afternoon to bag beans and rice for our church.
  I'm trying to get a year end news letter together and in the mail, so much has happened this year it'll be difficult to sum it all up, but we know that God is Good, God Provides,  and we don't need to worry about anything.  Blessings to you all. Oh yea, we recieved a truck load of beans monday.