With all that's transpired since my heart attack two weeks ago, I feel great. We are in Chicago until tomorrow watching Lea while Kristin and Larry we're out of town. Thanks for all the prayers and texts, it's a great encouragement to know your thought of.
  Sunday morning we headed to church in a freaky snow storm that lasted all day. Church was anointed as a always. We took Pastor Pat to lunch after church. It's always great to catch up with him when we're in town.
  Saturday we took a ll the kids to a park district event in doors. Face painting, jumping rides. We did all that after I went to the men's breakfast and prayer time. We were able to see a few friends while in town, but mostly Lea time.
  We head home tomorrow , the guys are busy building a house in the colonia, we got word from the orphanage in the mountains that the well has run dry. If need be, I'll be raising money for drilling a new one. Water is critical to the orphanage. No city water available.
  Can't wait to get home and started on rehab. I'm not one to sit around for too long. Thanks for the prayers and support.


  I'm so glad that we belong to a God that is in complete control of our lives. I know that's so cliche, but it's so true. While warning signs of my impending heart attack were screaming at me, God was carefully and strategically aligning everything I needed to survive.
  If only I had done this, or if only I had done that, then things would have been different. No! Absolutely nothing to do with me and my choices,  well, I could have made healthier choices, but I mean over the days leading up to my heart attack.  The damage to my body was already done, now God, who loves me and you dearly, had to orchestrate things to keep me around A while longer. My days are numbered by Almighty God and I'm not going anywhere until that day comes that's ordained by God.
   I feel so bad that I put so much stress on Paula, Kristin, Kelly and all my family. They were all really scared of the thought of flooding me. I'm ready to go home to be with Jesus and all those that have gone on before me, that had placed their trust in Jesus Christ as the only way to heaven
. Some people have asked about the symptoms . Many months of cold feet, I was in denial it was anything, many months of sluggishness, thought we just needed a break from ministry, pain in my leg and arm muscles for two weeks, thought I was just out of shape, the last few days before, severe pain in my left arm muscles and across my left breast. Exhausted after any kind of physical activity. The Last day I only packed my suitcase and was exhausted , that's when I made the decision to go to the hospital after the guys from Power prayed for me. Had I gone to Mexico with the team, I would have certainly died there. So praise be to God The Holy Spirit for finally moving me to make some life saving decisions. I love my family and friends for being there. I can't wait to see my friends in Mexico. They are quite concerned.


  Last Thursday the 82 men from Power Ministry arrived. We spent Friday in Matamoras with the students from Magdiel Bible School. Saturday a team was assigned to help us with the monthly food outreach. The afternoon was spent at Children's Haven Orphanage in Reynosa where Power puts on a huge carnival for the community .1300 people came and I had a blast manning the bean bag toss game. 3 hrs to cross the border every day. What a mess.
  Sunday morning we headed to Alliansa Mega Church in Reynosa for the 9am service. I was feeling a heaviness in my chest and had the guys in my van pray for me. I felt better immediately.  Devotions, and worship, and communion was enjoyed before the service. We were up on stage during the worship time. I was given the opportunity to share from the pulpit for a few minutes.
  Lunch was supposed to be at the Community Center in Nopalera,  but it had rained all night so we switched venues for lunch. I was able to share with the team our story, they gathered around me and prayed over me. I shared about the feeling of a heart attack that morning. Another 3 hr border crossing and 6 hour drive to Del Rio .  Crossed into Acuna Mexico the next day and formed and poured a handicapped ramp. I got extremely tired while shoveling the concrete and pain in my left arm. I just prayed for Satan to take his hands off of me. Another 2 hour crossing. That night a great steak dinner, and a time of worship and the Word. I felt wierd again and told a few guys. I had a hard time falling asleep and the morning I told the leaders I didn't want to go to Mexico that morning. I needed to go to the hospital. The guys anointed me with oil, prayed over me and I just relaxed for a while. An hour later , Dave and Louis took me to the hospital. They hooked up the EKG machine and took blood, all looked normal. After an hour or so the pain in my arm hot extreme and I threw up, and was having a heart attack. Wow!!! I was a code blue and a flood of people entered the room. They started all these procedures, injection of nitroglycerin and something else to dissolve the clot causing the attack. Dave and Louis sent word back to the team to pray for me now!!! Within minuets all pain was gone and I was instructed I was being transferred by helicopter to San Antonio. After a cool, but uncomfortable ride in the chopper, I was in surgery immediately upon landing on the roof. A stint was placed in my "widow maker" artery. It was 99% blocked, and I almost died. God had orchestrated all the circumstances to keep me around A while longer.
  Paula was notified of the situation and left her sewing class in Mexico and Shawn and Carla , Sergio and China came with her. It's a 4hour drive to San Antonio. While they were driving, Kristin and Kelly were making arrangements to fly to San Antonio.
  Some friends of ours in San Antonio  we're at the hospital when I landed and have been a blessing to us. I think I'm being released today. Social media has it's place, and it mobilized an army of people praying for me, and I documented a lot of it on Facebook. So thank you for your prayers and support.


  We left real early Friday morning for Big Heart Orphanage in the mountains. I'm really getting to love the 3-1/2 hour drive. Paula, Sergio, China , and Mary Lou made the trip with me. Clouds and drizzle came to an end as we drove through the mountains . As the sun broke through, it was beautiful.
  As we arrived at the orphanage,  the guys were already mixing concrete. Sergio and I joined the fun, scooping Rock and sand and tossing it into the mixer.
  Lunch, more concrete, assembled the Ping Pong table I bought for them. Took everyone to dinner to celebrate Paula's birthday.
  We returned Saturday instead of Sunday, because a couple needed a ride back to Reynosa .Yesterday we went to Melodys Orphanage to celebrate Jaimes birthday.


  Tomorrow well leave around 6am for Big Heart Orphanage in the mountains. Today Paula's sewing class had a party for Paula. The girls made our favorite, chicken and mole'.
  I bought another ping pong table to take out to the orphanage . 3 ping pong tables for 3 orphanages this month. The kids love em.
  Travis Caywood delivered the rice we bought and some donated beans from Power Ministry. The phone started ringing from other ministries needing beans and rice. I posted some pictures and they saw the post. Thousands of people will enjoy the food.


  Unbeknownst to me, people actually read our blog from time to time. I've asked a few times to send me an email if you read the blog, and I got 0 responses, so I thought nobody read it. But over the last few days we've gotten a  few donations in response to my posting that our 2018 income was down 50%. It was in fact down that much, but wholly responsible was group cancellations and the money to build 15 or 20 houses at $ 5000.00 each, and the room and board housing money that teams also donate to the ministry. So although we would love to have teams start joining us in helping the poor and the orphans God has placed in our way,  we will continue doing what God directs us to.
  We so appreciate all the support we get that enables us to help and feed so many. Just last week,  we purchased  $1600.00 worth of blankets to help some of the caravan migrants, and people in Saltillo Mexico. Friday, I bought two new ping pong tables and gave them to two orphanages. One guy texted me and said that it must be fun to be able to give so much away, and it is, but it's God who provides the funds to do it. I just get the privilege of giving His money away.  So thanks a million times over for allowing God to use your donations to help so many, and change so many lives with the Good news of the Gospel .


  As winter comes to and end, our clocks get changed, trees bloom, our orange trees have the most delicious smells filling our yard. I love the change from winter to spring. How about you?
  While we try to navigate through a new season of ministering to the poor and the orphans God has placed in our way.  We just keep walking by faith and trust the Holy Spirits instructions. Today we're heading back to Big Heart Orphanage in the mountains to join Project Fortify Ministries with their group coming to spend the week working at the orphanage. We're taking beans, rice, blankets, bibles, and some other things to give away in a poor colonia in Saltillo .
  We want to make a trip to Micheocan Mexico to deliver beans and rice to Jorge and Selina pastors of a church down there, and also a few days visit to Paula's family.
  Just delivered our info to the accountant to prepare our tax return. Income for last year down 50% due to groups cancelling their trip to serve the poor in Mexico. Fear really is a Liar and we need to confront the lies. We're thankfull to be debt free and able to navigate through this time. God is faithful and always provides.