Getting to the place of giving away 10 % of our liquid assets to help those in need, is off to a great start. Paula and I drove to Saltillo Monday morning with 125 soccer balls, 104 blankets, 200 hot dogs , bibles and some dolls. We arrived at Big Heart Orphanage in the mountains near Saltillo , cooked the hot dogs and headed to the Paper City in Saltillo .
  We were welcomed by a few children and before long, we had hundreds of people lined up. Paula shared the Gospel and prayed and the food was handed out , then they moved over to get a soccer ball, or a doll, and a blanket for each adult. We ran out of everything before we ran out of people. 52 bibles were given out as well.
   The houses these precious people live in are some of the worst we've seen. We're going back after our Chiapas trip to meet the community leaders and pastors. Such great need there. Now that we've been there, we're responsible to do something .
   Sunday we had our Sunday school class Christmas party at Scott and Joanna. We took Melodys Orphanage as our Christmas project. Everyone brought gifts for the kids in the orphanage as well as Jaime, Rosa and their kids. 
  Our kids arrive today Yeah!!!!


  Friday night we attended our churches annual Christmas musical. Orchestra,  Drama, Scripture reading, and Glorious songs of the season. The theme was is there room in your heart for the King? It was a time of preparing our heart for Christmas .
   I'm like most people, stressing about all we need to do. But I've found the best way to release the stress is through generosity.  God gave us Jesus. The best he had to offer. We bought 125 soccer balls, and today I'm going to buy 100 blankets to take to the "Paper City" in Saltillo. A community of cardboard houses.
  Today we have our Sunday school class Christmas party. We've chosen to bless Melodys Orphanage in Reynosa. Every child will be getting gifts. Jaime and his family are coming over to meet our class and receive the gifts. Paula and I had lunch at the orphanage yesterday for lunch. I asked Jaime what the orphanage could use for all to enjoy. A pool table, foose ball table, ping pong, a big flat screen tv, we're the things he mentioned. We'll get them one of them.
  Giving is God's way of receiving.  Be generous with your money. My Christmas challenge, take a look at how much money you have. I mean the money you could access at any time. Not your IRA, or retirement money. Just your liquid assets. Now pray and give 10% away.
  Is there room in your wallet for the King?


  Friday's dedication was of no fanfare. No group, no music, no pastor present, just Paula, Andres, his wife Goyita, their daughter Dulce, and the family. Bruno, Marbella, their 9 year old daughter Lucero and 4 year old Christian.
  We arrived to the smell of chicken on their make shift grill, unloaded all the things we had for them, a bed, table, dishes, lots, pans, clothes, blankets, food and much more. As Paula, Goyita and Dulce decorated,  Bruno finished cooking the chicken. We said a prayer of dedication and Bruno swept Marbella into his arms and carried her into their renovated house. Tears filled her eyes, and Luceros as they looked around their new house . We blessed the food, ate, and Paula and Andres shared the Gospel with them. Lucero, at 9 years old was quickened in her heart and got up walked across the room and hugged Paula and prayed with her to receive the gift of salvation. Wow child like faith!!
  That's what it's all about!


  Today we will finally have a little dedication and celebration of the family of Bruno, Marbella and their two kids Lucero, and Christian. A remodeling of their existing house, has given them a new found hope. New roof, windows, door, concrete floor, and some furnishings.
  It's our first dedication in quite a while. We've been used to having 2 dedications every month. We also worked at Melodys Orphanage in Reynosa,  finishing the stairs going up to the new addition.
  Our kids, and Lea arrive for a visit in two weeks and we can't wait. We will be leaving for Chaipas on Dec 19th for a 10 day missions trip with 6 people from here, plus our directors of Mexico Missions Phil and Marianne Chain.  Thousands of toys, dolls soccer balls and tins of food will be handed out over our 10 day trip. Spending our Christmas blessing those in the poor communities up in the mountains is something that we have been wanting to do for a few years.
   We're hoping to get our 1 newsletter out in the next week or so. Everyone will receive a calender refrigerator magnet. WOO HOO!!


  Our season, an 11 year season, of building homes in the same colonia seems to be coming to an end. Church groups cancelling their mission trip with us because of the ongoing violence along the border. We continue to feed the poor, provide clothes and shelter for those in need. Our mission has not changed, there's just not the support to continue building on the scale we have been used to.
  Maybe some don't agree with our choice to remain in such a violent part of Mexico, and thereby stop supporting us. But as we continue to see the fruit of our efforts continuing, we will remain faithful to God's call on our life.
  We have been rehabbing a house outside of the colonia for a family that sells bread in the colonia. Bruno, Gabella, Lucero and Christian have been living in a 14 X 16 foot shack. No windows, leaky roof , dirt floor, no cooking stove, and very little else. We got the roof replaced and reinforced, a new door and some windows. We'll hand mix concrete for a floor this week. Our Sunday school class at Calvary Baptist Church has taken the initiative to provide a Merry Christmas for them and the orphans at Melodys Orphanage in Reynosa as well as Jaime and Rosalbas kids.
  We've purchased our tickets to fly to Chiapas next month for Christmas to join Phil and Marianne Chain for their medical and backpacks for the kids outreach. We have 6 going with us, Phil and Marianne plus 50 or so locals from Chiapas.
  We'll be spending Thanksgiving in Ramos Arizpe at Big Heart Orphanage in the mountains near Saltillo.
   Thanks for the prayers and support that make it all possible.


  After our monthly food outreach last Saturday,  with 150 families attending, along with a medical team headed by Wayne and Dianne Kelly. They forged through the mud to attend the outreach.
  We worshipped and Beth from the group shared with everyone the bracelet gospel, while Jaime translated. The team helped hand out the food, we ate lunch and all headed to Big Heart Orphanage in the mountains near Saltillo. 3 vehicles in convoy, loaded to the max. We arrived at Big Heart unloaded my van and the team headed off to Saltillo.
  Sunday morning we attended church on Ramos Arizpe. A Great little church plant by Americans. The service was in English and was translated into Spanish via headsets. We stopped at Lowe's to pick up wood to form some sidewalks around one dorm house. Monday we went back to Lowe's to by a cement mixer for the orphanage.
  The medical team came from Saltillo to hold a clinic for the locals near the orphanage. We also had coats, clothes and a food outreach as well. I think about 30 families came. There were several decisions for Christ.
  We hiked to the top of a nearby mountain that has a huge wooden cross on it. Quite a hike!! An architect friend of Gators came and drew up plans for a new team kitchen/dorm for the orphans. We came home Tuesday afternoon. The highway in Mexico runs through the butterfly migration route and we had hundreds commit suicide on our van.
  We plan on heading back to the orphanage in a couple weeks. Shawn and Carla Estes have been helping out there for the last several weeks and are praying about becoming more involved there, as are Paula and I.
  We just booked our airfare to the State of Chiapas, Mexico  where we will join Phil and Marianne Chain for Mexico Missions Christmas Outreach. We will be ministering in the mountains near Tuxtla Guitierez and will give out thousands of backpacks filled with toys for the kids, hold medical and dental clinics, kids programs, and much more. We could use some financial help with the cost of all the toys, food and medicine we will be purchasing. 6 Americans and scores of young adults from Chiapas will be there helping.
  I'll be going to Melodys Orphanage tomorrow and checking the progress of the addition. I'll need to buy drywall to finish the ceiling. Melodys is in need of supporters to sponsor the 7 kids they have. We get one donation monthly of $35.00 specifically for the orphanage , hardly enough for 1 days meal for them.


 Last night Wayne and Dianne Kelly arrived with their team from Alabama heading to Saltillo to hold medical clinics, visit prisons, and visit Big Heart Orphanage in the mountains near Saltillo Monday. We spent today packing up everything in two vans.
  We'll head to the colonia in the morning for our monthly food outreach and then head to Saltillo. We'll be taking food to hand out in the Community surrounding the orphanage.
  We got a lot done at Melodys Orphanage last week and when God provides the funds, we're going to pay to have the drywall hung on the ceiling, the walls are done with cement board.
  We thank you all for the prayers and support that make it all possible. We are excited about what God has in store for us, as we trust His leading. 
  Power Ministry provided us with 22,000 lbs of rice last Tues. After buying 30,000 lbs of beans the week before, the rice was an unexpected blessing.