As I read Mathew 24 in light of the world wide virus, I read about famines and earthquacks in diverse areas. It didn't say pestilence in my NIV. So I picked up my trusty old King James version,  and there is was, pestilence. I googled pestilence and bingo, Pandemic.  Is this the beginning of the days of sorrows before the tribulation period? I'm thinking yes! There is right now locusts devouring Africa, over 100 - 3.0 earthquakes every day, volcanoes are blowing up all over the globe, the Church is silent, people are freaking out because of corona, but all these other signs are there at the same time. Birth pains, more frequent and closer together. Aye chiwawa!!!!
  We see what not being prepared for even the slightest disruption in our life has done. Of all the things humans need to survive, TOILET PAPER IS THE FIRST THING THEY HOARD????? We're blessed, a warehouse full of beans and rice, freeze dried food, several pallets of water, a propane,  gas, and solar generators. We can take care of lot of people, should the need arise, and yesterday I picked up over 1700 new bibles, tha Power Ministry had for us in their storage shed a few towns over. So I guess you could say that we're ready for whatever is going on. I don't say that to boast, I say it to encourage people to be prepared to take care of yourself and others as well.
  We are not supposed to travel to Mexico,  but we did go Tues to finish up some quilts that Paula needed to send to those that ordered and paid for already. Andres and Goya held our monthly food outreach Saturday without us and ministry continues with food outreaches. If any of you needs to discontinue supporting the ministry during these difficult times,  we understand. Take care of your family first. We have bagged up beans and rice and will head into the community as restrictions permit. The US MEXICAN border is closed now to non essential travel, we'll test our ability to cross in a few days. Blessings to all and thanks for the continued prayers and support.


  The bible says that perilous times will come towards the end of life as we know it. I'm kinda of the in the camp of God is shaking the Nations. Not one or two, but all nations are feeling the backlash of the Corona virus. 
  As I type this, the US Mexican border is preparing to close, both North and South to non essential travel. We are home in the US, and our monthly food outreach is tomorrow morning.  Andres and His wife will either hold it as scheduled or postpone it. The call is theirs. A few weeks ago, we crossed several thousand pounds of black beans and rice. God knew this virus was coming and we prepped without knowing the extent of the virus. We also bought enough oil, sugar and flour to supply 150 families.
  We're so thankful for the ability to provide all this food to so many. The demand on this side of the border is bigger than ever. We had only 25 bags of rice left when Power ministrie Louis Davenport showed up with 200 bags of rice. God's timing is perfect everytime! Speaking of Power Ministry,  they were supposed to be finishing up their 3rd week of ministry this week with 80 men, but they wisely cancelled their trip.
  I had oral surgery last week,  and eye two eye injections this week, and went to my cardiologist ( all is well),so I haven't gone to Mexico as much as Paula. Her quilting class is still cranking out the quilts.
  Facetimmingwith the kids is more frequent, trying to get things done around the house, way to much time on social media, trying to spend more time in the Word, and prayer, trying to find toilet paper, kidding, I'm a prepper and have had plenty for years.
  Trusting you all stay calm, and free of fear. God did not give us that Spirit. The hand crank bike we're given to Melodys Orphanage and we took them across. He has given them to people with missing legs.



  Jesus grew in wisdom, and stature, and favor with God and man. Why would Jesus need to grow in these areas? Wouldn't He already have all these things?  I would dare to say that in His humanity, as in ours, we need to acquire this.
  Why do I need to acquire wisdom? Because I have been so stupid!!! Stature is something I don't seek, but it just comes as we discover our purpose. Favor, oh yes, favor, with God and man. A walk of faith for provision for the ministry requires favor from both.
  Last week we doubled our food purchases to feed more people. A step of faith.  We also bought enough roofing materials to cover the 100 foot long, 50 foot wide shelter at Senda De Vida home for the wandering migrants in Reynosa,  another instruction that God gave me. Obedience is better than sacrifice. I brought the $3000 in cash to pay for the materials. Before the day was over, donations in the amount of $3000 was pledged to pay for it all. Favor! With God and man. Now I'm looking for a new opportunities to sow into. LUKE 6 vs 38. Give, and it will be given to you. Pressed down running over, for in the measure you give, it will be given to you.
  Hallelujah for the truth of God's promises!


  Roy, Carla, Nate, Tim, Brenda, Abby, Seth, April, Lexy, Mike and Bambi. Those are the names of the group that drove all the way from Illinois to serve. We spent 3 days at Big Heart Orphanage in Reynosa.  We formed and mixed concrete for a curb, about 150 feet I think. Poured 5 truck loads of concrete for the new kitchen.  Roy, Carla and Nate spent the night there as Roy and Rick ran the helicopters to polish the floor past midnight.
  Thursday the team came to our house to bag beans and rice before heading to Mexico. It was cold and raining all day, but we managed to get where we wanted to hand out the shoe box gifts. 100 to Casa Hogar Mami, 16 to big heart, we then went to Senda De Vida home for the wandering migrants in Reynosa.  300 people there and about 75 kids. They were happy to get the nice gifts prepared by Laharpe Christian Church,  Stronghurst church, and a few others. We still had about 75 boxes left, so we took them to the Squatters camp,  outside of the colonia we normally work in. The kids braved the cold and rain to come for their gift box.
  A great week inspire of not building a house, as is what this group usually does. The ministry is changing to help those in need without building a house in an area that can be considered dangerous.  Team safety is a priority,  and the orphanages are the best place for now.
  We encourage teams to come back to Mexico and trust God that if He has called you there, He will be with you.


  Last week, we joined our kids in Florida for a couple days to celebrate Leas 4th birthday. I haven't been to Disney world in 30 years. One 12 hour day visiting all of Leas  Disney friends. Waiting in lines for a photo was worth the look on Leas face when the characters gave her the attention she desired to feel special.
  So better is one day in Disney than thousands elsewhere. We too Kris, Larry and Lea to the airport the next day, drovevKelly to meet a friend in Ocala, then headed to Hilton Head island to spend a few days with a couple that supports the ministry.
  This week, the group from Laharpe Christian Church in Illinois is here and we're working at Big Heart Orphanage in Reynosa. Lots and lots of concrete work. We poured the floor for the new kitchen late yesterday. Waiting for the trucks to deliver the concrete was a test if patients.
  The group brought hundreds of shoe box gifts for the kids in Mexico and well Hand them out today and tomorrow.


  The name of the Lord, is A STRONG TOWER. The righteous run into it , and we are saved. How often do we run into Him? So often I think I can do it on my own, but it always come up short of whatever, " I'm " trying to achieve.
  Speaking of towers,  the tower in the colonia is getting some much needed repairs, a paint job, and a new well pump to continue supplying the colonia with water.  You don't know what you have, until it's gone. There's been no water in half of the colonia for several weeks, but that's changing as I type.
  Several men along with Scott from ROHI, David, Andres, David Jr, Juan, and several others have been busy getting everything done. This project is costing several thousand dollars and is really the first major maintenance project since installing the water system over 3 years ago.
  Your annual giving statements have gone out, so if you didn't get yours and you itemize on your taxes, let us know, and we'll get it to you. We had over 70 people donate at one time or another last year and we are truly grateful. I just completed our books for the year, and everything balanced. Thank God for 25 column ledgers and old fashioned math. We had donations of 147,453.oo and expenses of 147,478.00. Neither Paula or I took a paycheck from the ministry, we live on our S.S. benifit.  So to everyone paying taxes, Thank You.


  While on the last days of my trip with Power Ministry,  I got word of our good friend Marks passing from this life to his heavenly home. Mark finished well! Having accepted Christ as Saviour 5 years ago, he became passionately involved in the building of Melodys Orphanage in Reynosa,  and supporting it almost entirely on his own. His legacy will indeed live on.
  A good friend of Mark's supplied Paula, Jaime and me free airfare to fly to Chicago to offer what comfort we could to Kathy and the family. I've never seen so many people at a wake and funeral. Mark was loved and respected by many, and he will be missed.
  Last Sunday we were able to attend the 75th anniversary of Moraine Valley Church.  It was quite an event, followed by food and fellowship. It's always good to go home, if only for a few days.
  Upon our return home, the Senior Carpenter's Crew were hard working at Big Heart Orphanage in Reynosa. They asked me if I could drive them to Big Heart Orphanage in the mountains near Saltillo on Wednesday. We made the over and back trip the same day, just taking a tour, eating lunch, and then heading back.
  We held our monthly food outreach Saturday morning and 170 families came, to worship God, hear the Word, and recieved the food that a team from Balstrop Texas had provided the funds for. They also came and shared the message.
  Paula is battling the flu, and is on the mend. I spent the last few days preparing donation statements for all those that have been a part of all of our ministries, and we want to thank you all. About 75 different people donated to the ministry. WOW!