The two houses built last week had to have an official dedication,  so Monday  we arrived in the colonia around noon for a 2 o'clock scheduled dedication . After another incident,  we decided to go and bless these two families with the beds and furnishings we purchased. Jose and Alicias house was first because all the food was at Roberto and Edinina.
  Jose and his family used the rest of the purple paint to trim out the inside of the house. It looked awesome, and they covered their floor with a thick plastic, to cover the flaking concrete. Shawn and Carla came as well as Jaime and his family. They were all brought to tears as we prayed over them and Jose lifted Alicia and carried her home. The two kids loved their own space up in the loft.
  We then moved up the hill to the other house, where they had prepared a literal feast. Steak, chicken, sausage, tortillas , salsa, and beverages. The question was, eat first, or dedicate the house. We prayed over Roberto and Edinina. He has dialysis therapy 3 days a week, and Edinina had knee surgery 2 months ago. What a great time, seeing the joy on all of thier faces.
  Tuesday brought heavy rain for the first time in a while. Paula was in Mexico and I took Shawn and Carla Estes to the airport to go to a conference in Louisville , with David Platt speaking. I'm so jealous. His book Radical, changed our lives.
  Yesterday Sergio and I picked up 10 pallets if soon to expire Fema food boxes. Each box has quite a bit of food, and we have already given a lot away in 2 days.
  We have a contractor coming tomorrow to clean and coat our entire roof. It's been on our things to save $ for, and although I hate to spend money on "ourselves", it is much needed.
  Please pray for peace in Mexico. It is really messing up missions and a few groups have cancelled their trips with others desiring to work on the US side th

is summer. We need to line up some projects in Texas. Thanks for the prayers and support.


 Last Monday , Emanuel Baptist Church from Kentucky,  joined Shawn and Carla Estes, to "Spend" themselves on behalf of the poor in Mexico . The team of 17 split in two groups, the women went to Pillar Esperanza Orphanage to serve the staff and kids, and the men joined us building a house in the colonia.
  Since we had so many to build the house, our  friends in the colonia built a house two lots over from Jose's. The natural competitive juices flowing,  the race was on to finish before the other team. It was fun, because we could see each other's progress as we built. We conceded a draw as it was that close on Wednesday afternoon as Thursday only needed some finishing touches on both. A job well done by both teams .
   Thursday morning, we arrived at the Community Center with just a few of the team from Emanuel to finish a few things, while the rest of the guys joined the women at the orphanage . While hanging around outside, heavy automatic weapons fire broke out on the lower level of the road in front of us. Two rival gangs crossed paths in front of us, and what first sounded like firecrackers had us all running for cover. Praise God we were all ok, but noticeably shaken. It lasted seconds but it was a few minutes before we felt safe to go outside.
  The Mexican Military arrived in 10 minutes or so, and we held our morning devotion , prayed, and went and finished the two houses. We felt led to cancel Friday's dedication of both houses , because of safety concerns for the team. The families understand our concerns, even though they live in this environment every day. Some more gunfire in the distance was heard several hours later and just confirmed our decision to cancel dedication celebration.
  I am going to contact all scheduled mission groups that are planning on coming the next few months and apprise them of our concerns. It's one thing to for Paula and I,  and Shawn and Carla, and all those that are missionaries in the world, to engage in a certain level of risk to do what God has called us to do, but we are not willing to risk the safety of others, and cannot guarantee the safety of others.
  Please pray for peace to overtake Mexico and the drug and human smuggling to stop in Jesus Name, wisdom for us and all that serve in Mexico.

   We brought the team to our house Friday after breakfast in Mexico,  even though we didn't dedicate the houses with the group, we will on Monday. They bagged beans at our place, cleaned up our nasty pile of pallets, and then headed to Progresso Mexico to the market before flying back home.


Today the muli-generational team from Sunset Presbyterian Church in Portland Oregon leaves to go back home taking with them the sights, smells, and sounds of  a short term missions trip.  If I heard nothing else from this diverse group,  it was that they would be forever changed by what they experienced.
  Some will go home and do life differently,  some will start helping the poor in their community , some have a new passion for God and his word, some will surrender a little more of their life to Jesus and His purpose, some will share this experience with others and motivate them towards good works, some will surrender their finances to eternal things rather than temporal things. But we all indeed will be CHANGED , if only but a little bit.
  This same church is sending three more teams here this summer, why? Because fear is not a factor where faith flourishes. The poor still need help, the lost still need a Saviour,  the hurting still need hope. I need to find a church like Sunset here where we live. It seems funny that we don't!!!!

Here is a link to their blog


  Most people I've talked to, don't like the moving of time. Now it's dark in South Texas until long after 7am. I vote to leave it, and not fall back. The bible says that man will try to manipulate time I the last days.
  We celebrated Paula's birthday Thursday and the girls in her sewing class had a surprise party for her. They are a special group of friends to Paula . Jaime and his family brought a cake, the girls brought a cake, and when we got home, Mary Lou brought yet another one. LET THERE BE CAKE!
  We went and cut the studs and made the rafters for next week's build with Sunset Presbyterian Church.  This family is are all time favorite place to eat in the colonia.  No offence to the others, but they bring it , every time we're there.
  Our fork truck was spewing oil everywhere , so Sergio came and we removed one of the hydraulic cylinders to get it rebuilt. A greasy mess for sure. Filled the giant batteries as well.
  The 3 day revival that Jaime held in the colonia was a huge blessing to the colonia . We went last Saturday, but the place was packed on Sunday's service. We helped take the huge stage apart on Tuesday after cutting the wood. Hot temps made the frame and all its screws almost untouchable . We filled 3 buckets with the bolts holding it all together.
  We'll hold our monthly food outreach at the Community Center tomorrow afternoon. The team will forgo church in the USA , and we'll do church in Mexico .
  We need a baby fix! We haven't seen Lea since last November . They will be packing and moving in May, so I'm thinking we'll go and help. Help watch Lea, not moving lol.
   Thanks for your support of the ministry.  Ten years in and God remains faithful. Imagine that! Trust!


  Do you ever get the feeling of urgency concerning the people that don't know Christ? Is evangelism something you do, or depend on others to Do? The bible says that in the last days, God will pour out His Spirit, on all flesh. I thought about this the other night as Shawn, Mathew and I drove over to the colonia where Jaime was holding a 3 day revival outreach. He had an awesome stage set up, speakers to blow your ears out, and a message to change hearts. I don't know how many people came over the 3 days, or how many had a revival in their hearts, but I know I did.
  It was in the 90's when we got there, so we stopped at the Community Center and grabbed all of the umbrellas we had to give out for shade. Man we're they a welcomed gift as we handed them out. We stayed a few hours, until well after dark and headed home.
   The warehouse is full once again as Rick Caywood Ministries brought the last of the beans they were holding for us, along with 6 skids of boxes of gift packs for emergency relief left over from hurricane Harvey, a pallet of diapers, and a pallet of flavored lemonaid.
  The team from Sunset Presbyterian Church in Portland Oregon arrives Saturday night, well have our monthly food outreach Sunday after church and start building next Monday. We'll get everything ready this week .
  Andres, Johnny and Sergio installed insulation in our house in Mx. What a difference it makes. They will start putting the siding on the walls today .  Thanks for the prayers and support that make it all happen.


  After 3 days in the hospital, and a bunch of tests, everything tested normal for Paula. A bottle of Malox was the doctors prescribed medicine. She still feels weak, but better. Not much rest in the hospital. Thanks for all the prayers.
  The team from Sunset Presbyterian Church in Portland Oregon arrives on the 24th. We'll hold our monthly food outreach at the Community Center Sunday the 25th with the team, before they start building on the 26th. We're looking forward to meeting a lot of new faces from Sunset.
  We have a load of beans and MREs  coming on Friday from Rick Caywood Ministries . They have picked up our beans in South Dakota,  stored them, and now will deliver the last of the beans in stock. When these are gone, I'm sure God will show up and show His provision once again.
  Our daughter Kelly has started raising money to come build a house in June. Donations can be made on Mexico Missions pay pal link, or sent to us, and marked Kelly's birthday gift to the poor. Gracias.
  The last photo is of a family from church and their 6 Foster Grandchildren. How awesome!


  Paula has spent the last 2 nights in the hospital.  She has been short of breath and extremely tired, so tightness in her chest led us to go to the hospital.  All tests on the heart have been negative . A pulmonologist is coming today, so please pray for healing for whatever is going on.
  We have been wondering what a short sabbatical would look like. God has brought enough people into our life to carry the ministry on without us for a few months. Just be praying for wisdom for us.
  How do like the new look on the blog? Shawn Estes gave it a makeover,  added a calender of available dates,  so check it out and reserve your week, via email or a phone call.
  Shawn and Carla Estes had their team come by yesterday and bag up enough beans and rice to feed 100,000 meals. 30 college students giving up spring break to serve God, rather than their flesh at the beach.