I really hadn't heard of that, but some missionaries told me about it. I guess Facebook matches the first 7 million dollars in donations.  I'd rather trust God than Facebook to match any gifts, so if anyone wants to donate on " Giving Tuesday" have at it. Send a gift, donate online,  whatever you want.  We give all the time,gas do many of you that support us, so thank you.
  Our Sunday school class donated enough money to buy 45 sweat shirts and 45 t shirts for all the boys/men at the juvenile prison in Saltillo that we visited last month. They have to be red, and they are. We'll head there in a week or so to deliver them. Pray that this gift will let them know how much God loves them.
  We had our monthly food outreach and garage sale Saturday morning 186 families came. ROHI FOUNDATION  volunteers came after holding a medical clinic on Friday.
  Our Sunday school class also decided to buy Christmas gifts for all the kids at Melodys Orphanage in Reynosa, which will be a huge blessing to the kids. I purchased 1000 square feet of tile for the upper room we built last summer,  so I guess that's our gift to the orphanage,  I also have a 50 inch TV for them. So i guess it was giving Saturday, food for 186 families, 1200 dollars for tile, and a tv, but the tv came from our daughter Kristin. 
  I almost forgot Paula's wonderful Thanksgiving meal she made for 10 friends. We had left overs today in Reynosa,  it does get better over time.


  The group from Glencoe Baptist Church arrived last Friday to do medical missions in the prisons in Saltillo Mexico.  We unloaded their church bus and packed everthing in suitcases to cross the border.  50 suitcases in two vans plus 14 people. We were packed to the hilt. God granted us favor at the border with all that stuff.
  We stayed at Big Heart Orphanage in the mountains near Saltillo and Monday morning we headed to the women's prison first. 70 women, most in jail for serious crimes. They were all very nice to us and many recieved Christ as Saviour. 
 Our second prison was Juvenal males under 20 years old. About 45 young men in the prison. They were all in there for murdering someone. How sad. Several cried as we shared the Gospel with them. It was so beautiful to watch God melt their hard hearts. I believe 15 of them got saved. I promised the Warden that I would bring them soccer balls for Christmas.  They also need red polo shirts and red goodies. They all have crew cut hair and wear the same colored shirts to make it easier for the guards.
  We held two clinics the next day in freezing cold temperatures. One at Big Heart Orphanage in the mountains and the other in A colonia 30 miles away. A high of only 30 degrees, but many came. Yesterday's clinic was literally in the middle of nowhere 2 hours away. 7 miles on a rough gravel road to a little colonia that has many needs. Physically and spiritually.  We were able to meet both as 25 people accepted Christ as Saviour.
  Today is the last day at the little church in Saltillo.  Pastor Alejandro and his wife Alejandra will continue ministering to all that got saved this week.
  We head home tomorrow morning and get ready for another medical and dental clinic in the Community Center the day after Thanksgiving.
  We have lost some monthly partners this year and would ask any of you reading this blog to pray and ask God about joining us in helping the poor,  the orphanages we support, and the many outreaches we do. Although we're not building many houses lately we continue working for the Lord as He directs. Gracias


  That verse continues to say, " can you not see it? Can you not perceive it?"
  We are well aware that things are not as they used to be.  Very few groups coming to build houses in the colonia. This year, only three houses. But we have been free to travel around Mexico spreading the good news of the Gospel,  while meeting needs along the way.
  We just returned home from a quick but joyous time. Several days with the family, including a camping trip to Indiana to  the covered bridge festival, and a 3 mile hike through Turkey Run National Park. We left there to attend Ally and Luke's wedding,  attended church in Laharpe Christian Church,  stayed for the Harvest Hoe Down, and headed home. Whew 4300 miles in 10 days away.
  Power Ministry delivered 15 thousand pounds of rice on Wed, and we had supper with their scout out trip team on Sat. They are planning their building projects for January.
  Paula has been busy trying to get several quilts done by Saturday.  We have some people coming to the food outreach and they want some quilts to take to their church to sell for the sewing class.
  Our new assignment seems to be helping the orphanages we are connected to, as well as helping meet the needs of local ministries with beans and rice.
  We are praying for God to raise up some new monthly partners, as we no longer have the support from cancelled groups. We are setting up some building projects in the U.S. side, where there are plenty of needs as well. Ta Ta for now.


  We headed across the border yesterday after we dedicated Andres and Goyitas house next to the Community Center. They made the team tamales, and we are before dedication.
  A week full of blessings. They worked at Melodys Orphanage for two days, painting, building, and enjoying the company of the kids. We went to Senda De Vida home for the wandering migrants on Wednesday to bring food and health items for everyone.  We took Hector to the electric company and paid the $1100.00 Bill. We got Mexican visas and drove to Big Heart Orphanage in the mountains on Thursday,  toured the orphanage,  ate a great meal, and the mixed up and poured another section of driveway.  We drove back to Reynosa, ate again, spent time in God's Word. Yesterday, we turned in our visas, visited Big Heart Orphanage in Reynosa,  drove around in the colonia, had the dedication and I just got back from dropping them off at the airport. What a great week!


  Hulls Grove Baptist Church that arrived Saturday to a busy day. We held our monthly food outreach and garage sale in the afternoon upon arriving at the Community Center. A smaller than usual group came, but we had prepared hot dogs and chips for everyone.
  Sunday we attended church at Melodys Orphanage in Reynosa and also celebrated Rosalbas birthday party.  We returned to the colonia for Zotchills Quincinera held also at the Community Center.  A beautiful evening. Hulls Grove Church built their house 5 years ago and have wanted to pay for the Quincinera.
  Today we had a 2 hour devotion before heading to Melodys Orphanage to paint and do some other projects. It rained off and on all day revealing some roof leaks in the kitchen. We got several walls and one bedroom painted. We'll head back tomorrow morning for more fun.
  We're going to Senda De Vida home for the wandering migrants on Wednesday to bring food and health supplies, and pay the electric bill there. Thursday, we're off to Big Heart Orphanage in the mountains near Saltillo and return the same day.


  I know my last post was a slight rant, but it was a somewhat of a call to obey for some. We recieved a certified letter the morning we left for California.  It was enough to almost cover the entire electric bill at Senda De Vida home for the wandering migrants trying to get asylum status.  Another call has a donor sending money for food for them as well. Oh me of little faith. But at the same time, people need to be made aware of the needs, so thank you to those that responded.
  We spend the last several days with Scott and Kristy Anderson in Riverside, California for the annual golf outing fundraising event for Power Ministry.  We connected with a lot of the Power guys and all asked about my health. We also played some golf, visited the beach, and watched God provide for Power Ministry and the hundreds of thousands of dollars needed to fund their ministry. The golf and dinner was awesome, and we were blessed to be there.
  Our week ended with golf, filled by dinner, followed by Scott and Kristys home bible study and prayer time. We were prayed for and also able to share about our ministry with the group.
  We're so thankful for the divine appointments with so many new people. A few men from Power plan to bring their wives down to visit us and the ministry's Power supports, that will be fun.
  Thanks for praying for us and allowing God to use you to further His Kingdom and bless si many.


  I just got a call from the refugee camp in Reynosa, Senda De Vida. As people wait for their appointed time before an immigration judge, they wait in their little tents with only one fan to keep them cool. The director just called me asking for help paying the electric bill there which has doubled each month they take in more refugees.
  My last post shows the crowded facility and some of the people there. Our donations can't cover all the needs they have so we're asking God to pour out His Blessings through his people. Many people have come to South Texas lately with concerns about the people in camps in Mexico.  Thousands of dollars are spent to "come and see", but so far 0 in aid. It's just sad to think of all we have and all the good that could be done if we just opened our hands and Let it go.
  I put out a plea for backpacks and school supplies for the kids in the orphanage a couple weeks ago, guess how many we collected? 0!!! Jaime told me that a store in Reynosa gave him some for the kids. God can use anyone, but He wants us to be involved in what He wants to accomplish. That's where the blessing is.
  Enough ranting, I'm heading to the bank to get some electricity money.
   We had a beautiful wedding at the Community Center Sunday evening.  Madi and Miguel had their official church style service. It was a lot if work, but it was a joy to serve them and their friends and family.