When the Bobcat was donated to us for the orphanage in the mountains, I had to at least get it to our place in Texas.  Rick Balmer graciously brought his truck and trailer to take it to our house. We left last Tuesday and got to our house Wednesday night. On the way down I broke my temporary bridge again! We also got word that our team in Mexico 🇲🇽 was all sick with Covid systems. We then made the decision to take a pallet I f beans back to Illinois and Paula would meet us and Paula and I would head back home.
  We had plans to camp with our family in Indiana over the 4th, and also attend the annual event at the Elizondos in Indiana just 40 miles from the campground.  But alas, we are home. The kids are camping and we are going to miss the party.
  God works everything out.  We needed to be here to recieve 300 pounds of frozen chicken, get our driveway fixed, get some money to our friends in Mexico,  and we were able to stop and visit some friends in Texas on the way home.
  We were not able to meet with supporters and have a fundraising pizza party like usual. We need to raise support for Melodys Orphanage in Reynosa. God has, will, and always supplies, even inspite of our " failed" plans.


  I really don't like change, but when your phone just goes black, you have no choice. Fortunately they retrieved most contacts and photos, but you have to log in to all of the different accounts separately. I'll survive, barely!!
  We've just been hanging out with the family here in Frankfort,  Illinois,  spent a great Father's day with one of two kids. Kelly will come here for our camping trip to Indiana Beach in Monticello.
  As I said in the last post, we have been given a Bobcat skid steer loader and we also were given a hydraulic jackhammer that fits the Bobcat. Rick Balmer and I leave tomorrow with the Bobcat in tow to our house. I wanted to just ship it, but it would cost over $2000 to ship, so we'll take it to our house and turn around and come back to Illinois.  I'm looking forward to using it to level my driveway before we give it to Big Heart Orphanage in 🇲🇽 Mexico. This machine will be a game changer for the orphanage. It'll cost us a few thousand dollars to get it across, so any financial help would be greatly appreciated.  God always supplies all things needed for life and ministry.



Leaving home for the first time in 4 months, took us north to stop at Phil and Marrianns in Nobel, OK. We spent the night, had breakfast and continued north. The next morning we stopped at The Balmers in Carthage, IL for breakfast. We made it to Chicago just in time to duck and cover for a tornado blowing through town.
  I stopped at one of our supporters businesses to say hi, and shared the need for a skid steer loader. His eyes got big, and said he had one and didn't know what to do with it. He gave it to us, now all I need is to get it home somehow. God will do it!!
  We spent a few days with Lea in western Illinois at the Days house, enjoyed dinner with the Carpenters Crew, Church for the first time in months, great barbecue and fellowship.  Now we're back in Frankfort, and enjoying time at Kristin and Larrys. A few projects around there house to be done will keep us busy.
  The Covid Craze still lingers here, and we should have waited a few weeks in Texas before coming. Oh well.


  Thursday morning Sergio, his son Obed and I returned to Big Heart Orphanage in the mountains near Saltillo to install and weld all the metal purlins on the new kitchen and dining room. Shawn and I cut and set the purlins while Sergio and Obed welded them in place.
  I bought a big box of rib eye steaks on the way and they grilled them up Saturday night to celebrate Gator and Deannas anniversary.  38 years of which most has been serving orphans.
  We finished up the work we came to do, and headed home Sunday afternoon when the last purlin was welded. We thank God for the low humidity up there, which made it possible for long work days. A nice ride on a quad and trail bike for me and Shawn while the guys finished welding.
  There's a lot more work to do out there and Lord willing,  the group's and funds will come. Paula and I are heading to Illinois next week since the lockdown has ended there. Another eye injection Friday and a day or two to heal before we leave.
  On a cool God thing, I called my insurance agent to paid my 6 month premium and he told me it was $318.00 and said that he wanted to pay the premium as a gift to the ministry.  How cool was that ?


 Last week Angie Lara and the kids drove all the way from SC to pay us a visit as well as some friends near Houston. 9 of the 11 kids made the trip and what a joy it was to see them. They came to serve, and serve they did!
  First, they bagged up a one ton tote of beans into gallon bags. I think it took about 700 bags which was all we had. I bought several hundred more bags so they could bag up rice. A gospel track and some other literature was put in each gallon zip lock.
  The next day we bought 100 bottles of vegetable oil,  100 four pound bags of sugar, loaded 100 bags of rice and beans and several cases of bibles and headed into a few colonias in Alamo, and Donna Texas. The kids loaded up their arms and went door to door handing each family one of everthing we had. The message was that God cares about them and sent this gift. If they wanted a bible, they gave them one. One lady took the bible and immediately sat down and started reading it.
  Saturday they painted most of the steel in our carport, which is something I wanted to do for a while. Monday we recieved a donation of 70 farm to family boxes of fruit and vegetables, and we drove to a couple different neighborhoods and blessed families again with food and bibles.
 We'll never know the impact of what these kids did until we get to heaven, when all is made known. The whole family was such a blessing to have here, and they are such a testimony to God's goodness and provision. It's been 5 years since David went to be with Jesus, and Angie is still hurting, and also healing from the devastating effects of losing David.
  We drove out to Big Heart Orphanage in the mountains near Saltillo on Friday to pick up Obed, and see Gator after his life changing fall that broke his back and several ribs. Please pray for him, as he heals. There's been a lot of progress on the new kitchen and dorms, but there's so much to do yet. We need teams or $ or both to complete it. The new kitchen at Big Heart in Reynosa is really coming along well.
  A visit to Melodys Orphanage in Reynosa Sunday to visit the kids and join Jaime on his weekly Facebook bible study.  We went there after our Sunday school class Zoom meeting  that I gave the worst, totally off the wall devotion. I think I was having a bought of Alzheimer's or something.
  Might be heading back to Saltillo with Sergio tomorrow afternoon. There's a lot more welding to do.
  In spite of the Covid virus, we can cross the border, but it is getting stricter with temperature checks, and mask checks. We've been blessed during this time to be able to continue our monthly food outreaches, as well as provide several ministries with food. Muchas Gracias for all the prayers and support.


  This is the phrase so often coined during the Corona virus attack on the whole world. But I dare to say that there is nothing more " certain " than the time in which we find ourselves.  I'm certain that this is the beginning of the birth pains Jesus taught about. I'm certain that Jesus is coming back to set up a 1000 year reign on this Earth. I'm certain that as our President continues to bless Israel, he will be hated even more. I'm certain that God works all things together for the GOOD, of those that love Him and are the called according to His purpose. Im certain that this whole shelter at home is a precursor to the sheep being led to a slaughter by obeying an unconstitutional order. Im certain that God continues to supply all of my needs, not govt. Im certain that that the Holy Spirit will be poured out on all flesh. I'm certain that fear has no place in the life of a Christian. I'm certain that fear has been the controlling factor in the media narrative. I'm certain that Love conquers fear!!!!!
  If ever there was a Mic drop moment, this it it!!!!!!!!!!!!


  With so many conspiracy theories flying around, end time prophets are tying thingsvtogether, people are fearful, people are starting to call for an end to these "shelter in place orders. When will it end??
  We live in Texas and things are starting to open up, but we live in a "blue" part of the state where they are still trying to control our activity. We took lots of beans and rice to Mexico yesterday and they are locking everything down there as well. It is indeed madness on a global scale.
  I took a two day, 900 mile round trip with this box on the back of a 1 ton truck. It was for a company that stores our beans at their warehouse when we don't have room. It was good to get away. When I returned,  the donated load of beans arrived.  Enough for 600 thousand meals. Thanks to those that sent $ to cover the trucking cost.
  We also stopped at Melodys Orphanage yesterday and dropped off some meat. The kids were so happy to see us, but how sad it was that we couldn't hug and kiss them. They are doing well and have a puppy to hug and kiss.
 A huge thanks for the continued prayers and support that keep us keeping on. Several eye doctor visits as they monitor healing retina. We can't wait to hear to Chicago next month and hug the family.  We'll be there most of June, and a few days in July.