Everyone wants to go back to the way things were. WHY??? Because it's what we were used to. It's familiar, it's the way its always been, or done. Oh But God!!! We have been given a chance to forget about those things that are behind us and press on to the high calling of Christ. I'm so guilty of not making the most of this time to forget those things behind. I too want the old and familiar.  But I'm getting over it, little by little. 

  We finally got home Tuesday morning after a stop in Arkansas to visit a life long friend who has cancer. Mark sent me a message a couple weeks ago about his cancer and we made it a point to see him and his wife Elizabeth. We only stayed a few hours but enjoyed seeing them and praying for them.

  We spent a few days in Oklahoma with Phil and Marianne Chain. We usually stop for a few hours rather than days. They know a couple dentists that agreed to help with my never ending dental needs. We'll have to return there in a few weeks to get started with the work. We enjoyed the time there, had breakfast at Tiffanys in Nobel. OK, watched the OU game with Trudy and Norman. We left Monday after my x-rays drove 15 miles and blew a tire. 

 We spent Wednesday in Mexico with Andres, Jaime, Pastor Juan, Sergio and China, and Abraham.  We prayed and talked about the future of ministry and how to help more people by identifying needs and working together. We know things are much different and we need to adjust. We're ordering 30 beds and stoves to help people still suffering from Hurricane Hannah 🌀. 

  I packed a bag, threw my golf clubs in the car and was going to drive to California to partake in Power Ministrys golf outing and fund raiser. Paula urged me not to go, as if The Holy Spirit spoke through her. I trusted that leading and stayed home. Its a long drive for a round of golf ⛳ LOL.

  Were going to the Orphanage in the mountains on Monday,  Lord willing and spend a few days there, helping out any way we can.  Thanks again for all your prayers and support for the ministry.  


  I saw a message on those words by Steven Furtick. Sometimes it is hard to see the future when in a trial, a hurricane, a setback, or time of asking why? But God is always up to something,  and it always works out for our good, in hindsight of course. 

 We drove our 1 ton Big Heart truck from Texas to Illinois to pick up a  fifth wheel camper from the Balmers in Carthage, Illinois. We stayed a few days while the hitch was installed. We hooked up the camper and drove only 60 miles when we had transmission problems. Had it towed to a dealer that couldn't do the work and then had it towed again to Eric Palmers garage in LaHarpe. He had worked on our RV before and he said he would exchange the trans for a rebuilt one. He ordered the new one, and suffered a heart attack a few days later, and is recovering.  The mechanic said it would be ready on Wednesday,  but upon a test drive, the new one wasn't good. He had to order another one. 

 Upon that news, we borrowed a van from the Day family and went back to Chicago. I had an eye doctor appointment and needed to drive to Texas,  but a friend arranged for free round trip flights ✈️. We have been home a few days and were able to go to Mexico and provide resources to help people in Mexico. Jaime from Melodys Orphanage is taking food and bibles to 600 families in the State of Hidalgo,  MX. A heart ❤ to serve others is what Jaime and his family has, along with others. 

  We return to Chicago on Sunday  and pick up the truck on Tuesday. The time we were able to spend with Lea and family is always to short. Our plans to go camping together were squashed by the truck problems,  but, IT HAD TO HAPPEN.  I dont know question things as much anymore,  because I know of God's Goodness.

 The Grennell family is busy getting things together after Mark's sudden death in January to raise money for Melodys Orphanage. It was his ❤  to fund God's work in Mexico 🇲🇽 . His son Matthew is going to run 100 miles to raise money. It called Papas Big Run 🏃‍♂️  in honor of his dad. They have a Gofundme site, or donations can be made to us designated for Melodys Orphanage. 


 We continue to take as much beans and rice across the border almost every day.  The Mexican government is allowing us passage to help in the relief efforts. So many families are out of work, floods took everything they owned, Covid-19 is widespread.  It really is a global tragedy 😔.  We loaded a shared semi truck on Monday with enough beans, rice and clothes to keep several ministries busy meeting needs.

  We are waiting to see what the government does to help people with beds before we go buying a bunch that they won't need. There are several missions groups coming to help on the US side, but very little if any in Mexico 🇲🇽. Covid has strict restrictions on crossing into Mexico and coming back.

  Some of you may be aware that Rosalba,  Jaimes wife was in need of surgery. She gas been bleeding internally for several months. Well praise God. She had the surgery yesterday and is doing very well. The ministry paid for all her hospital expenses thanks to the generosity of Hulls Grove Baptist Church in Vale, NC. GOD ALWAYS PROVIDES!!!

  The ministry is certainly different than it used to be,  but meeting more needs, feeding more people,  and helping Orphans is our new marching order,  and we're glad to obey.

  The Bobcat finally made to the Orphanage in Saltillo and its a huge help hammering through the solid rock. We haven't been able to find time to go out the orphanage,  but maybe next month.


  While we wait "patiently " for the Bobcat to get to the Orphanage, so much has happened.  Its our understanding,  that it is at least across the border and will be hauled to the Orphanage sometime this week 😉.
  Our special gift of a dream, bucket list trip to golf ⛳ at Pebble Beach in Monterrey,  California finally came to pass, after several months of delays due to Covid-19.  Our hosts from Power Ministry Scott and Kristy Anderson blessed us with the all expenses paid dream golf vacation. We flew into Ontario,  CA and then made the 6 hour drive up the iconic Hwy 1 along the Pacific coast.  We checked into the beautiful Spanish Bay Resort with our suites facing the golf course and ocean. We played Spanish Bay, Saturday,  then on our anniversary, we played the hollowed grounds of Pebble Beach. Nerves definitely got the best of me and I couldn't help but think about my Dad who would have only dreamed of playing there. I had also dreamed of being there, and now here I was. I hit a perfect drive on the first tee, and made par on the iconic 7th hole that plays to the Ocean.
  A wonderful dinner with the Andersons and Tony and Amy Reed who drove up to play with us. We played Spyglass on Monday and drove back to Riverside that afternoon.
  We flew back to San Antonio Wednesday,  golfed Thursday morning and drove home.
  Friday all the buzz was about Hurricane Hannah 🌀  heading our way. I bought sand. Filled up many bags for the forecasted 10 inches plus of rain forecast.  Hanna did not disappoint us.  Flooding occurred Saturday night and threatened our house as the water kept rising. The sandbags kept the water out, but thousands of families were not so happy.  Our friends in Mexico 🇲🇽  were hit especially hard, and continues even today.
  We are heading to Mexico today to deliver, food to Melodys Orphanage and the colonia. We also need prayers for Jaimes wife Rosalba.


  When the Bobcat was donated to us for the orphanage in the mountains, I had to at least get it to our place in Texas.  Rick Balmer graciously brought his truck and trailer to take it to our house. We left last Tuesday and got to our house Wednesday night. On the way down I broke my temporary bridge again! We also got word that our team in Mexico 🇲🇽 was all sick with Covid systems. We then made the decision to take a pallet I f beans back to Illinois and Paula would meet us and Paula and I would head back home.
  We had plans to camp with our family in Indiana over the 4th, and also attend the annual event at the Elizondos in Indiana just 40 miles from the campground.  But alas, we are home. The kids are camping and we are going to miss the party.
  God works everything out.  We needed to be here to recieve 300 pounds of frozen chicken, get our driveway fixed, get some money to our friends in Mexico,  and we were able to stop and visit some friends in Texas on the way home.
  We were not able to meet with supporters and have a fundraising pizza party like usual. We need to raise support for Melodys Orphanage in Reynosa. God has, will, and always supplies, even inspite of our " failed" plans.


  I really don't like change, but when your phone just goes black, you have no choice. Fortunately they retrieved most contacts and photos, but you have to log in to all of the different accounts separately. I'll survive, barely!!
  We've just been hanging out with the family here in Frankfort,  Illinois,  spent a great Father's day with one of two kids. Kelly will come here for our camping trip to Indiana Beach in Monticello.
  As I said in the last post, we have been given a Bobcat skid steer loader and we also were given a hydraulic jackhammer that fits the Bobcat. Rick Balmer and I leave tomorrow with the Bobcat in tow to our house. I wanted to just ship it, but it would cost over $2000 to ship, so we'll take it to our house and turn around and come back to Illinois.  I'm looking forward to using it to level my driveway before we give it to Big Heart Orphanage in 🇲🇽 Mexico. This machine will be a game changer for the orphanage. It'll cost us a few thousand dollars to get it across, so any financial help would be greatly appreciated.  God always supplies all things needed for life and ministry.



Leaving home for the first time in 4 months, took us north to stop at Phil and Marrianns in Nobel, OK. We spent the night, had breakfast and continued north. The next morning we stopped at The Balmers in Carthage, IL for breakfast. We made it to Chicago just in time to duck and cover for a tornado blowing through town.
  I stopped at one of our supporters businesses to say hi, and shared the need for a skid steer loader. His eyes got big, and said he had one and didn't know what to do with it. He gave it to us, now all I need is to get it home somehow. God will do it!!
  We spent a few days with Lea in western Illinois at the Days house, enjoyed dinner with the Carpenters Crew, Church for the first time in months, great barbecue and fellowship.  Now we're back in Frankfort, and enjoying time at Kristin and Larrys. A few projects around there house to be done will keep us busy.
  The Covid Craze still lingers here, and we should have waited a few weeks in Texas before coming. Oh well.