How many times do we do something in our own strength, in our own time and in our own way and have it all come tumbling down? I know there have been many things I have done, just to watch it all unfold and turn out exactly opposite of what I thought it should be. Well thank God, He still blesses our messes.This past week was an example of God using our new community center for His Glory.
  Last Monday we had an eye glass clinic and blood sugar tests done by Feed My Sheep Ministries, which was a huge success, as over 70 people saw the doctors and 12 people accepted Christ. Yesterday we had our monthly food outreach where over 400 people came, including children, and thank God the children came. The reason we were so thankful for the children was because a church group stopped by and had over 200 Christmas style shoe boxes filled with gifts for the children. What a blessing! Several Pastors came and we divided the children from their parents and the men from the women and ministered to them separately and that worked out very well. We brought them all back to the Center and gave them all the food that God had provided for them, including the normal beans, rice, oil and sugar. We had also purchased 600 bags of pasta and noodles and every family got three packages of those as well. A big thanks to Isaac, Carol, Jim and Edna from Manitoba Canada, Larry and Larry from Phoenix, AZ and the church group from San Antonio. The Pastors that gave the messages, as well as the Garcia family that led us all in worship were a huge blessing as well.
   So God built the new Community Center and He is using it for His Glory. We have a family that will use it next Saturday for their daughters Quincinera (15th birthday party) which was another reason for building the building. To make it available to the community is a real step towards building a better community, so thanks to the Power Ministry for meeting that huge need in the colonia.
    The small group from Moraine Valley Church arrives tomorrow and we look forward to another great week of meeting needs, both physical and spiritual. We will miss having Alan and Lynnea here, as they have returned back to Chicago, and just in time to fix some broken pipes at their house, so God had a good reason for them to return.  God Bless Everyone and thanks for the prayers and support.

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