Do you ever get the feeling of urgency concerning the people that don't know Christ? Is evangelism something you do, or depend on others to Do? The bible says that in the last days, God will pour out His Spirit, on all flesh. I thought about this the other night as Shawn, Mathew and I drove over to the colonia where Jaime was holding a 3 day revival outreach. He had an awesome stage set up, speakers to blow your ears out, and a message to change hearts. I don't know how many people came over the 3 days, or how many had a revival in their hearts, but I know I did.
  It was in the 90's when we got there, so we stopped at the Community Center and grabbed all of the umbrellas we had to give out for shade. Man we're they a welcomed gift as we handed them out. We stayed a few hours, until well after dark and headed home.
   The warehouse is full once again as Rick Caywood Ministries brought the last of the beans they were holding for us, along with 6 skids of boxes of gift packs for emergency relief left over from hurricane Harvey, a pallet of diapers, and a pallet of flavored lemonaid.
  The team from Sunset Presbyterian Church in Portland Oregon arrives Saturday night, well have our monthly food outreach Sunday after church and start building next Monday. We'll get everything ready this week .
  Andres, Johnny and Sergio installed insulation in our house in Mx. What a difference it makes. They will start putting the siding on the walls today .  Thanks for the prayers and support that make it all happen.

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