That verse continues to say, " can you not see it? Can you not perceive it?"
  We are well aware that things are not as they used to be.  Very few groups coming to build houses in the colonia. This year, only three houses. But we have been free to travel around Mexico spreading the good news of the Gospel,  while meeting needs along the way.
  We just returned home from a quick but joyous time. Several days with the family, including a camping trip to Indiana to  the covered bridge festival, and a 3 mile hike through Turkey Run National Park. We left there to attend Ally and Luke's wedding,  attended church in Laharpe Christian Church,  stayed for the Harvest Hoe Down, and headed home. Whew 4300 miles in 10 days away.
  Power Ministry delivered 15 thousand pounds of rice on Wed, and we had supper with their scout out trip team on Sat. They are planning their building projects for January.
  Paula has been busy trying to get several quilts done by Saturday.  We have some people coming to the food outreach and they want some quilts to take to their church to sell for the sewing class.
  Our new assignment seems to be helping the orphanages we are connected to, as well as helping meet the needs of local ministries with beans and rice.
  We are praying for God to raise up some new monthly partners, as we no longer have the support from cancelled groups. We are setting up some building projects in the U.S. side, where there are plenty of needs as well. Ta Ta for now.

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