I really hadn't heard of that, but some missionaries told me about it. I guess Facebook matches the first 7 million dollars in donations.  I'd rather trust God than Facebook to match any gifts, so if anyone wants to donate on " Giving Tuesday" have at it. Send a gift, donate online,  whatever you want.  We give all the time,gas do many of you that support us, so thank you.
  Our Sunday school class donated enough money to buy 45 sweat shirts and 45 t shirts for all the boys/men at the juvenile prison in Saltillo that we visited last month. They have to be red, and they are. We'll head there in a week or so to deliver them. Pray that this gift will let them know how much God loves them.
  We had our monthly food outreach and garage sale Saturday morning 186 families came. ROHI FOUNDATION  volunteers came after holding a medical clinic on Friday.
  Our Sunday school class also decided to buy Christmas gifts for all the kids at Melodys Orphanage in Reynosa, which will be a huge blessing to the kids. I purchased 1000 square feet of tile for the upper room we built last summer,  so I guess that's our gift to the orphanage,  I also have a 50 inch TV for them. So i guess it was giving Saturday, food for 186 families, 1200 dollars for tile, and a tv, but the tv came from our daughter Kristin. 
  I almost forgot Paula's wonderful Thanksgiving meal she made for 10 friends. We had left overs today in Reynosa,  it does get better over time.

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