When the Bobcat was donated to us for the orphanage in the mountains, I had to at least get it to our place in Texas.  Rick Balmer graciously brought his truck and trailer to take it to our house. We left last Tuesday and got to our house Wednesday night. On the way down I broke my temporary bridge again! We also got word that our team in Mexico 🇲🇽 was all sick with Covid systems. We then made the decision to take a pallet I f beans back to Illinois and Paula would meet us and Paula and I would head back home.
  We had plans to camp with our family in Indiana over the 4th, and also attend the annual event at the Elizondos in Indiana just 40 miles from the campground.  But alas, we are home. The kids are camping and we are going to miss the party.
  God works everything out.  We needed to be here to recieve 300 pounds of frozen chicken, get our driveway fixed, get some money to our friends in Mexico,  and we were able to stop and visit some friends in Texas on the way home.
  We were not able to meet with supporters and have a fundraising pizza party like usual. We need to raise support for Melodys Orphanage in Reynosa. God has, will, and always supplies, even inspite of our " failed" plans.

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