Last Friday I was asked if we could take a delegation of pastors and leaders from different churches in mainly Florida and a few other states, to Mexico to see first hand how refugees are taken care of there. We agreed to take them to Senda De Vida. They house, feed and minister to those seeking asylum, or have been deported. They are way over capacity and struggle to meet the needs of so many.
  Unfortunately with the long lines at the bridge coming back, they decided not to go across. We instead had a great informational meeting, followed by the event for which they came. To bless and provide for the needs of our Border patrol agents and their families. What an honor to serve them and shake their hands and say thank You! A trunk load of food, loaded backpacks for the kids,  a blow up water park, food, drinks and a generous gift card to every family was given. A great time, meeting them and the people that put on the event. We're trusting God to raise up some new support from the connections to provide some aid to those on the other side of the border.  That is what they expressed a desire to do.

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