It's a whole different scene on the other side of the border for the refugees. We took a few people from Lufkin Texas to Mexico on Saturday to visit Senda De Vida home for the wandering migrants. Hundreds of people are living in tents, on the floor, under a tarp, in the soccer field. It's the reality of the situation.
  We toured the facility and talked to many of the migrants.  They are from every part of the world. Not just central America.  We met two women from West Africa, trying to get to the US. We prayed with several people before we left. We also gave several hundred dollars to buy some much needed hygiene products,  cereal for the kids, milk, potatoes,  eggs, and whatever else they needed. We crossed a bunch of donated candy, and juice boxes last week and brought it there. We got charged 400 dollars to cross it all. OUCH! The line was to long to go back, so I had to pay it.
  We also stopped at Melodys Orphanage to allow the group to visit there, before heading to the colonia and show them the work we do there. We got word that a friend, Domocillio had died. He had struggled with diabetes for years. We had paid for a much needed amputation of his leg a few years ago. He and his wife Aquillina we're in the first group we provided weddings for, 4 years ago. He's got a great Godly family, so it was a celebration at his funeral Sunday.
  I've only got 3 more cardiac rehab sessions left, and then I'm on my own to continue regular exercise. We're looking to buy a used treadmill to go along with the bike, stairclimber, and gazelle we don't use, LOL!

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