I forgot to post in 2020. Now that sounds strange, 2020. We were at Big Heart Orphanage in the mountains, bringing in the New Year with a group from Illinois, a group from Louisiana, us, and a few from Reynosa.  35 people or so, ringing in the new year serving God.
  We mixed and poured concrete, framed, insulated and sided the New game room, some painted, they also held events for the kids in the colonia.
  A fireside worship service kept me and Paula can get up almost until midnight, but we couldn't make it. The pastor from Louisiana made us gumbo new years day and it was spectacular. It rained all day but we still worked all day.
   Tomorrow we go back to the colonia and Melodys Orphanage to drop off some donated bread, pies and some meat. I have another eye injection in the afternoon. This week I leave on Thursday to join Power Ministry for another missions trip.  I'll be returning to the town I had my heart attack in April and trusting this trip will be better.
 On a sad note, our 12 year old cat Luna had to be put to sleep while we were gone last week. I'm glad we weren't there. She was such a good cat. Takoo is missing his sister.
  Thanks to all that sent a year end gift to the ministry. It really encourage our hearts to experience God's goodness. And thanks as well to our monthly partners.  God has some interesting things planned for this year.

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