As I read Mathew 24 in light of the world wide virus, I read about famines and earthquacks in diverse areas. It didn't say pestilence in my NIV. So I picked up my trusty old King James version,  and there is was, pestilence. I googled pestilence and bingo, Pandemic.  Is this the beginning of the days of sorrows before the tribulation period? I'm thinking yes! There is right now locusts devouring Africa, over 100 - 3.0 earthquakes every day, volcanoes are blowing up all over the globe, the Church is silent, people are freaking out because of corona, but all these other signs are there at the same time. Birth pains, more frequent and closer together. Aye chiwawa!!!!
  We see what not being prepared for even the slightest disruption in our life has done. Of all the things humans need to survive, TOILET PAPER IS THE FIRST THING THEY HOARD????? We're blessed, a warehouse full of beans and rice, freeze dried food, several pallets of water, a propane,  gas, and solar generators. We can take care of lot of people, should the need arise, and yesterday I picked up over 1700 new bibles, tha Power Ministry had for us in their storage shed a few towns over. So I guess you could say that we're ready for whatever is going on. I don't say that to boast, I say it to encourage people to be prepared to take care of yourself and others as well.
  We are not supposed to travel to Mexico,  but we did go Tues to finish up some quilts that Paula needed to send to those that ordered and paid for already. Andres and Goya held our monthly food outreach Saturday without us and ministry continues with food outreaches. If any of you needs to discontinue supporting the ministry during these difficult times,  we understand. Take care of your family first. We have bagged up beans and rice and will head into the community as restrictions permit. The US MEXICAN border is closed now to non essential travel, we'll test our ability to cross in a few days. Blessings to all and thanks for the continued prayers and support.

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