Leaving home for the first time in 4 months, took us north to stop at Phil and Marrianns in Nobel, OK. We spent the night, had breakfast and continued north. The next morning we stopped at The Balmers in Carthage, IL for breakfast. We made it to Chicago just in time to duck and cover for a tornado blowing through town.
  I stopped at one of our supporters businesses to say hi, and shared the need for a skid steer loader. His eyes got big, and said he had one and didn't know what to do with it. He gave it to us, now all I need is to get it home somehow. God will do it!!
  We spent a few days with Lea in western Illinois at the Days house, enjoyed dinner with the Carpenters Crew, Church for the first time in months, great barbecue and fellowship.  Now we're back in Frankfort, and enjoying time at Kristin and Larrys. A few projects around there house to be done will keep us busy.
  The Covid Craze still lingers here, and we should have waited a few weeks in Texas before coming. Oh well.

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