A new format on the blog, im trying to figure out getting multiple pictures with the story. Paula and i drove out to the Orphanage in Saltillo Monday for a few days. I was going to buy pallet forks for the Bobcat and when I found some to buy, my good friend Roy Day stepped up and paid for them. We took them with us, and will be a great asset for the orphanage. 
  The building on the Kitchen/ Dinning Room/ Dorms is going along. Lots done, and lots to do. Shawn and I fixed some hydraulic leaks on the jackhammer after a few trips to town.
  Breeny turned 8 on Tuesday and a special menu party was held to celebrate. The kids were all dressed up for the occasion. A huge #8 piñata was hung from the rafter in the pallapa, and the kids took turns beating it. 
  We left Wednesday morning 🌄 so we could get back in time for my eye appointment for a new injection 💉 medicine.  Today I picked up 30 sheets if siding and 4 new tires for the orphanage. 
  We'll cross the siding and tires in the morning and then purchase food for Saturdays food outreach. 
  If anyone hasn't donated to Papas Big Run go fund me page, it's not to late. Its a fundraiser for Melodys Orphanage sponsored by the Grennell family in honor of Marks passing in January.  That was the beginning of a crazy 2020. We are trusting God to provide for a year of support for Melodys.  GRACIAS 

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