Friday we crossed the Big Heart trailer, loaded with siding and tires for the Bobcat. We met a group of men for coffee in Reynosa that are part of a foundation of lawyers and help people in need. They committed to bringing 30 pre packaged boxes of food to the colonia on Saturday.  I gave them enough money to buy 50 more,so we would have enough for every family that comes. 

  We dropped rice off at the community center and headed to Melodys Orphanage for lunch with the kids. 2 birthdays were celebrated for the twins, Adele,and Marisol. Stuffed jalapeños, chicken and cake.

Saturday we arrived at the colonia at 730 to escort the guys with the food boxes. Many people were already there. We unloaded the food boxes,  set up the speakers and spent some time getting re acquainted with everyone.  We haven't seen them since March. Andres and Goyita have been handling the food distribution during Covid. 

  Jaime showed up, gave a message and we sang a few songs. We had 80 boxes, and 81 families came.  We had some extra beans and rice to make up the last box. Social distancing made it necessary to have 2 shifts of people entering the community center, to avoid over crowding. 

  We enjoyed coffee and sweet bread afterwards and then went downtown to dedicate a house that the lawyers had built for Margareta and her family. Paula had prepared a huge box of things to give her. Blankets,  dishes, toys for the kids, and we took up a collection for a new bed for them. It was great to see locals helping locals during their time of need.

 Papas Big Run Go fund me page to raise money for Melodys Orphanage is far short of the goal, so please pray and give. We continue to support the orphanage every month, but we need you to join us. GRACIAS

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