The last several weeks, have been lots of miles and lots of smiles. We drove non stop to Gadsden,  Alabama and spent some time with Wayne and Diane Kelly. Played a round of golf ⛳,  well a round and a half. Left there and had breakfast with Tim Morgan from Power Ministry.  After leaving there, I got very sick and went to a emergency care in Anderson,  SC. I was extremely dehydrated and in excruciating pain. 

 A drive to Spartanburg to visit Angie Lara and the kids. They made us supper and because of my condition we left after a few hours. We drove to Hilton Head the next morning and I was feeling better after drinking lots of water. 

  8 wonderful days spent with Roger and Paulette at their house near the ocean. A few rounds of golf, glorious meals, and wonderful fellowship. We left there for Hickory,  N.C. to spend a few days with our friends from Hulls Grove Baptist Church. A scenic drive to the mountains after lunch with, Ernie,  Susan. Lori and Gavin. Sunday morning we went to Church in Hulls Grove and were able to share about the new ministry with 3 orphanages. 

 We left there and drove to Alan and Linnea Wells in Tennessee. Spent the night, had breakfast and hit the road again. Got home last Tuesday and went to Mexico Thursday to prepare for Saturdays food outreach. 100 family's were given food, then Sergio and I drove to the mountains ⛰ to visit the orphanage. Spent 2 days, got home yesterday,  packed the van up today because Phil and Marianne Chain came and were heading to Puebla Mexico tomorrow to deliver, food, coats, bibles, and $. A stop at the orphanage in the mountains tomorrow to pick up what we dropped off the other day.  Lots of miles!!!!!

  We trust for a God for a safe trip as we travel through Mexico 🇲🇽,  and for a favorable outcome of this election. We are so grateful for all of your prayers and support for the ministry God has given us.  GRACIAS AND GOD BLESS YOU 🙏. 

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