Its so cliche,  but so true. Thanking God for all of your blessings. As we sat around our Thanksgiving feast,  we all gave thanks for something. We had a smaller than usual gathering,  Shawn and Carla Estes,  thier daughter Madison and Iker her 2 month old son pronounced Eeker, Sergio and Gabriel. The girls cooked while Shawn and I golfed. We made up 4 plates of everything and Shawn and I drove around and blessed people on the street with a meal.
  Over the last few weeks, God has provided us with 100 thousand pounds of beans and rice. 40 thousand pounds has already been taken to Mexico. Power Ministry delivered beans and rice, Hope Development gave us 2 truck loads of beans. It has been an incredible time of blessings inspite of Covid-19.
  The orphanages have been the biggest beneficiary of God's provision into our lives, as we have been blessed enough to donate thousands of dollars to thier building projects. I remember when giving 100 dollars was a stretch for me, then 1000 dollars was a huge step of faith, writing a check for $10,000.00 to an Orphanage was beyond anything I could have imagined doing, and yet there was another instruction from the Holy Spirit. Jesus said not the hearers, but the doers of God's Word are the blessed ones. So, being Thankful for all of your support that makes it possible for us to be doers. People that do, are enabling us to do, which results in Thanksgiving to God.
  Pastor Jaime Mayorga from Melodys Orphanage is holding a huge event December 19th in the Baseball Stadium in Reynosa to bless the children of Mexico. We have ordered 1000 soccer balls, and plan to buy 1000 dolls. We're hoping for more than 2000 kids.
 Its always a joy to be part of God's plan to be a blessing to others. Thanks for joining us in God's work. 

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