In the last 7 days, we have made the round trip drive to Norman, OK. Two times. I need some extensive dental work and a friend of Phil and Marianne Chains wants to help. I had some of the needed surgery done Tuesday. One extraction,  and 4 implant posts installed. Not much pain, thank God. Enough about me!

  We have been busy crossing gifts, coats,  rice, and bibles for the outreaches scheduled for this Saturday and next Saturday. The big event this Saturday was supposed to be at the huge baseball stadium in Reynosa.  But Covid-19 crushes that plan. Jaime Mayorga Melodys Orphanage has plan B in effect. We purchased 1000 soccer ⚽️ balls, 400 dolls, blankets, and have rice and beans for the adults. 

  We wanted to go to Illinois for Christmas 🎄  but again, Covid screwed that up. We got most of our Christmas cards and newsletter mailed out. If we forgot anyone,  don't be offended,  just rejoice in the Christmas season.  I'll, try to attach the newsletter on the blog here this week.  If not, it basically says MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A BETTER 2021.

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