As hard as I tried to talk Carmelo into waiting until a group came to help us build Vickys house, The Holy Spirit won the battle when He said to just build it now because the days are short and God wants to bless Vicky NOW not next year. Who am I to try to delay the blessings God wants to pour out on people? I want ,what I want God to do and I don't want to wait. I want it NOW! But that's what were here for. To have God live His life through us, and do whatever He says to do, when he says to do it.
   So we started Building Vickys house on Gods timetable yesterday, and we had a great day. Even though we didn't start until after 10am we got all the walls up, the rafters and purlins on even as I'm sitting here wasting time, Carmelo is probably putting the roof on. The picture of the old house is Vickys sons, and it is pretty nasty. No doors or windows, the floor floods when it rains, and animals could just walk right in at night. The sad thing is, or was, is that Vickys house was ten times worse than this one, but we had to tear it down to make room for the new one. So she should be in her new home by Saturday, and she can enjoy it for a month longer than " I " planned.
   Phil and Maryanne are are their way to the mountain villages in southern Mexico to do the Christmas backpack programs that they do every year. We are going to join them next year, so anyone wanting to come next December, lo siento, we won't be here, Lord willing. Paula and Ruthy have wrapped over three hundred gifts for the women in the colonia, and they are working on the kids gifts. We are planning on giving out over five hundred gifts to the children this Christmas Season.

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