This past week, the Pastor of LaHarpe Christian Church Nate, brought his wife Liz and thier two kids Madi and Eli to spend some time meeting the needs of the people in Mexico 🇲🇽 as part of his time away from the pulpit. Even though we step away from," ministry " we never stop ministering.
  They arrived last Thursday night and Friday we took the 100 shoe box gifts that thier church had put together, along with beans, rice and cases of bibles. Saturday we held the monthly food outreach and handed out the boxes to the kids. Jaime Mayorga from Melodys Orphanage came and led worship as Nate and I played the guitar 🎸.  They had a great time giving out the gifts and the food as each family passed through the Community Center. 
  Pastor Felipe brought us fried fish from Tampico, Mx for lunch. Pastor Joel drove 4 hours just to get the bottled water we donated to him as his Community in Monterrey is out of water.
  We took Nate and his family to Melodys Orphanage to deliver gifts to the kids there, and yes, we ate again. We drove to Progresso Mexico to get a few souvenirs and meds. Sunday church in McAllen,  followed by some pool time for the kids. Yesterday was Padre Island day. Not my cup of tea, but the onshore breeze was refreshing. They leave today to continue thier time off. We sure enjoyed our time together, getting to know them better, and really appreciate the support that LaHarpe Christian Church sends every month.
   We all need time away to refresh, and need to take that time,   free from the guilt that often accompanies Pastors and Missionaries when we take time off. Jesus often stepped away from ministry to pray, and just get away.


   The last several months have been a very stressful time for Jaime, Rosalba and the kids. After moving out of Angel's of God Orphanage that we all thought was the answer to prayer, they moved just a mile away to an old Orphanage that had been vacant for 3years. I knew of the facility and the ministry that owned it,  and the owner agreed to let them live there for several months until they could find a new facility. 
   Long story short, they have moved back to their original place in Reynosa upon the owner of that property encouraging them to do so. We met a Pastor that has possession of a property that has plenty of room to build Melodys a new building or remodel an existing building. Several aand cres and a huge playground on site. We won't be moving forward with this until they have possession of legal papers giving them ownership of the property. 
  We held our monthly food outreach May 28th and met the needs of 100 families or so. This month we will have the pleasure of having Nate and Liz and their kids herch re. Nate pastors LaHarpe Christian Church and they wanted to finish thier sabbatical on a missions trip.  Thier church has been a huge supporter of ours and before Covid sent teams every year to build houses and relationships with us and the people in the colonia. I believe that they are bringing hundreds of shoe box gifts that the people have donated.
   I cant seem to access all my photos to show pictures of the facility in Reynosa,  ill work on that. Thats for the prayers and support. 


   What's it like in the colonia when it's 95 to 102 degrees? Well Friday it was quite cool thanks to Bastrop Christian Church. They came to Mexico to bless the kids at Big Heart Orphanage for a few days, but also wanted to bless the people in the colonia with and Ice cream social event.
   Families and kids came to get out of the heat and fill up on various flavors of ice cream with several different toppings. Jaime brought the kids from Melodys Orphanage as well. A hours drive for ice cream? You bet!
  Yesterday New Life Family Church bagged up almost 2 tons of beans for thier local food outreaches. We gave them beans, and they gave us a pallet of bibles.  I call it the " great exchange". We will attend church there this morning and look forward to meeting some like minded people. 
  I bought 6 doors yesterday and took them to Big Heart Orphanage in Reynosa and Gator will take them to the Orphanage in the mountains where the building of the new dorms is in its final phase. PTL.


  They say that life begins at 65. Whew, I made it! I don't think of it as an age to retire, we'll maybe I do, I just put 4 new ones on my van that has taken us on over 100 thousand miles of missions adventures throughout Mexico 🇲🇽. 
   Paula's sewing class threw me a surprise birthday party along with Andres and his family, and a few other friends. They decorated and cooked some of my favorites. Chicken and Mole, Passole, Tres Leches, Chocolate Flan, and coffee. Andres and his family gave me a ⌚️ watch to keep me from always asking" Que Hora Es? 
  Thanks for the birthday wishes and texts. We met a brother in Christ the other day who wants to exchange a pallet of beans for a pallet of bibles. An answer to Prayers for sure. We've crossed lots of beans and rice to help with the rising food costs. The poor suffer the most during these times. 
   I would be remiss if I failed to wish all the Moms, a Happy Belated Mother's Day. Thank you for choosing life!



  That's what Luke 6 vs 38 says! But is it true? Of course it is. And it's not just taking about money, shocker! It's talking about everything you and I give. Time, talents, advice, service and yes money. But the opposite holds true as well. The passages before speak about all kinds of things, like judging others,  condemning others, and forgiving others. Everything will be measured back to us in increasing measure. 
  Paula and I live to give into the lives of the people that God has brought into our life's. And by so doing, God has given us people who give to us, so that we can give more. Last week we received another truck load of beans, bought by someone else who loves to give beans to people who give beans. It's crazy, but now we have almost 60 thousand pounds of beans to give, so that when we do, God will give us more. We had to pay $3900.00 to get them here, but people have given to us, so that we had enough money to pay the trucking company. That's how it works!!!!
   We know that God will provide a new place for Melodys Orphanage and we are confident that our prayers 🙏 will be answered. God knows the need.
    Starting this month, I'm officially 🤪 on Medicare. No more Obama care, but I must say. Ambetter insurance has been good to me, between my heart attack and eye care, they have paid a lot of $ to keep me going. 
   We have lots of doctors appointments over the next month or so, so heading north will be on hold until June sometime. I had more dental surgery 😫 and need a long time to heal before they can install the implants. 
   We held our monthly food outreach last Saturday and it happened to be the Day of the Child celebration in Mexico 🇲🇽. Every child got some gifts, and Paula made up gifts for the women for Mothers Day and gifts for the Father's as well. Jaime came and preached and led in a few 🎵  songs. 
   We really want to thank our faithful supporters and prayer warriors for all your support for the ministry.  Gracias


  Remember that scene from the Wizard of Oz? They were freaking out as they walked down the road, allowing thier fear to take over thier emotions.  With the nut bags running and ruining our country, we too can be susceptible to fear. But take heart my friends, God is not freaking out about it.  In fact, He promises that all things are in His plans and ultimately Righteousness and Justice will prevail in a lost and dying world. I'm sure His heart is grieved at the way the unbelieving majority of people are acting. Lawlessness is what is going on and it is indeed 🤪 crazy. 
   On a joyous note, our daughter Kristin was baptized on Palm Sunday. A step of faith spontaneously moved her while at church. Since then her whole family is turning towards God, a answer to our prayers. We can't wait to get to Illinois and spend some time with together. 
   Paula and I drive to Melodys Orphanage once or twice a week and today was the day. We stopped at Way of the Cross ministry in Harlingen TX on the way and much to our delight a couple of guys from Illinois were there. Woody and Mike were loading up a van with food, to take to Mexico and preach the Gospel. We left and headed to Melodys for lunch and a quick visit. It's always a joy to hug and kiss everyone there. 
   As some may know, Melodys is looking for a permanent place to live. A few places have been offered, but at a cost way to expensive. Paula and I have offered the community center and the house we have there, if God doesn't provide some place else. We could build on and make it work for them, so stay tuned!!!
   Thanks for the prayers and support 🙏 that keep us busy. Another load of beans has been donated to us, this time from Michigan. We haven't got a trucking quote yet, but I'm sure it's over$4000.00. God always provides so we're not walking around freaking out,  but we are those who trust in God's goodness and provision. 
   We've been taking lots of beans and rice to Mexico lately and next Saturday we have another outreach to give out food as well as gifts for the kids for the Day of the Child, Mothers Day gifts for the women and Father's Day gifts for the men. We'll celebrate everyone that day.


  Sometimes we think of scaling back, slowing down, and doing something different.  But God doesn't seem to show us what that would look like. Even though we aren't building houses, we would like to think that we are still building the Kingdom through our lives. Distribution of food, bibles and other important products to people in need in Reynosa, the Texas border and throughout 🇲🇽. I guess that's what God has for us in this new season. 
   Our beans arrived from South Dakota last week and we've already distributed almost half of them. The cost of transportation was $3700.00 for a half of a load. Another ministry needed to transport 13 pallets of Christian Literature to the border from Minnesota and we let them fill out the truck and it was delivered to Laredo TX.
   Paula had a garage sale to raise money for Melodys Orphanage. Carol, Herb and China joined the effort and it was a lot of work getting things together and placed in our carport, and driveway. We raised $1000.00 and gave it to the Orphanage the other day. Lots of stuff was sold, and I cleared out old golf clubs,  generators. Some tools and lots of household items are gone. 
   Phil and Marianne Chain came last week and spent a few days here. We headed to Melodys Orphanage to take the van seats that Phil brought from Oklahoma and the garage sale $. While there, after lunch, a fire started in the field behind the orphanage.  High winds spread it through the tall grass. Jaime and all the older kids started a bucket brigade and much to my surprise they extinguished the 🔥  thru a lot of hard work.
    A search for a permanent solution for the orphanage is moving forward. A new connection that Jaime made, may be the solution but the facility will need some work, but it is huge. Please keep praying for the future of the orphanage.