Paula and I went on our first missions trip to Reynosa, Mexico ๐Ÿ‡ฒ๐Ÿ‡ฝ shortly after we got married.  Who knew that we would spend the next 24 years serving there. It's been 15 years since we moved close to the border. 250 families have been provided with a new home, Melodys Orphanage has 15 children living under thier roof in peace and security.  Millions of meals have passed through our hands, thousands of bibles,, and hopefully we have impacted the lives of the people we've had the privilege to serve.
   Today Paula and I celebrate our 24th anniversary. We're 24 years into a lifetime of adventures with God leading and directing our lives. We're trusting God for wisdom as to what's next. Covid-19 has canceled groups coming to serve in Mexico.  The border is a complete mess, violence is higher than recent years, it's sad to see it all unfolding, but it all has to happen.  God is preparing His bride for His Glorious coming, and I hope all that read this are ready!!!
  We spent the second week of July with our gracious hosts Roger and Paulette in Hilton Head S.C. Thier support for the orphanage, us, and many other great causes is so awesome. When you live to give, God will give you more to give.
  Thanks to all that live to support our ministry.  We are using the support we receive to continue providing the poor with food, clothes,  and many other needs that arise. We are praying about selling the house we live in and get something much smaller. We have already secured a facility to store and distribute food from, so ministry can continue, and at no charge!
   Before we left for SC we gave Melodys Orphanage enough money to take the entire family on a vacation to the mountains in Mexico. They rented a house with enough room, a pool, and an atmosphere of a retreat setting. We will see them all today when we take them some much needed clothes dressers and other things. 


  With our old house back in our possession and on the market, we're praying for a quick sale. 
  Ministry continues inspite of the horrific violence last week in Reynosa. Several people called to check on us, and we appreciate your prayer support ๐Ÿ™.  Yesterday we went to Melodys Orphanage to deliver a couch, some shoes, and a much needed air conditioner. I took Jaime to Sam's Club in Reynosa and met Andres and Goyita there. They filled up 6 carts with everything from diapers to hamburgers,  and everything else they needed at the orphanage. Over 100 bottles of oil, 130 kilos of sugar, flour, and jalapeรฑos for Saturdays food outreach. 
  Last week, I was called out of construction retirement to replace a Pastors roof about 30 miles north of Reynosa. Jaime and the kids from the orphanage went to do the work, I just supplied the money for the materials. A pop up rain storm halted the job and destroyed all the drywall in the house, and soaked thier belongings.  What a bummer ๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜ž.  I went over to help the next day and we got the roof done. ๐Ÿ™ƒ.  Power Ministry is sending the money for the materials. Gabriel is a graduate from Magdiel Bible Institute that Power supports.
  Several pallets of rice and some beans were given to us by Power Ministry a few weeks ago. A delivery of a new washing machine came that Jaime ordered online and we took the much needed machine to them. 
  Paula and I are heading to Arkansas tomorrow for a  memorial service for a life long friend Mark Luscombe. We go wayyy back to our childhood years, and then reconnected at a church years ago. His wife asked if I would do the eulogy so I couldn't refuse. Mark and I spent a lot of time together studying God's Word , working together in the roofing business and trucking over the road together. 
  It would have been nice to head to Chicago since we're half way there in Arkansas,  but we have commitments back home before we can head north to spend time with family and friends in August. 
   Thanks for the prayers and support that continues to bless us and those we serve. Even though we don't build houses for now, the support we receive is providing food, clothes, building materials,  and many other needs of orphanages and other ministries. 


8 years ago we sold the house we bought when we first moved here in 2007. Many of you may have even stayed there before we bought the Ministry House we live in now. Any how there was only 2 years left on the Balloon mortgage we financed for them. They have chosen to walk away from the house, and we signed the papers last week. We just signed a contract with our realtor to sell it, and are asking for more of God's Favor in our lives.  We are trusting for a quick sale and covet your prayers. There are a few things that God has already impressed me with about helping buy a newer van for Melodys Orphanage, helping pay off a widows house as she struggles to make ends meet with 7 of her 11 kids still at home.
  If anyone wants to move to Texas, this is a great opportunity. 4 bedroom 3 bath home in a gated/golf community in Pharr.  Come enjoy your life in a Free State. Only $225,000.00 makes Texas your home.  Interior photos to follow once the family moves out.


  It seems almost everything, and everyone is going nuts. Ezekiel 37 and 38 are unfolding before our very eyes. The Abraham accords negotiated by President Trump have aligned some of the Arab countries with Israel while other nations have sided with Hamas. Its crazy!!! How can you defend the position of hurling rockets into another country and expect no retaliation? Crazy!!!  I digress. 
  We spent a few days with the family in Colorado, celebrating Mothers Day and my birthday.  We started in Colorado Springs for a couple days, golfing, sight seeing,  and relaxing. It was sunny and quite warm,  in the 80's. Kissing Camels ⛳ golf course, and Garden of the God's Resort and National Park, made for some beautiful sights and pictures. We did a jeep tour before heading to Breckenridge and Kelly's house. Big changes in altitude and temperatures. Saturday and Sunday were just hang out time, enjoying each others company. We headed home Monday,  a day early because of, yes, winter storm ⚠️ warnings. By the time we left, it had already snowed a few inches. We dropped Kris and Lea off at the airport in Denver and drove in rain off and on all the way home.
  We received a load of beans boxed up by Elim Christian Center in Orland Park, IL. Another ministry got 1/2 of the load and filled the trailer with cereal , blankets and pillows for us. Although we had to pay for the trucking, it was well worth it. We are busy loading up the van and trailer and getting it across the border. We have had flooding rains here the last week and have been to Mexico twice and both times, people have been gracious and provided me with cake and food for my birthday. 
   On a weird note,  we had to repossess the house we sold and financed for a family eight years ago. They basically sold the house back to us before they got behind on payments. Soooo if anyone wants to move to the free state of Texas give me a call. 4 bedrooms 3 baths, gated golf community,  2 story brick house. Wait, maybe we'll move back there and sell the ministry house. 6 bedrooms 4baths, 1 acre. Lol !!! Another blessing disguised  as a problem. 
  Thanks to all who pray for and support us. We'll continue to keep being a blessing to those in need.


Several weeks ago, I brought several hundred shoe box gifts donated by LaHarpe Christian ✝️ and a few other churches in the area. Then Ricky Carroll rented a huge truck and brought hundreds of backpacks loaded with stuff for kids, and 1500 shoe box gifts donated by several other churches in Alabama,  Georgia, and Oklahoma. 
  Ricky and his wife Theresa came last Tuesday joined by Don, Natalie and Paul from OK. Bob, Betty and Mark arrived Thursday with 190 more backpacks.  Wow you talk about an abundance!!! With everything across the border,  we started the scheduled events to bless the kids on Friday at Macarios church in Reynosa. Several hundred backpacks were given to the kids that came after a joyous celebration of the kids. Clowns, cake and tamales. The team then headed to Melodys Orphanage for more fun and gifts for the children there.
  Saturday was our monthly food outreach and gift boxes for the kids, I bought 100 ๐ŸŒ‚ for the women for mothers day that is next week.  What a joy to have everyone back to celebrate Jesus and the kids. Pastor Jaime Mayorga led the kids in songs and Pastor Juan Cantu made us lunch. We then loaded up two trucks and the van and headed around the corner to Colonia 23 of March where hundreds more kids waited for our arrival. WHAT A DAY!!
  Ricky and the team took a few days off to enjoy the local flea market, go to Progresso,  and hang out with us. New friendships and partnerships have been formed this week. We like to call them Divine Appointments!!. We still have several hundred gift boxes and backpacks to give out, and we're planning to take them to the interior of Mexico ๐Ÿ‡ฒ๐Ÿ‡ฝ. 
  I'm in Colorado now after stopping in Oklahoma to have my new implant teeth ๐Ÿ˜ฌ installed.  It only took 40 minutes and I was on my way 500 more miles to Denver to pick up Paula,  our daughter Kristin and our granddaughter Lea all arriving at the airport today to join other daughter Kelly that lives here. A mother's day trip and my birthday the day after.  
  Thanks to the team that came, thanks for the opportunity to serve together,  thanks for safe travels,  thanks for Doctor Brooks, and Dr Clark and the staff at Immediate Smiles for blessing me with the teeth ๐Ÿ˜€.  Thanks for the support of the ministry,  thanks for blessings bestowed upon us. GIVE THANKS MY FRIENDS 


  We decided to go to Sam's Club in Reynosa today to buy the food and juice boxes for the colonia food outreach next Saturday.  I called Jaime from Melodys Orphanage to come and buy whatever they needed for the orphanage. Jaime and Macedonio had already filled up 3 flatbed for us and 2 shopping carts for the orphanage before we got there. Paula and I loaded up another flatbed with 240 juice boxes and 210 cans of jalapeรฑos. It looked like a train at the checkout station. What a joy though to be able to buy that much, to bless over 200 families. The support we receive every month makes it possible to hold this outreach every month for 13 years running. Wow! Thank you all!!!
  We unloaded at the community center and went to Melodys Orphanage for lunch. It's 100 degrees here today, yawzaa


  After successfully getting the shoe box gifts to the community center,  we awaited the arrival of Ricky from Alabama with a Penske rental truck full of shoe box gifts, pack packs, bibles, clothes. Several pallets were easy to unload but Ricky and I had to hand unload the rest.  We crossed a majority of the boxes in two trips and about 500 dollars in taxes. The truck, van, and trailer were used to get everything across.
  Ricky, his wife and 3 other couples are coming next week to give out all the gifts in several different colonias in Reynosa. There are hundreds of kids living in a park in Reynosa just across the border from several different countries. They have no shelter, no tents, no place to go. All refuge camps in Reynosa are full, but they continue to come. Thanks to Biden, there seems to be no end to this crisis. We are funding ministries that are feeding these wandering migrants trapped in Reynosa. They can't cross legally and can't afford to pay the cartel fee to cross. There's never any news on the situation on that side of the border. 
  Paula and I drove to San Antonio this week to the memorial service for Paula's adopted mother who went to be with Jesus early this year. We haven't seen her friends there since my heart attack 2 years ago. A luncheon out at Benita and Juvenauls ranch in Poteet were Isabel spread some of her Moms ashes. The ranch was a favorite spot of Nachitas, and a dying wish. 
  A couple of surprises for Paula's birthday since we were gone last month. One at the colonia,  and another at Melodys Orphanage.