Record cold temperatures crippled the entire state of Texas and Mexico last week. Below freezing temperatures killed all our plants, grass, and froze some pipes. We were without power and water for over 3 days. Today it was 90 degrees!!!
  We made it a point to help where we could even though we were in survival mode. Thawing pipes, and staying warm. We went to a store 3 times that sells blankets and purchased 225 to give away. Jaime from Melodys Orphanage used my van to cross milk, juice, onions, and other food to help people in Mexico. 
  Today we loaded up the truck from Hearts for Kids with pallets of food, water, snacks, juice, tea, blankets and coats. They are an organization that helps in their community and one of the refuge camps in matamoros Mexico. 3 children died in one colonia in Mexico from hypothermia. 
  We've only gone to Mexico a couple times in the last week. Andres had to replace some broken pipes at the community center. We stopped at the orphanage a couple times as well. They continue to distribute food almost daily to pastors and people who come.
  A definite time for prayer as Texas recovers, as well as for our nation as things spin out of control πŸ™. πŸ™.  Thank you all that pray for us and support us. We are going to hold our second food outreach this month as opposed to only one. The needs are increasing and we will do all that we can as God provides. 


 As most of the country experiencing record cold, the global warming cult is silent. Why??? I digress. Its really cold in south Texas, but not as cold as ya'll up north. It's actually going to be below freezing Monday night for long enough to freeze pipes. πŸ™ƒ. 
  It's been a couple weeks since Andres and Goyitas wedding. It was a beautiful service and they were very happy 😊. Paula did great officiating the big event. Great food followed the vows, music, cake, and a great time of fellowship. 
  Last Saturday we held our monthly food outreach.  About 100 families came, which is more than the last several months. We split the colonia into 2 shifts to avoid a crowd. Jaime came to share a message. The day before,  he brought all the kids from the orphanage to get clothes and shoes from Paula's mountains of clothes.
  On a brighter note,Lol, the situation on our border is getting worse since sleepy Joe started his executive orders to change everything that our President Trump πŸ˜‰did. Riot gear was being displayed on the bridge when we crossed the other day. 
  Oh that Jesus would blow the trumpet and call us Christians home and let these unbelievers have it all for a short period until Judgements come on all of them. 


Today Paula gets to perform her very first wedding as an ordained minister. Andres and Goyita have worked along side of us for 5years. We have known them for many more than that. 3 years ago they got engaged πŸ’ and today they exchange vows. They have been together 20 some years, so it's time!! The Community Center is decorated and we're heading over at 1 for a 3 o'clock wedding. 
  Our daughter Kelly came to visit a few days at the same time Cody, Marc, and Ben were here from Power Ministry. We all went to Melodys Orphanage for breakfast one morning,  and showed them the amazing facilities God has provided this special family and the orphans they have been entrusted with. President Trump was at the border that day and made a mess of traffic. We took Kelly to Top Golf ⛳ that night before she headed to Florida. 
  I had fly to Oklahoma last week to see my dentist. One of my implants didn't take to the bone and had to be removed. A few more months of healing before I get my teeth. Paula has been seeing a dentist 😬in Mexico for some work.
  Ministries are still coming for food for thier churches and communities almost every day. We are privileged to be here to meet the needs. We need to go to Illinois next month for Leas birthday and to pick up several hundred shoe box gifts collected by LaHarpe Christian Church. Several churches in the area. They usually have a team come down and bring them, but this year no one is coming so we're glad to go see them. 
  We sent out our annual giving statements last week, so if you donated and didn't get one, or it's inaccurate,  let us know. In spite of Covid-19 keeping groups from  traveling,  it was still a good year financially for the ministry. Helping the orphanages with our resources, as well as purchasing lots of food for those in need has really been a great transformation for us. I don't miss building houses, but we do miss the groups. 
  Be blessed and thanks for the prayers and support πŸ™.


  If I was a citizen,  I'd be bummed right now about the political climate. But because I'm a citizen of heaven and a child of the Living God, this election only shows how close we are to the Kingdom of God coming to rule and reign on Earth. As an Ambassador of Christ, were not to be concerned about what happens,  knowing that God is orchestrating everything according to His will. However, the free 7 day trial of 2021 almost wants me to say" no thanks". 
  But on the bright side of things, the warehouse is full of beans and rice, and some other food products. Muscle milk, granola bars, vegetable chips, and 3 pallets of water. Donations were made to buy 20,000 lbs of rice and we thank you for responding to the need.
  My last post was about God's Favor during a year of craziness. I added up the amount of beans and rice that went through our hands, and it was enough to feed 3.5 million people one meal. If God can get it through you, He will get it to you!!!! I plagiarized that, but it's so true. Those of you that support the ministry are the best, and we surely appreciate you. 
  So as we head into a new year I am going to focus on the eternal,  instead of the temporary things. Its easy to get sucked into the things of this world. Paula and I are not getting any younger,  but as we joined 13 other missionaries from our home church on a Zoom meeting,  I was encouraged to see God keeping all of us healthy and safe. We have all made some huge changes to our ministries and God continues to grow and use us all in different ways. 
   So let's trust God with 2021 inspite of the godless people who are leading our country. To coin a sermon I heard,  " It had to happen", to fulfill all of the scripture.  Look up, our redemption draws near.