We've been so busy since Dave, Karen, Al, Lynnea, Roger, Chuck, Sharon and Larry arrived, I haven't made any posts for you ardent followers of our blog. Sometimes I just plain forget and if Paula doesn't post any photos I don't think it's worth just writing about things, but that's not right. Any how we have been really busy and the team helped us give out the food and gifts yesterday in the colonia, as 190 families came and 300 kids. We were a bit overwhelmed by the numbers, but every one got food and every child got gifts and juice and ever women got a Mothers day gift. We also took the team down to the families where they will be building, starting tomorrow. It rained three inches here today and we are hoping for some dry land in the colonia to work in. We have a team of 15 people coming from the Chicago area and the early birds have been helping us a lot around the house on the U. S. side. Paulas honey do list is getting done.


As we opened our last 1 ton bag of pinto beans, the Power Ministry donated 4 more 1 ton bags to carry us through until the beans from Canada arrive. We have come close several times to running out, but it has never happened. God always has provision ready as we give out what we have on hand first. Kendall Pilner let me use his truck and trailer to go to Brownsville yesterday to get the 8 thousand pounds of beans. I couldn't help but covet his rig as it pulled the load effortlessly. The truck costs about 50 grand and the trailer another 10 or so. If the Lord wills, I'll have one some day when God feels the time is right. Kendall has been a huge blessing to our ministry, using his rig to hunt down donated produce, soda, food and many other items and bringing them to our place. He has so much this past week, he started taking the food directly to the ministries that come to our place, saving both time and money. Kendall and His wife Virginia are the last of the winter volunteers at the Rio Grande Bible Institute to depart the valley and head back north for the summer. Sergio and a Pastor from Mexico came and filled up his truck with food bound for Mexico yesterday as well. Thursday our group from the Chicago area arrives, or at least some of them, ready to build two houses next week. The rest of the team arrives on Monday, so that will give Dave, Al and me a chance to play a few rounds of golf before then. A cold front just blew in this morning and the temps are going to be 30 degrees colder today than yesterday. A few unexpected financial blessings came in, so we can buy a few needed tools for the trade school and some more soccer balls for the Day of the Child celebration next week. So as you go through your day today, relax, God knows your needs and provision is on the way as long as you believe!! So meet the needs of someone today and your needs will be met.


It doesn't matter if your 20 or 80, wisdom still comes from God. You can be 80 and as dumb as a box of rocks. You can be 20 and know exactly what your assignment is in this life. It all comes from God revealing what your assignment is in this life. And you don't  have to go any further than asking a few questions of yourself to know your assignment. Who's pain do you feel? What moves you to tears? What is it that you so love to do and you get the most satisfaction from doing it? The answers to those questions will take you closer to your assignment. I praise the Lord all the time and thank Him regularly for allowing us to discover our assignment. It's helping the poor, meeting the needs of people, feeding the hungry, and spreading Gods Love into the lives of people that have never experienced the Love of God in a practical way. Yesterday was no exception to part of our assignment, as we dedicated Maria and her daughter Lupitas' house. We sang and shared and ate, but I think the best moment was when Lupita said that she was 20 years old and had never had a home to call their own! Wow what a statement. Never had a home to call their own. That just makes what we do even more enjoyable, to be able to provide a first home to someone. Thanks to Calvary Baptist Church, a few of its' members, Ike and Carol from Canada (that left for home yesterday),Carmelo, Eliazar, Johnny, Ruth, Paula, and a few other people discovering their assignment in this world. So driving the R.V. 600 miles to get donated rice is no big deal, PROVISION IS ALWAYS WAITING AT THE PLACE OF YOUR ASSIGNMENT AND GOD ALWAYS PROVIDES!!!
Picking up rice  
giving out food 
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I don't know about anyone else that has read the book Radical, but I so much more enjoy living Radically than just reading about it. When you read a book like that and it doesn't change the way you live your life, then I would have to say that the things of this world have blinded your eyes that you can not see. The money for this house and the load of pinto beans I just ordered, came from a generous heart that made a sizable donation at our church and the funds are to be used to help the poor. He got it! We studied the Radical book at church and this person was Radically changed. I'm trusting God to have our paths cross, I love hanging with Radical people, that can let go of the things of this life for the benefit of others.We had a blast building Marias' house Monday and Tuesday, even though it was 95 degrees. Isaac and Carol Heppner from Manitoba came, as well as Mario and Sergio, Lee from our church came yesterday, and of course Carmelo, Eliazar, and Johnny were there as well. A two day build, I kinda like getting done in two days, but we still have to decorate and dedicate it on Friday. That's when Marias kids can be there to carry their Mom across the threshold. After working in the heat all day yesterday, I came home, showered, and hooked the trailer up to the R. V. and headed 350 miles up the road to Colorado Rice Company in Eagle Lake Texas to pick up the two tons of rice that was donated. I slept in Eagle Lake and got loaded at 7 am and was home by 1 pm. It's nice to travel with your bedroom right there with you. So we have 19 thousand pounds of rice on hand, 8 thousand pounds of beans in Brownsville Tx I need to go and get and I just got an e-mail that the load of beans from Canada will be here next week, not to mention the 5 skids of produce that we have run through our fingers since last week. Today a whole tote of fresh onions, I'll leave them outside until they go to Bethany Church tomorrow and the 300 people that come for food there will empty the bin.

Maria's home sponsored by Calvary Baptist Church in progress

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It seems when we have a really busy week, I don't post anything on the blog and last week was no exception. As Paula and some women continue preparing gifts for The Day of The Child and I believe they said they had over three hundred ready. As Carmelo and Eliazar finished one foundation, they started on another and poured it Saturday and will build yet another this week and then that will be the last house we build for a while. We went and cut some of the wood for the house we will build this week for Maria and her children. I was given several pallets of veggies this week and had to stay on this side of the border to get rid of everything before it stinketh. Tomatoes, potatoes. squash, eggplant and several cases of frozen blueberries that have filled every inch in two deep freezes and two side by side. We loaded up everyone that came to the fullest extent of their trucks and cars. All is gone except the blue berries. I need to drive to Houston to get the donated rice this week and we ordered a load of beans from some new friends in Manitoba, Canada and saved about three thousand dollars. Thanks for all those who send money every month to enable us to buy a whole truck load of beans. I always set that money aside and when we have enough, we look for beans to buy. God had someone in Manitoba look at our blog and read about our need for beans and the rest is history. Don't forget to send your money to the idiot money wasters in Washington today, Me, I file for an extension just in case the Rapture takes place. The Nation has come under Gods judgment for the ways our leaders have lead this country and if you don't believe in God judging a nation, read Isaiah 9 and find out what happened to Israel when they took God out of their public lives, and killed their children and stopped praying in public settings and the exact same Harbingers have been manifested in the U.S. and the exact same words have been spoken by our leaders. AMERICA IS UNDER GODS JUDGEMENT AND THE SMILES OF HEAVEN NO LONGER KEEP THE NATION UNDER A BLESSING.
Ready to built 
making gifts for the day of the children & moms 
New beds 
more food 
ready to put the floor for the new home 
Matilde & 6 children need a home 
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Just a few days ago, Maria stood atop the ash heap of her home after a fire burned her home after starting at her neighbors home. Yesterday she stood atop her new foundation after Carmelo and Eliazar spent the last two days building it. This will be the fourth house we have built with funds provided by our church, Calvary Baptist in McAllen. We have had the funds for a while, but no opportunity to build the house because we have had groups that had brought their own funds to build. Nine houses in 12 weeks, Praise God. I ordered the wood for Marias' house and we will probably start building it on Friday. Today I received a phone call from my trucker buddy and good friend Rick Caywood and He said that there is over 4 thousand pounds of rice that I could have for free if I drive to Eagle Lake Texas and get it. It's about a 12 hour round trip and as soon as I get the go ahead, I'm gone! Another friend from Rio Grande Bible Institute brought us a whole skid of boxed fresh tomatoes and a skid of bagged potatoes this morning and he said he would be willing to take his truck and trailer to go and get the rice. God opened a door and then He provided the means to make it happen. We gave alot of the tomatoes and potatoes to Alice and Eldon Kinnenen and they took one load to Mx today and will take another load tomorrow. The addition on the trade school is done and Roy put the fence around it yesterday. Russ has been busy teaching Johnny and a few other the art of making cabinates. It's all coming together at the school and it's all to the Glory of God. I have had a mechanic coming over and fixing stuff on all the vehicles the last few days. We have spent over three thousand dollars keeping these old vehicles running in the last month. The van was the biggest drain with over two thousand dollars spent on brakes, a radiator, oil lines, tune up, rear axle repair and some transmission work. But once again, God knew and someone sent us a donation that covered two thirds of the bill. Our home church in Palos Heights IL  comes in three weeks with the biggest group in over 5 years and they are going to build two houses and we are looking forward to them coming. We were hoping to get away for a few days prior to that, thanks to another gift we received from some good friends for us to take a little time off and get away. GOD IS SO GOOD TO US. We try to be sensitive to The Holy Spirit when He gives us an instruction and we are so blessed to have partners that do the same and it's such a joy to be blessed with a gift and they tell you that they were praying for us, and God gave them an instruction and they just wanted to be obedient with the resources God has given them. Isn't that what the Paul meant when He said "walk in the Spirit, and you won't satisfy the desires of your flesh". Our flesh wants to keep everything" just in case". Faith says "HERE AM I USE ME TO MEET THE NEEDS OF OTHERS". Another guy sent us a check to buy tools for the trade school that he heard Johnny saying we needed when he was here in Feb. A sensitive ear followed by an instruction from God to meet a need and the obedience that follows, BRINGS FORTH BLESSING. IT'S QUITE SIMPLE YOU KNOW.
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