Tuesday we  dropped the  girls  at the  airport  and picked up the cooler we took apart a  few weeks ago.  We'll be  taking  it to  Waco  TX next week. After  we got  back home we started unbolting the transmission.  We removed it Wednesday at took it to a shop down the road. They said they would  rebuild  it for $900.00. Not to bad I  thought.
   Later Wednesday  Paula and I went to our Life Screen appointment  to get our annual check of our arteries  and vascular  system. Yippie!!
   Today Poncho and Toni came to help me fix my leaky roof. We found the problems and fixed them. They also finished  several other  projects I have been  procrastinating finishing. We uncovered 5 scorpions  while moving some wood. YIKES!!  The guys also powe washed my roof on the R.V. Paula spent the day doing yard work.  Going to Mexico  tomorrow  to get some rest.  Not!                                        The $1000.00  miracle seed continues to amaze us as a few other people heard from God and stepped out of the  boat and believed God.  There is no end to the Goodness of God!!!!! Happy  Dia De Nino


   Although I thought there might be a golf vacation for me while the five women came from the Chicago area to " Spend Themselves" on behalf of the poor. I should have known better. We were very blessed by their presence this last week, and so were the people in the colonia. Jan, Judy, Marcia, Joan and Sherry gave of themselves at every turn, in some very hot and humid conditions.
   Saturdays outreach had them painting faces, blowing bubbles and serving up over 350 hot dogs, followed by a trip to Progresso and then Sunday school at our church followed by a womens only trip to Padre Island.Thank You! Monday we headed back over to Mexico early for the weekly sewing class, normally held on Tuesdays, but for the sake of the ladies desire to make some blankets with the women in the colonia, Paula moved the day up to Monday. They sure made some beautiful quilts or blankets or whatever they call them. They all connected to a pretty deep level despite the language thing, and were all gushy when getting ready to leave. I'm so glad they came. Paula really needed an all girls trip. I just hung around to keep the generator running.
   Our Pastor friend from way down in Mexico came by and Paula loaded him up with clothes, toys for the kids, and bibles for his flock. I gave him about 6 windows and 12 screens for his church as well. He comes every so often and we love to bless him with as much as his truck will hold. Pastor Antonio came by as well to get some wood for a house that got damaged in the storm. I gave him all he needed, and then ordered the roofing he needed to replace the roof that the wind blew off. Now Pastor Antonio is a real Pastor. He truly Shepherds his flock and watches over them, and cares for them, just as The Good Shephard does for us.I love to be able to supply him with everything he needs to help the people in his church. The next house we will be building is from his church. It's for a family of seven living with relatives until we get it built. The foundation is ready to be poured this week.
    Ok, so back to the miracle seed of $1000.00 I spoke about last week. As i was filling out the deposit slip tonight from the two $1000.00 gifts we received from the same family, they texted me and told me they just received $5000.00 totally unexpected today. I hadn't been able to get their seed in the ground, and it has already brought them a harvest. Radical Faith brings Radical Rewards.


    Five women from Chicago came to visit and help us for 5 days. Jan, Marsha, Judy, Sherry and Joan arrived on Thursday. Our first all woman team. I thought it would be a great week for a golf vacation for me and give the Ladies a chance to bond, but alas, I stayed home.
   They hit the ground running Friday to help us decorate and then dedicate Alberto and Theresas new house. It rained pretty hard Thursday night I took the new 4 X 4  truck to get us all the way down to where we built. We loaded the truck with all the stuff to decorate and David and Luzma came to lead us in song. Dedication was awesome as they shared about how blessed they feel and God providing a house for them. They also slaughtered one of their pigs and made us pork and mole'. After that we needed arraigned everything for Saturdays huge once a year outreach to celebrate Children, Moms, and Dads all on the same day. On the way home, our new truck lost all trans fluid just after I crossed the border and I had to get it towed home. Pray that its not a serious problem.
    Friday night at 11 pm, huge storms pummeled South Texas and Northern Mexico. Straight line winds caused a lot of damage. We could saw corn fields laid over like dominoes on the way to Mexico. In the colonia, roofs were blown off, fences down, trees and branches down. No damage to our place, but the "trade school" lost a few pieces of roofing. The normal crowds were not at our place when we arrived. Usually there's a hundred people by 8am. But they started arriving shortly after we did. David Garcia had a medical team come and check blood sugar and cholesterol levels while people waited for their food. Pastor Jaime brought his worship band from his church in Reynosa and led us in praise and worship. The ladies were entertaining the multitude of children with face painting, bubble machines and hula hoops. After I shared a message with the people, everyone was given a bag full of gifts. Backpacks for the kids for Dia de Nino'. Soccer balls for the boys, dolls for the girls, school supplies, crayons. The women all got used purses donated by other women, filled with shampoo, jewelry, lotions and other goodies. The men were also blessed with backpacks with Razors, deodorant, toothbrushes, and other things. And the boys grilled up 350 hot dogs for everyone as well. A great day ended as we drove to Progress and shopped in the straw market and then ate a great meal at a restaurant we never ate at before.
    So, we road the roller coaster all week, and I only threw up once, yea!!  A lot of storms have rolled threw the area all week, the colonia road is getting really bad again! We were blessed to build another house for a Christian Family. The Ladies that came to serve along side of us and were told by Karen Bosi to help Paula paint the kitchen, but that ain't going to happen. Our God is so much bigger than everything, we can't even imagine how much He loves us. We are so thankful for the generous team of supporters God has given us to be able to continue helping people. A Blog post from last week about a young lady that obeyed God and gave us a thousand dollar gift to help the poor and despite all the voices trying to get her to keep her money, she gave and was blessed in a major way, prompted two other donors to take their faith to a new level of $1000.00 giving as well. We took the thousand given to us two weeks ago, and sowed it into the Kingdom to provide food and backpacks to the Children in Puebla Mexico where Phil and Marrianne went to minister to the needs of people in the Mountains this week. THE ONLY WISE INVESTMENT WITH HUGE GUARANTEED RETURNS IN IN GODS KINGDOM. So all you investment brokers, take a cue from the King.


   Have you ever felt the need to ask God if your doing what you were created to do? Have I discovered Your plan for my life, or do I keep on looking? Is there more to discover or do I just keep doing what I'm doing? A little weariness has set into my heart lately. There are always so many needs that I see and can't seem to get at them all. Can't anyone just take the initiative and do it themselves. I have men that work with us everyday and everyday they ask me what were doing tomorrow? They see the needs, they know what to do. They know the women that needs windows, and door put in. They know the family that needs a few 2x4s to reinforce the wall that's falling down. They see it all, just like I do. I confess as I type this, I'm just tired of leading these guys. I never liked being led, told what to do, where to go. I guess it's the independent trucker spirit in me, but these guys look to me for direction. Talk about the blind leading the blind! Ok so we'll keep doing what we're doing. I'm done venting. CHANGE MY HEART OH GOD. Oh yea, He did that over 25 years ago. Let us not become weary in well doing, for in due season we will reap if we faint not!!!
    Paula had another sewing class yesterday and the girls bagged up the rice for Saturdays food outreach, which we will also give out gift backpacks to the kids and gift purses to the Moms and Fathers day gifts as well. All the family's will be blessed and all the family members honored at the same time. Make our life a little easier. The good news is that several women are coming from Moraine Valley Church to help us, starting Thursday, and will be here to experience Saturdays food and gift outreach. We have a worship team coming fro a church in Reynosa, so that will be good.
     Carmelo and the boys have another house almost done, we put the roof on Monday after they framed it last week.  We'll put a few finishing touches on it today and dedicate it Friday when the ladies come. We also put some more of the fencing up at the Community Center, as Johnny was welding up the brackets for our solar water heater system. Ahhh hot showers, can't wait.


   Thursday we started building Alberto and Theresas house. Knowing that we needed to be home for a UPS delivery and two ministries coming to get beans and rice on Friday morning, we told Carmelo that we wouldn't be coming to Mexico. Carmelo and the boys agreed to continue working on the house anyhow. During the day, our phones were blowing up with all kinds of reports of major violence in Reynosa after the military caught a cartel leader. Buses and trucks were set on fire, 60 to 100 bad guys creating havoc in the streets causing the closure of the bridges coming back to the US.
    I usually don't post things like this on our blog, because I don't want people to be afraid or to fear joining us on Mission down here. Why? Because the Holy Spirit is always going before us, and directing our paths, and orchestrating circumstances, and  allowing things to happen that change  "our" plans to get us to a certain point or to keep us from a certain point. Always interceding for us. Do you get the picture yet? God is absolute control of our lives!!! WHY? Because we have learned to trust him. Trust him with our lives, trust him with our ministry, trust him with our money and our future. Were learning how to lean and trust in Jesus. So we didn't go to Mx. Friday, because God did not want us there then, but it won't stop us from going tomorrow, unless The Holy Spirit restrains us.
    We had a young lady last week, take a huge step of faith for herself, to move her to trusting God more. She had been saving up some money and waiting on God to direct her where to sow this seed of faith. Well her company closed down and she was loosing her job and thought to herself, don't give that money away now, because you can't trust God to provide. The battle raged in her heart and head, and finally she gave us the money that she had saved. No small amount either, a thousand bucks! We told her God would honor her faith and we used the money immediately to fix up a house for a lady that has cancer in Mexico. She got a new job immediately, and last week her old job gave her 3 thousand dollars of severance pay. Something huge happens at a thousand dollar level of giving in the kingdom. I could tell you story after story about trusting God when writing out a thousand dollar check to a missionary, or another ministry, or using a thousand dollars to help a poor family.  God has said, test me and see if I won't open the windows of heaven and pour out such a blessing that you won't be able to handle it. I TRIPLE DOG DARE YOU.  Sow a thousand dollars into the kingdom somewhere and watch what God does.


   All of you from Moraine Valley Church that were here last month, built a house for Marilee and Alex. It was a great week and Alex accepted Christ as his Savior on dedication day. Well we are pleased to announce the birth of their baby girl, born this week. I met them as we were driving through the colonia today and she is really precious. Mom and Dad are so excited!!! I'm sorry I can't remember her name because I thought they would name her "Martina" after Martin', but that's not it. Anyhow thanks again to a great crew being such a huge blessing to this young family. God provided them a house in His perfect timing, as always. A NEW BABY
    The well drilling rig is all set up on the other side of the canal and they should start drilling the NEW well tomorrow or Monday. The NEW well will provide water to all the families on the north side of the canal, across the bridge. The Reynosa water distribution company called Comapa will be able to fill their tankers there as well to supplement the water distribution from the well until all the lines are installed. Wow, God has taken this colonia a long way in the eight years we have been here. Where the Gospel is preached and Jesus Christ is lifted up, the people prosper. Where the Gospel is silenced, the people suffer.
    We started building a NEW house today for Alberto , Theresa and their daughter Andrea. Alberto has committed to help us build houses in exchange for a house for his family. He built his own foundation, painted all the wood and along with a few other families that are helping him, they too will be getting houses. That's the way it should work, help others, and then God provides for your needs. Paula and I are are living testimonies of that. Anyhow, we got all four walls up today, even starting at noon. Everyone said they would be back in the morning at 7am to continue building before it gets hot. It was 90 today and very humid. And by everyone, I mean everyone but me. I need to do several things on the U.S. side on Friday. Ie pick up roofing,and some other materials. They know what to do, they don't need me getting in the way. Praise the Lord for all the willing servants God is raising up to help us.
    Jorge picked up a load of beans and rice yesterday to be taken to NEW Progresso Mexico to feed the hungry over there. Another Missionary picked up 3000 pounds of beans and rice yesterday as well, and last night the men from Calvary Baptist Church came and bagged up several hundred pounds of beans and rice for the monthly outreach our church holds  
   The directors of Mexico Missions Phil and Marrianne Chain are here for a week before they head down into Mexico to bless the children with backpacks filled with gifts for teh Day of The Child celebration on April 30th. They are going to a few NEW areas in the mountains where some Pastors have asked for help. Pray for them as they travel in the interior in Mexico, spreading the Gospel to thousands of people.
    So much to talk about, I gotta post more often, but there's so much going on. If anyone wants to come and build houses with us, come on. We've got the funds to BUILD BUILD BUILD, because God is GOOD, GOOD GOOD!!!


   Yesterday the three and a half month trial for Alfred and Gladys Huston is coming to an end. They arrived at our house on January 4th and planned on joining The Carpenters Crew on mission building houses in Mexico and enjoying the warm South Texas winters until the end of February. As many of you know, Alfred ending up in the hospital having part of his colon removed followed by weeks of recovery and therapy. When they could see the light of opportunity to possibly head home, a hernia was discovered in Alfreds abdomen and another surgery was scheduled. Well yesterday, their Son Rex and his wife Theresa flew in to drive them back home. We were all teary eyed, happy- sad at their leaving, but they have endured this trial with a smile and a heart of thanksgiving for all the opportunities the Lord gave them to be His witnesses. We will miss them dearly.
    A few days ago, our partner in crime and ministry Rick Caywood called and asked for a favor for one of his supporters. Go over to Harlingen and dis assemble a big walk in cooler, take up towards Waco Tx, and reassemble it. Hey I can take things apart pretty easy, but putting it back together will be a whole different story. Luckily, a good friend Isaac from Canada is still around here and he knows everything about everything and came with me and we took it apart the "right way". I would have cut all the wires and did the best I could have, but Ike and I got it all apart in three hours. I'll be heading up North just as soon as I can to put it back together , except for the cooler and electrical part, I know nothing about that. I'm looking forward to meeting Gary and his wife, they have been great supporters of Ricks ministry for years and are Gods hands in helping the poor around the world, especially in Haiti.
   Her's a first!!!!! Lobster in the colonia. Yea that's right, we dinned on lobster the other day when Carmelos sister Lucy came by with several whole lobsters that someone gave them. So I guess poverty has taken on a whole new meaning when you eat lobster where there is no running water or electricity.
   We fixed up Amalias house last week, She has cancer and needs our prayers and help. We gave her a new cement floor, windows, screens. There is more to do, but I didn't have a door on hand. We put a new roof on a families house Friday that was leaking, and have three foundations going in this week, and four more planned. We have been so blessed by all of you that support us, that we have the funds to build several houses, but no U.S. teams to build them. Carmelo and us are making the families getting houses to help build three other houses in return. We'll see how that goes.
   Monday morning Loren left Waco Tx to bring us some of our beans that are stored up at Rick Caywood Ministries warehouse.  Raul and I took a load of siding to Mexico and returned by the time Loren arrived. We unloaded the 10 thousand pounds of beans from his truck and then Loren took us out to dinner. Ahh the gift of receiving!!! Sometimes , no a lot of times, God has brought people into our lives and ministry to bless us. Loren bought himself a heavy duty pick up truck and pulls Ricks trailer all for the Lord. He brings us food and things from Waco, picks up rice in Houston when we need it, and all for no charge. He won't take any money for fuel or nothing. He has the gift of giving and it's always a joy to have him spend night with us when he comes down.
   Yesterday Paula had her sewing class and Carol Hoeppner from Manitoba Canada joined us for the day. After the sewing class, they had their first Zumba class for the ladies in the colonia. They seemed to have fun with it and about 10 women were there. The four new sewing machines that were donated to the ministry came last week and Paula and the girls are so happy to have working sewing machines. Again, someone was here from Chicago last month, and saw the need for new machines and bought them and shipped them to us. Thanks Mark for hearing the Holy Spirits voice and then DOING what He said. You see we all hear Gods voice, in His word, a still small voice in our heart, being confronted with a need, a message in church, a song, God has His ways of getting our attention. But the blessing comes when we hear and obey.
   Yesterday we poured the foundation for Alberto and Theresas house. Alberto has said that he would help us build houses if we would build him one. He helped all last week on Juan Louis house and had his foundation all ready for cement, so we poured it yesterday. After that we came across Amelia who is a cancer survivor. She has been moving around from family and friends houses since we've known her. She is divorced and going through chemo once a week. We pray for her often and someone gave her a house to call her own the other day. Trouble is, it's a piece of crap of a house. But yesterday afternoon, Johnny, Diego, Juan Louis and I took everything out of it, and installed some boards around the perimeter and today we will pour cement and give her a solid floor. I'll put a few windows in it and a new door, a new bed, stove, some dishes and few other things she may need and call it home.


      We pray that today you would experience the Resurrection Power of Jesus Christ in your life. No matter the circumstances you find yourself in, there is Power waiting to be exerted on your behalf. As you celebrate today, think about the Power that raised Jesus from the dead, it is the very same Power available to you and me, and trust me, I need His Power today. So tap into the Power and live.


    Yesterday as Juan Louis scooped up his wife Yesenia into his arms and carried her into their new home, they were overcome with emotion when they saw all the gifts that God had given them. From the cabinets to the sink and counter top to the new beds and blankets for the whole family. Dishes made up on the table, the cupboards filled with food, new clothes and toys for the kids. A brand new house and a new start in what has been a pretty tough life for this family. The youngest, Leslie Nicole was born two months pre mature and weighed only 2 pounds. She spent the first month of her life in the hospital, and Juan had to quit his job to stay in the hospital with his baby while Yesenia recovered from the C section. That.s all behind them now. Leslie is doing just fine and yesterday we prayed for God to continue to bless this family.
   Dave and Loni Siirtola came from Hancock Michigan last week to build a house in honor of Lonis Mom who passed away last year. It was a special dedication as Loni showed us a picture of her mom and shared about her moms passion for missions and supported the work Loni and Dave have been doing in Mexico all these years. So they went a little overboard in blessing this family with more than we usually do, but you know what? Who cares!!! Very few people get to experience the joy of providing a house and a future for a family in desperate need, so I say spend it now while you can, and I mean Give it away while you can,
   Without a team from the states, we had a bunch of help from the people in the colonia, including 3 young men, Louis, Martin(pictured with me) and Diego who got a house a few weeks ago. These kids are great helpers and the next Generation of builders in the colonia. Carmelo as always went above and beyond by securing the entire loft so the kids can't fall off. Lee joined us for the first three days and wired the whole house for the family. Lee teaches our Sunday School class and a lot of you have met him and we so appreciate the help from someone in Texas. It's like we say, "people just don't know what they are missing by helping the poor". So we get to store up all the blessings ourselves.
    Anywho, we pray that ya'll have a great Resurrection celebration this Sunday and I hear the Blood Moon is at 3;30 or so Saturday morning as Passover is well under way by then. Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.