Nothing in this life is more important than discovering your assignment in life. As the team from Moraine Valley Church arrived this past week, God's plan for them unfolded as they choose to "spend" themselves on behalf of the poor. As is usually the case, I  felt compelled to change the plan that "I" had made prior to their arrival.  A change in the family we would build for, a change in deciding to split the team and help Melody Orphanage get some much needed work done to get them closers to opening and helping kids. So we installed the entire roof on Jose Louis and Karinas house that had been ready for a roof for quite some time, with no money to completeit. We all worked on the house they first day, building trusses, painting  and getting to know the family. Friday,  Larry, Mark, Chuck and Roger went to the  Orphanage to install drop ceilings in two rooms. Yesterday we split up again, Dave,Joe, and I  finished the roof and siding, while everyone else went to the Orphanage.  The girls cleaned and organized several rooms. While the men completed the drop ceilings.  We had two fantastic meals at the Orphanage,  left as some storms rolled in and the team spent several hours crossing the bridge.                                                                 Today we dedicated the house as the team comes to a close of yet another week of "spending " themselves. Mark Grinnell, and his wife Kathy have really caught the vision of getting the Orphanage open. They are "spending " themselves, theithey money, and their talents on helping us and the orphansecond. THEY HAVE DISCOVERED THEIR ASSIGNMENT!!!!


Tomorrow morning I am flying to Chicago to spend a few days holding and loving on Lea. I haven't seen her since she was two days old. Today at church, a couple bought me a round trip ticket to go see her. We are so blessed to have so many generous people in our lives. Yesterday we gave food and gifts to over 600 people. Today God gave it back.


There are so many things to get done before we have our monthly food outreach. Getting it all done stresses me out sometimes. Bagging up hundreds of bags of beans and rice and getting them across the border. Going to the store in Mexico and filling several carts with cooking oil, sugar,  flour, juice boxes, and often, gifts for special occasions.  Yesterday was the Day of the Child in Mexico,  Mothers day is a week away and the food outreach all rolled into one glorious event. Over 600 people came yesterday. Pastor Jaime brought all of their musical instruments from his church and we're all set up and praising God by 8am.      The garage sale was going on, people were lining up to sign in. The kids were all sitting up front singing songs, followed by Herb and Carroll Moering ministering to the kids in their clown outfits, preaching the Gospel.  Eliot sells ice cream from his cart every day in the Colonia. He accepted Christ in January when a team from Illinois built him a house. He gave everyone free ice cream yesterday. There was also several people that accepted Christ.  There was a great move of God yesterday as we prayed for the kids with all the Pastor's in attendance. There was no food, or gifts left by 11:00 o'clock. So another great outreach that we didn't have to do,  but we got to do!       After we cleaned up everything,  put away all the chairs,  swept the floors, put everything away,  we went for lunch downtown  and returned to the Colonia just in time to attend Cynthia's Quincinera at Pastor Victor's church and it was hot, hot hot. Paula brought a bag of new hand fans and it was a huge Blessing to all the women.             I pray that all of you that support the ministry feel as much a part of these events as you possibly can without being here because you are!!! You make this all possible and I didn't even share all that went on yesterday,  but there was so much more. GRACIAS FOR BEING THE BEST FOR CHRIST AND HIS CREATION