Being back in Texas and spending the last few days in Mexico has us getting use to the 100 degrees Temps. It was such a great trip back north,  it was really hard to leave that smiling Granddaughter Lea. What a joyful baby.
   After renting a uhaul trailer to haul the 80 windows donated by Lamoine Christian Camp in Tennessee, Illinois we loaded up and headed for home. It was great to see Roy and Carla Day at the camp. Roy's busy building the foundations for the new dorms. A stop at Lamberts in Ozark, MO with the Lands, some friends from Palos Heights.
   Lots of rain heading through Texas made for a 15 hour drive to get home.
    We stopped by Melody Orphanage late today after Paula's sewing class. Much work has been done since we saw it. The ceramic tile I ordered was delivered to our house yesterday, now I'll have to haul it across the border and Jaime has a guy to install it.
    Thanks everyone for your help with the Orphanage and our involvement in getting some of the kids in Mexico a great place to grow up in.  I think we raised enough  $ to get it done.  I got some ideas for the kitchen from Gators Orphanage today. Blessings to all and Thanks again for the support.


Being back in Chicago,  is always a joy, but especially now that we have our Granddaughter Lea to spend a lot of time with. Sunday we had our silent auction and raised almost 20K for the Melody Orphanage in Reynosa. I can see the finished kitchen with all the appliances. THANKS TO THOSE WHO GAVE. Pastor Jaime Mayorga and his family are enjoying their visit here and have seen and done a lot of new things. Our normal hectic schedule has been diminished quite a bit because of Lea, so if we don't see you this trip, we'll see you next time. It doesn't mean we don't love and appreciate everything you do for us, by supporting and praying for us, we just love baby time. They grow up to fast, and we just need her to know us.
   We'll be off to Western Illinois next Thursday or Friday to visit the many people who come to Mexico every year. We're attending church in Stronghurst on the 14th followed by a pot luck luncheon.  Can't wait to see you all.
   Beans and rice continue to flow out of the warehouse even while we're gone.  Thanks to Raul.