Long, Long! bridge
I love all the green
and other colors
Thank God for friends and family in Christ
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Trip to U.P. Michigan

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Uncle George 95Th Birthday
Great to get together with friends
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It seems everywhere we go we are so blessed by the kindness and generosity of so many different people. With all the dinners and gatherings we have blessed by, we continue to enjoy our stay up here, but are starting to long for the life God has given us in Texas and Mexico. The last four days had us on a road trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to visit our good friends there and co-laborors in Christ with their ever expanding ministry to the poor in Mexico. The air is clean and the stars filled the sky at night. We even took a Finish Sauna, pronounce sowna! One day 85 degrees, the next had a digging out warmer clothes with a high of 60. Dave and Lonnie Siirtola opened up their home and hearts to us and organized a desert to share about Mexico. So thanks guys for a short but great visit. Next time, a whole week in the U.P. because it's tranquil and our phones didn't have a signal.


Just seeing Paulas' post of the celebrations in the colonia makes me feel homesick. Although it is nice and cool here in Chicago, and seeing friends and family has been great, I miss my wife! It really isn't good that man should be alone. My uncle Georges 90th birthday party was last Saturday and I was able to see many relatives that I haven't seen in years. Last Sunday Pastor Pat interviewed me about Paulas and my faith and our leaving everything in Chicago to answer Gods call to help the poor. He called me a champion of faith, I like to think of it as being obedient, with much trepidation. Now that we have been there almost four years, the trepidation has all but waned. He has made our calling and election absolutely sure. It's easy to visit where we came from, knowing that there is no opportunity to return. It has been great to spend time with our daughter Kristin and visit Grandma in the nursing nursing home as she recovers from her stroke. An old friends father passed away and they had a memorial service the other day, and it was reassuring to know that they all know Christ.
Victor and Stella's Daughter Graduation celebration
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Reynosa, Calvary Baptist Church

Children Summer Bible classes
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