On Saturday, the team from Sunset Presbyterian Church, Portland Oregon arrived with many first timers doing a missions trip. Saturday after supper, they bagged up hundreds of bags of beans and rice. Sunday we left early to attend church at Melody Orphanage in Reynosa Mexico. We enjoyed several worship songs, followed by a celebration of Jaimes birthday. They had a musical group of 8 guitars singing Christian songs serenade us. I asked if they could come to the Colonia and play during the food outreach later in the day. They agreed and came at 2pm.
When we arrived at the community center, man it was packed. More people than ever came for free food. We started setting up speakers and microphones when the band arrived. They were awesome and the people seemed to enjoy thier music. While they were playing, a woman named Jael fainted. Family and friends tried to revive her to no avail. I started to get more concerned about her condition, so we carried her inside and started CPR. Twould ladies from the team gave chest compressions and I gave her mouth to mouth resuscitation. We called for an ambulance, but they said they were not able to come soon. We loaded her into my truck and away they went, with the girls still giving her CPR all the way to the hospital. Unfortunately, Jael didn't make it, and was ushered to the Lord by the Angels of heaven. What a day, to say the least.
While literally hundreds of people that came for food just experienced,this tragidy, we had to continue with the dispensa of the food. The team helped hand out the food, as the people's names were called.
Yesterday we started building the house for Fernando and his family. A great day building, but the sadness of Jaels passing was still on everyones heart. Several people went with Paula to the families house, and paid thier respects on behalf of the whole team. They waked and buried her yesterday, and we helped with the costs of the services.
So many first time missionarys are here, first time CPR was needed while a team was here, first time I gave mouth to mouth resuscitation on someone, first trip to a Mexican hospital for some of the team, first time we hired a group to play at the food outreach, First time we had over 200 families come for food. MANY FIRSTS THIS WEEK, SOME GOOD, SOME NOT SO GOOD.


I had said that I wouldn't build any house without having a team here, but that's a promise I couldn't keep. Almost every day, families come to us looking for help, and we can't say no. We built one last week, helped a family that moved thier house rebuild thiers, and yesterday we poured 2 more foundations.
After we poured the foundations, we returned to the community center, where Paula's sewing class surprised her with a birthday party. They decorated, and planned everything without Paula's knowledge. It was a great time as all the girls shared thier hearts about what Paula means to them. We gathered around her and prayed for her.
Neal Dorsch went to be with Jesus this week after serving our Great God and Savior for decades. We're hoping to go to the memorial service Friday.
Sunset Presbyterian Church from Portland Oregon is coming Saturday to spend themselves in Mexico and build a house for a needy family. We're looking forward to a great week of ministry.A family that has supported us for years is coming, mid week. Another group is coming from Kentucky the week after, and then Paula and I are going on a missions trip down in central Mexico in April. We'll be joining the founders of Mexico Missions doing a medical and dental clinic, backpacks for the kids, evangelism, eye glasses, clowns, food outreach and so much more. If you would like to donate towards this outreach let us know. It costs thousands of dollars to buy all the backpacks, toys, food, tent rental. All donations will go towards these things, not our travel expenses. Thank you for your support.
Well, the tile in the Community Center is done, it looks great and is so much easier to clean than the concrete floor was. Thanks again to the Net Menders Ministry. We moved most of the sewing machines and bins and bins of fabric back inside and returned Gators trailer to him.
I had laser surgery on my eye last week and I couldn't go out in the sun at all for 5 days. Well, God provided 5 cloudy and rainy days. It's never cloudy and rainy for 5 days in a row down here. The doctor said that if this works, no more need for injections. YEY!!
We have been busy getting ready for a few groups coming in the next few weeks. Sunset Presbyterian Church from Oregon will be here next week, and a family from our home church is coming at the end of the week. The families getting houses are busy painoting all the wood. We're building a house starting today without a group.
We've been giving out lots of beans and rice and the warehouse is getting empty again. Thanks for all the prayers and support.


We are so blessed to have so many generous people in our lives. The last few days, the Net Menders Ministry has been installing the tile in the Community Center in Mexico. It's not easy laying tile. Yesterday Jaime and Macedonia came and helped, along with the guys from the Colonia. They will probably finish today, and we can grout tomorrow.
This afternoon I go to the eye doctor again for a laser procedure to seal the leaking vessels in my eye. If successful, I won't have to get injections any more. I receive the gift of healing by whatever means God uses. I have to stay out of sunlight for 5 days or I will get a severe burn. The weather forecast is for cloudy and chance of rain for the next 5 days. GOD KNOWS AND CARES
We have 3 foundations ready to be built on, and 2 more to pour next week. The guys in the colonia will build one next week, We thought we had a group the 13th, but I think they are not coming, so we'll build that one as well. Sunset Presbyterian Church from Portland Oregon is coming at the end of the month as well as a Family from our home church, and we're looking forward to that week.
So Thank you Lord for everything you do, thank you for allowing us to do what we do,thank you for your provision,thank you for my wife, thank you for your goodness,thank you for my kids, my Granddaughter, my house, my vehicles, my church family, our supporters,our prayer partners, but most of All Lord, THANK YOU FOR LOVING AND SETTING ME FREE!!!!!