Sorry it's been a while since the last post. We have been on the road for a few weeks, and are heading home to be home next week for graduations in Mexico. 
  It's been quite a trip so far and much has happened. The check engine light came on in Oklahoma and we stopped at a Chevy dealer in Oklahoma and the light code was a transmission issue. We continued to Chicago and went to a Ford dealer that services RVs. The trans was shot!!! Only 37,000 miles, what!!!. You never know how vehicles are treated before you get them. A used trans was 32hundred, a new one was 42 hundred installed. Ouch!!! But God, oh how I love to tell God stories. A church from North Carolina that has come on several missions trips with us offered to pay the bill!!! What??? How great is that? We only had to pay the tax, and car rental for the last week.
  We attended Holly and Gedney wedding last Saturday in western Illinois.  Saw a few friends and partners of the ministry while there. We left the wedding early to drive back to Chicago to attend Mark Grennells baptism. Mark flew Jaime into town to assist in the baptism. We were able to play a few rounds of golf with them Monday and Tuesday.
  We leave Chicago tomorrow morning and head to Missouri to camp with the family for a few days before heading home.
  Andres, Goyita, Sergio and China are continuing the ministry while we're gone. A delivery of 6 skids if rice got delivered today after we got a donation to buy some rice. It's been brutally hot back home and quite cool up here. 128 heat index the other day, while we enjoy the 70s here.
  We'll have our monthly food outreach and garage sale next Saturday. 5 Saturday's in June, so we held two this month. 
  Thanks for the prayers and support that keep us keeping on.  Blessings to all.


  We always look forward to the monthly food outreach and this month was no exception.  We delayed the outreach 1 week to accommodate a group from Bastrop TX. They wanted to attend and couldn't come until June 1st. No problem,  we always enjoy having teams come and help. They raised an amazing amount of money to help with the cost. We bought soccer balls, dolls, and other gifts for every man, woman and child in the colonia. They also bought several quilts from the sewing class.
  Our time in the colonia is in God's hands and we continue to seek the will  God as to our future there. As long as God keeps providing for the various outreaches we will consider that as God's will. Provision has always been our fleece as to what we are to continue doing. Keeping the needs of orphanages met is a "new" priority.  A donation to drill a new well at Big Heart Orphanage in the mountains was given to us and should cover a lot of the cost. An anonymous gift bought us 15,000 pounds of rice. #GODPROVIDES.
  Andres and Goyita have moved into the house next to the Community Center.  The violence in the area they lived was getting more frequent so they made the move while we were gone last week.  We'll be building a block wall and installing a gate.
  We'll be traveling north in a while for a,few weeks, to spend a week camping with the family in Missouri, which we are looking forward to.