Yesterday was the last Saturday of the month and for 7 straight years, every month, we hold our food, clothes and worship outreach in the colonia. It seems to get a little easier to pull it all together every month, with the help of some new volunteers from Paulas sewing class. They bag beans and rice and come and organize everything the day before the outreach. Many come early now and help set up the chairs and sound equipment. Vendors line up on the street to sell their goods. Some have tamales, others have coffee and donuts for sale, other have ice raspas(sno cones). It's called the Community Center because we want the community to come and fellowship with each other.
   Pastor Jesus, who is new Pastor in the colonia has taken over Pastor Proconos church. Procono is almost 90 and is slowing down a little. Jesus gave the message after David and Luzma led us in worship.I brought my new guitar and joined in on a few songs. Pastor joined in the efforts to wake the people up from their slumber and get after God. Time is short and his passion was to bring a call of repentance and restoration to the people from the book of Eziekiel. Many came forward to accept Christ as Savior when the Pastor made an alter call. Some came for salvation, others for prayer. The great thuing was that God was moving in the hearts of some. While others were just there for the food.
    The outreach brought 140 families together and this month we gave them a double portion of beans and rice because we won't be there next month. It will give Ruth and Lucy a break as well. We never like to leave for such a long time, but we love to visit those that are part of the ministry. So the kids got juice and a box of Frosted Flakes, my fav, Sugar and tomato paste was given to each family as well.


   Today our adopted granddaughter Mimi turned 9 along with her cousin Becky. They were both born on the same day only hours apart, so we celebrated both of their birthdays today with another grand feast, tres leches that Paula made and of course a pinata. The girls were all dressed up and full of joy as they opened their presents and then blew out the candles on the cake. Many of you wished her a happy birthday and we passed those well wishes on to her.
   Lucky for Enrique Ruiz, his sons Nehamia, Daniel and Isaiah and his Father Estaban when they chose to stop by on their way back to Chicago from Gerratero, MX. They spent then night last night and then came to the colonia to see things after their 5 year absence. They built a couple houses some years back and just had to visit the colonia. Well no one comes here without being put to work, so they helped us bag up some beans and load them into Pastor Salas car. We also took them down to the family that we are building a house for next week. It had rained really hard this morning, so we took the big truck over with four wheel drive. While on the way to deliver the roofing, we encountered some very deep mud. No problem, I'll just switch to 4X4 mode and cruise right through,NOT!! It's not working. Man was I slinging some mud trying to out of that situation, and had a few more scary moments before we made it out. Don't know what s wrong, but something might have been disconnected with the trans work. We made it back to our place in the colonia just in time for the great meal Ruthy had made.
    I had bought several beds for Pastor Jaime' because he ministers in a colonia that flooded really bad last week and many people lost all their stuff, so were trying to help out as much as we can. A dry bed is a good start to getting your life back together after a flood. I'll get more as soon as the company makes them.


   Paulas sewing class every Tuesday continues cranking out one quilt after another. They all put so much effort and pride into each quilt. They are really knitting deeper relationships with each other every time they get together. They also bagged up over three hundred bags of rice for our "double dispensa" this Saturday, since we won't be here next month.# annualroadtrip.
    We started the foundation on Areseles house yesterday. Well I should say the guys got started on the foundation. I showed up later when the load of wood came. It was very hot yesterday, so I brought the pop up shade down to the site. After unloading all the wood, the oldest child Madi and I started cutting some studs for the walls, while Imena, Sophia and the neighbor played with empty water bottles. I took pictures yesterday, but most of them were of the kids, and I realized AGAIN that's it's not about the house, It's about the people. So were grateful to some Facebook friends that saw the picture of Aresele and her kids and have thus far donated $1300 toward the building of the house. They are so cute after all, and who could resist those faces?
     Enrique Ruiz is a friend from Chicago, and him and some of his family are coming back from Gerretaro MX which is about 10 or 12 hours south of here. They helped a Missionary family move there from Chicago to start ministering to the poor there. Enrique and his family were here 4 or 5 years ago and built a couple of houses with the Shongs . We experienced one of the coldest days Mexcio when the temperature dropped thirty degrees in about an hour. Anyhow, they said they would stop by here tonight and would like to go to the colonia tomorrow and visit for a while.
   So this is our 4th house this month, which is a new record of building without a team here to help. All Mexicans, all the time. We are grateful for the donations that enable us to continue building houses even when there is no team from the U.S. here.
    A note to anyone that cares, We will be having our annual pizza party at Moraine Valley Church in Palos Heights Il on June 28th at 1pm to 3 or 4 in the Chapel. All are welcome and if you want to bring something, feel free.RSVP please for a head count. We always have a great time seeing everyone and sharing whats going on in our ministry.

one more quilt done by the ladies in the colonia


Jesus said that if you give a cup, just a little  cup of water in His name that you would be blessed  by God. The company  drilling the  well on the other side of the canal is almost done.  Yesterday  they installed the well casing and the test pump should go in tomorrow. After we install all the water lines, the city will  take over the operation of the  well, so we're going to  raise the money to install the new water lines.the ROBIN FOUNDATION  is partnering with Comapa to provide the equipment for the well. Flooding has devastated  a few colonias and we were  asked to help. So I have ordered 10 beds, 5 came yesterday.  Pastor  Jaime' will take the beds to where needed.  We also went shopping  yesterday and bought  enough  oil, sugar,  and juice boxes to feed the colonia for two months.


    Today we honor those that have given their life for our country, and justly so. My Uncle Andy gave his life in WWII. My Dad and my other Uncle Jack served as well in WWII, Imagine having all three of your sons serving at the same time, and only two of them came home alive. I still have some photos of my Dad and his brothers in uniform. They look so young and dashing. A lot of men and women lost their lives in WWII.
    WWII was the last war that the U.S. can claim victory over. We have lost every war since then. Think about it!!! When America started turning its back on God, God started turning His back on America. The year was 1973 we finally pulled our troops out of Vietnam after years of brutal fighting, and for what? To watch the country fall into the hands of the enemy. The same year, 1973 abortion was legalized in America. We chose as a nation to start systematically killing our unborn children. We have fallen to the wiles of the enemy as well.
    We will never be great again unless God becomes great again in the hearts and minds of our leaders. We honor those who died, but we implore those that live, to no longer live for themselves, but rather for the One that died in our place to give us true freedom. Freedom from self, to serve the Living God whose name is Jesus Christ.


     Mark and Ricky were here just two months ago on their first missions trip. Mark is a chiropractor and Ricky owns a barber shop with his brother. They came with Moraine Valley Church in March and we built a house for Alexis and Maralee while she was pregnant. They are pictured below with their new baby girl, Narelie.
     Mark sent a chiropractors table down in March, so he could use his talents to help people in the colonia. Ricky was his interpreter back then and they saw a lot a patients. Well God got a hold of their hearts, while on the trip and they both have a renewed pasion for God and His Mission for their lives. They came back to get a closer look at our ministry and that of Jaime Mayoraga, a Pastor friend that is remodeling a donated house in Reynosa into an Orphanage. Mark really has been touched by the needs that he saw when here in March. And when God touches your heart, in regards to helping the poor, he'll also touch your wallet. Seeing needs and actually doing something about about it are two completely different things. We all see needs everywhere we go. Chicago, Palos Heights, on vacation, in Mexico, maybe even your neighbor, right next door to you. Needs are everywhere and God is just waiting for us to do something. God responds to our faith in regards to meeting the needs of others. I've never seen money fall from heaven to build a house for a family that needs one, but I have seen people open their hearts and wallets to meet the needs of thousands of families.
    So Mark and Ricky spent one night in Reynosa with the Pastor and his family and then we picked them up Monday afternoon after eating a feast at Jaimes house. Yesterday Mark and Ricky worked on peoples backs all day, while Paula held her sewing class, followed by them shooting a video of our ministry along the canal, and today they went back home, all excited about the last few days and the opportunities they saw to get involved with us and the orphanage. New believers , with a new found passion are by far the best people to be around. They are so excited and full of God, and the Holy Spirit. It's infectious. Us old crusty Christians need to hang out with new Christians to lite our fire. They also helped me unload the last of the Warner Farm beans that Rick Caywood ministries has been holding for me. Ricks son Travis brought them down last night, ate, took a shower and headed back north to get another load of donated stuff in San Antonio.
    So Paula took the boys to the airport this morning while I went to another eye doctor appt. They are going to use me as a Guinea pig for some new eye meds they are testing, and gave me a 75 dollar check today as well. I love going to the doctor and coming out with more money than I went in with. And as some of you know, it's not the first time God has provided for me that way. We also built another house this week, as Nacho had been building himself a house and needed some help getting it finished. His old house was probably the most pathetic shack we have ever seen. Another missionary told me he wasn't going to build that ole drunk a house. What Would Jesus Do???????


   While Carmelo, Johnny and the boys built a house for Zerifino, The Holy Spirit was working through them to reach Zerifino at the point of his spiritual need for a house for The Holy Spirit to live in. Namely Zerifinos heart. The God shaped void in Zerifinos heart needed to be filled and Satan had been trying to fill it with lies as the Jehovah Witnesses had been talking to him recently. The reason that Satan felt such an urgency to "get" Zerifino is because the Witnesses saw that he had a foundation ready for a house and also knew that those "evil" bible believing Christians must be getting ready to build him a house and then surely this lost soul will encounter the Living God through Word and Deed. The liars and deceivers in this world almost never do anything to meet the Physical needs of the lost, they just prey on their desperate hearts to find meaning and purpose for life and their poverty and never do anything to alleviate their suffering. BUT GOD, sent a few crazy people, crazy enough to say YES LORD to meeting the needs  of the poor in a place almost no one wants to go and to share the love and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ with the lost and needy people of Reynosa Mexico. Darkness fell Thursday as Zerifino got down on his knees and prayed with us to receive Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. A great meal was prepared by the neighbors to celebrate the days events. 12 years He lived in that nasty shack. 12 years with no bed except for a leaky air mattress, 12 years without his family that lives in the U.S. and can't come and visit. A whole lifetime spent without Christ , up to this day. And now all things become new for Zerifino. Thank you to all that are part of the ministry here, because you are now part of the Eternal work of God in Zerifinos heart and life.
    Larry Peterson left yesterday for Chicago, but not before he blessed us AGAIN with his desire to serve us and the people in Mexico. Paula and My "honeydo" list got a whole lot shorter as Larry and sometimes me got a lot done around the house in between trips to Mexico or for me the eye doctor.
    Yesterday Larry left and we picked up Mark and Ricky at at the airport. They were just here a few months ago, but the last trip changed them so much, they just had to come back to get more. More of helping people, More of being around and meeting the needs of the poor, and maybe just a little More of Paulas cooking. And maybe a little More of getting to know us and our ministry a little better. Today it's off to church in Mexico this morning and lunch in the colonia this afternoon.


   We posted some pictures on Mothers Day on our Facebook page and forgot to put some on the blog. But we wish all Mothers, Stepmothers a happy day none the less. We celebrated in the colonia with Carmelo, Ruth and Carmelos two sisters Lucy and Ulda. They brought their kids down and we had a feast of chicken, sausage, and bisteak. Afterwards, we celebrated my birthday with a cake. It was a great time with great company. Thanks for all the birthday well wishes, most of which came on Facebook. If you want to connect on Facebook, look up Bruce Martin Hepburn and Paula Hepburn.
   I re posted a few pictures from last Friday again, by mistake. The house dedication of Domingo and Paulas house, as well as the single mom with four kids that needs a house. Well we have had a few people comment on Facebook that they wanted to be part of the financial end of supplying them with a home. Praise the Lord.
    Yesterday I had to go to the eye doctor and the news isn't good. I have a big problem in my left eye and I'm going to be part of a study group getting treatment for free over the next seven months. Things are really blurry in that eye, and I can't handle it or hide it, or deny its existence any longer. I have prayed for healing and this is how God is working it out. Free care!!! I have to go back again Friday for 3 to six hours of tests. I'd still prefer the quick healing miracle with no more appointments. Give thanks in ALL circumstances. Thank You Lord!!
    Larry Peterson is here from Phoenix for a few days of just helping out around the house with Paulas "honey do" list. He's the best. Yesterday he wired up another fan on our porch and some other electrical problems were fixed. Today we built shades over our back windows to keep the sun out and the rain out as well. The windows leak with hard wind driven rains, and man did we have them last night. 4 or 5 inches of rain last night and today. Hopefully we can go to the colonia tomorrow.
    Larry and I went over to RGBI and picked up some new toilets for the Melody Orphanage in Reynosa. They needed toilets and Kendall showed me 3 skids of toilets before heading back to Iowa, so once again, God provides. I need to get 9 flush valves for them. I bought one today to make sure they will work, 75 bucks each for the valves. I'll get the rest when they need em.



   Yesterday afternoon we loaded up the pick up with beds, barrels, a stove, dishes, and everything else Paula had set aside for the Reyes Family. Domingo and Paula have been living with his parents in a tiny little house with their five kids for over a year. They had prayed and prayed for God to provide a small addition for his family to sleep in. Well, we serve a God of MORE THAN ENOUGH! God supplied 100% of the money from one family, to build Domingo a house of their own, not just a small addition ti his dads house. A house they can call their own. WOW! I hope God answers your prayers with more than enough.
    So as we gathered around outside their new home, Domingo, Paula and their kids Dora(11), Carlos(10), Louis(8), Elias(7) and Victoria(5) waited expectantly to open the door to see what was inside. The Garcias came as always and provided the worship music. Carmelo, Ruth, Zacharias, and a few neighbors all came to see what was going on. This was a tear filled time of Domingo giving the testimony of how God got a hold of his life several years ago and changed him and his family's destiny that brought them to this very moment. I don't think we will ever really understand just how much we impact peoples lives until we get to heaven. And by we, I mean everyone that supports us every month and prays for us. As is the tradition, Domingo picked up Paula and carried her across the threshold of the house. The kids quickly followed and they were all overcome with emotion as they saw everything that God had provided for them, all beautifully arraigned in the house. New beds, sheets, pillows, and tons of other stuff. I love going overboard and giving as much as they need to get a new start in life.
   After we ate a great meal that Paula had prepared, we got to talking about family and marriage, and they admitted that they were not married. After a few minuets of coaxing,Domingo got down on one knee and proposed to the mother of his five kids. Awesome!!! I guess we all get to provide another wedding for another couple. The last one only cost about $500.00 dollars.
 As is the case when we build a house, God always brings us someone else with a huge need for a house and yesterday was no exception. Madi who is 10 was at the dedication and kept asking me to come and see her house, where she lives with her Mom and 3 siblings. OMG. Single Mom, 4 kids, holes in the walls, fleas, bugs, critters, dirt floor, no door or windows to speak of. Enough said. Arresselie and her 4 cute kids are getting a house. There is no greater honor than to be Gods hands and feet to the poor and needy people in this world and it's all because of the way God supplies for the ministry through you. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.
   The transmission in the truck is repaired and we installed it Wed, thanks to Sergio and Onofre. They pulled it out and put it back in and wouldn't take more than $100 from me. So $100.00 in Labor and $900.00 to get it rebuilt = $1000.00. And guess what? some friends from SC donated $1000.00 to the ministry this week. Imagine that, God providing!!!!