Saturday morning Paula and I left Texas at 6;30 AM to get things ready for the monthly food outreach. We met a Pastor last week, Fernando, and he clowns at various events presenting the gospel with his puppets. He came Saturday and we had a crowd of 300 come and hear what he and his puppets had to say, and the response was very positive. Several kids and a few adults came forward for prayer and Salvation. We gave them beans, rice and oil to take to their church in Reynosa. We finished the outreach by 11 am and then started taking tables, chairs, speakers and the wedding dresses down the road.
    The afternoon was a little crazy, trying to get the churches finishing touches on decorations done as well as the women getting their makeup done. It all culminated with a beautiful ceremony linking four couples together in Holy Matrimony. I had the honor of walking Lupita and Paula down the isle to meet their groom. Tears flooding my eyes as I remembered walking my daughter down the isle several years ago. The ceremony only lasted two hours which I thought was pretty short in Mexican standards.
 We had several cakes donated for the event, and the food was great as usual. There was a special anointing that day. The brides were absolutely radiant and the men were freaking out in anticipation as they waited to see their brides.David Garcia and I prayed with the men as they waited. The flower girls filled the isle with fresh roses and the brides walked the isle to join their grooms. It was a joyous event and even though it costed us several hundred . maybe even a thousand dollars, it was worth it to give these precious people a wedding of their dreams.


   Yesterday, 3 of the four couples getting married at the church tomorrow, had to have a civil service first in order to make way for a church wedding. They did that yesterday and we took them all out to our favorite restaurant in Reynosa, La Differente'. They were all smiles as they posed for a few pictures in the restaurant. The fajitas were as always, to die for. It was well worth the money spent on them, just to see how blessed they are feeling. The dresses are all ready and they will surely be beautiful brides. God Bless Thrift Stores. The other couple were very sad that they could not get married. She is too young and even though her parents were there, the judge would not allow a 14 year old girl to get married, even though they have a child together. Go figure. In the U.S. he would have been thrown in jail. He's 20!!! She was really heart broken. They are both now Christians and wanted to make it right in God's eyes and in the church they attend. Oh well, we'll have three weddings tomorrow and we spent the morning cleaning around the church and getting things ready. The ladies were all there and some women came to do their nails for the big day.
    We also have the monthly food outreach tomorrow morning and the weddings are at 5pm. Looks like a long day tomorrow. I'll get to use our new showers for the first time since we built them. Carmelo has been busy working on Mimi's new bedroom/ bathroom. She'll have her own indoor bath and shower. I think it's for the whole family, because it sure gets cold in the winter, so an indoor shower will be awesome.


   Yesterday we gave several backpacks to China to bless the kids in a colonia about an hour south of the border. Every Saturday several people load up food and other things to be distributed to the poor in The Colonia Santa Polonia, south of Rio Bravo, MX. We have been partners with them for years and supply the beans and rice to the people. We had some extra backpacks and those will be given out on Saturday as well.
    Roger and Colleen Armstrong made the long drive from Illinois this week to bring us a van donated by the LaHarpe Christian Church. The van was filled with everything from sewing machines, to windows, and lots of other stuff we haven't unloaded yet. The van is in great shape and the same year and model of our current van. Now we have twins. The Armstrongs really have a heart to help those in need. They have been to Ethiopia several times and now have been down here a few times, reaching out and being a blessing to those in need. They have been helping the family financially with school expenses for the family they built a house for in February, with the Carpenters Crew.
   Colleen loves to sew and helped Paula make some uniforms the night they arrived. Yesterday She spent time helping with Paulas sewing class, followed by a celebration of one of the classes women Brawlia, celebrating her birthday. Several cakes were given to us by Anna, a good friend building an orphanage in Progresso, MX. A visit by Lugos family made their day as they were able to thank Roger and Colleen for making Prep school a reality for their oldest daughter and grade school for the younger kids. Roger and Colleen headed back North this morning, but not before blessing us with a financial gift that will make electricity a reality for the Community Center and everyone that lives near us. THANK YOU SO MUCH.
   All of the couples getting married this Saturday in the colonia waited for hours at the Community Center for the nurse to come and do the blood tests required to get married in Mx. How many of you remember having to do that in the U.S. way back when? Any how they finally came and got all the required tests and paper work done. The whole group spent an hour or so bagging up rice for this Saturdays food outreach.
   Carmelo and Zacharias have been busy finishing Mimis bedroom. Lights in, Water lines installed, stucco on the outside walls, door hung. It's just a few days before Mimi cane call it her own. Thanks to Alan and Lynnea Wells for providing the funds to make it happen for Mimi. Caleb says he wants to sleep in there too, now that he sees how nice it will be. That's Mimi's call!!


    It's really hard to keep your mouth shut when you really really have something to say. And I don't think it's me that has something to say, it is so many from all different denominations that are screaming at the sound of their silenced voices. Prepare prepare prepare!!! God is about to shake the nations. I kinda do have the "chicken little" mindset when it comes to bible prophesy, because God has made the warnings very clear in His Word and in the fulfillment of His Word. These are very special times on Gods time clock. We must take heed to what the Spirit is saying to the churches.

    We take the time to do all kinds of"stuff" so I would implore you to take an hour or two and study a few things. It's as easy as clicking your mouse.

    Economic collapse is coming, we are way over valued and over leveraged in the stock market.
   We have more debt than any nation, latest figures 200 trillion.
   As I type this the market is in free fall. Down 2000 points in the last week, Invest in Kingdom things. It's the only investment with eternal dividends.
    We as a nation have redefined marriage contrary to the word of God
     We have turned our back on Israel as nation.
   Our President and leaders have signed a death warrant to Israel with Iran.
    The Cern super collider in Europe.
   Our Govt. stock piling food, ammo and body bags.
   The 4 Blood Moons, and solar eclipses in Sept 2015
   The Feast of Tabernacles, the Shemitah
   The persecution of believers around the world
   The call for Jihad by Muslims.



   A little over a month ago, Paula and I stopped to visit my Cousin John Hepburn and his family in Aurora Colorado, on our way home from our looong road. We really only see each other for family weddings and the occasional funeral, which at our age happens more than the weddings. We enjoyed a dinner out, and the chance to spend some time talking and sharing about our lives, and really just getting to know them more. We invited their youngest daughter Brenna to come down for a visit before she finds a job, after just graduating from college. Well Brenna spent the week here with us and left this morning. But she didn't leave alone. She has Jesus in her heart. Brenna prayed to invite Jesus to take up residence in her heart and to live His life through her.What a great joy for us, for someone to see and experience Jesus in what we do, and then have the desire to know Him as well.
    We spent the week just doing what we always do, helping people that need help, built a few things, paid for a lady to have surgery, gifted a Pastor with the money to hook up his church to the electric grid. Brenna helped us build a room fro Mimi, put up a sun shade for a Pastor, helped Paula in the sewing class, and after that learned to sew and made herself a huge quilt. She joined us as we celebrated Freddy Vaughns birthday the other night. She met several other missionaries that came over for dinner. She experienced a night of violent storms that kept us from going to Mexico for two days, which gave her and Paula the chance to make her quilt. She bagged up hundreds of bags of beans to give to the poor with Raul. To sum it all up Brenna "spent" herself on behalf of others and it ending up changing her for all eternity. Pray for her as she begins this new journey of Faith.
   So I'm just thinking about how many family members Paula and I have seen come to Jesus that we have personally prayed with, I'm counting 8 in my head. It's amazing that God has a plan to reach everyone with His Love, but He uses me and you to get the job done. It's always our prayer that people would see Jesus and not us when they come to visit. We didn't preach or share the Gospel, we lived it and the Holy Spirit drew Brenna to faith. Paula was just there to lead her in prayer.


    My truck was overcome with heat exhaustion again the other day when we sat in the line at the border for and hour and a half. By the time we cleared the border, my transmission overheated again and lost all of its fluid. I pulled out my Good Sam Roadside Assistance card and called the number on the back. Within an hour,we were loading up the truck and hauling it to the mechanic that rebuilt the trans the last time this happened, just a few months ago. He thinks it needs a bigger trans cooler, so well see on that. No charge for the tow this time.
    My cousin Brenna Hepburn is "spending" a week with us and yesterday in between sewing lessons with Paula, I took her to help me put a sun shade up for some friends in the colonia. It was really hot, but we were done in about an hour or so. we also drove down to the blue schools in the colonia and measured a few things that we could help the school get ready for this years classes. They need a wall built to divide one class room into two, and they need several windows as well. Many windows don't open and it's very hot inside. Mice are also a big problem, getting into the food in the kitchen where the lunches are made for the kids every day.
    Paula's sewing class continues to make the most beautiful quilts, and yesterday was no exception. as several women worked on quilts, one lady, Naomi, was making uniforms for her kids that start school next week. They really enjoy seeing the fruit of their labors. Paula continues getting all kinds of materials and sewing equipment donated to her ministry. God surely blesses her yeses when she said yes to starting this class and reaching out to the women in the colonia.
    How often does God answer a prayer before it even leaves your lips??? This past week, we have been praying for God to provide for Juannas needed surgery. We had a lady call us and tell us that she has a prayer group that will spend the next 24 hours praying for this need specifically and for us as well. I got a text from one of our supporters the other day and he said that God had led him to send us 5 times what him and his wife usually send us every month, and he didn't know why, but he did know the prompting of the Holy Spirit. So he just sent it, just believing that there was a need and he wanted to be obedient. Now were not talking a few bucks here, were talking $500.00. A few days later he read our blog where we had asked people to help with this need and he called and said, there's the confirmation of why God led him to send the money days before the request went out. Yesterday another brother e-mailed me and put a check for $1000.00 in the mail as soon as he saw the blog. OUR GOD IS SO MUCH BIGGER AND BETTER AND TRUSTWORTHY THAN WE COULD EVER IMAGINE!!!!!!!! JUST DO WHAT HE SAYS TO DO, DON'T THINK ABOUT IT, DON'T PUT TOGETHER A COMMITTEE TO DO DO A STUDY, DON'T EVEN PRAY ABOUT MEETING NEEDS OF OTHERS, JUST DO IT AND TRUST GOD.


Some of you know Johnny  from the colonia. His wife Juanna needs surgery and we're looking to raise the money to pay for it. We need an additional $1800.00. Several people are trying to get the money so we can  schedule the surgery. E mail me at brucehepburn@yahoo.com  if you're interested in helping. Gracias


  Every day the temps here have topped 100, I think it's like 110 with the humidity, maybe higher. I don't really know how hot and I don't really care. But we see needs at every turn. Yesterday Dave and Sharon Sachs and their grandson Garrett spent the day with us over in Mexico. Dave and Sharon manage a Christian Retreat Center and host missions groups that come and spend themselves helping people on both sides of the border. They provide the lodging and facilities they need to "do" the work of the ministry. Melody Lane Christian Renewal Center if you want to check out their ministry. They have been in Texas about as long as we have and planned on serving for a year or so, that was 8 years ago. They decided to "spend " their retirement years serving God and serving others, and not from some fancy condo on a golf course, or wasting their days hunting sea shells on a Fort Meyers beach. They are both in their 70's and loving what God has them doing. So even though it was really hot yesterday, God allowed us to visit several people and show them all that God has done in the colonia since they last came over.
    As we drove looking for this one family way down the road, we pointed out house after house that had been built over the years. Most of them still looking good, some in need of paint, and even some abandoned lots with only the foundation remaining after the family literally took the house apart and moved it to another colonia. We finally arrived at Donaciano and Aquillinas house. He walks with crutches because of some huge diabetes related sores on his legs. Their house is nothing short of a disaster and we are planning on taking it down and building them a new one in the near future.
    Pastor Felipe' was waiting for us when we arrived yesterday to get some more bibles from us to take 30 hours south of the border where he has over 20 churches that he oversees. He comes up every few months and we give him whatever we can, and since we just got 500 bibles donated to us, we had plenty to share. He also took about 750 pounds of rice as well to haul back home. I love the fact that God has us helping people hundreds, even thousands of miles away that we will never meet, and all of you that support us are sharing in the blessings that go far beyond the border. What a great day it will be when we get to meet everyone that has been touched by the ministry in some way shape or form. I feel sorry for people that think retirement years are for themselves instead of HIM.


   The last several days we have been a bit overwhelmed with non building busyness. Juvenal and Benita Flores along with John and Margaret  Ramos drove down from San Antonio to visit for the weekend. Paula has known Benita for 45 years and it was the first time they have driven the 4 hours to visit in several years. We enjoyed having them for the weekend, and meeting the Ramos' as well. We met for breakfast Sunday morning before they headed North and we headed to Church, where once again we really enjoyed our Sunday School class.
    Yesterday the truck arrived with hundreds of pieces of roofing that came off a church in Kentucky along with some windows. The donation will probably be enough for 20 houses or so. Dave and his son Tyler brought the load at no charge to the ministry. Shawn Estes from Fortify Ministries arranged the whole thing and got a coke machine out of the deal. The roofing is 22 feet long, so I will have to rent a metal chop saw and cut it to size. I also picked up 6 thousand slider lock bags that I ordered from Dollar General, unfortunately they would not donate the bags!!
     Now with all these building materials on hand, I need to start building a few houses, but we keep getting side tracked with a lot of different things. Paula and Luzma are planning the wedding of all weddings at the end of the month when 6 couples share vows and get married on the same day. We have been buying wedding dresses and suits and shirts and shoes to get everyone ready. Two women have been very sick in the colonia and needing surgery, Johnnys wife Juana being one of them. We need to come up with several thousand dollars to pay for the surgery's.
   I must still sound the warning about the coming judgement on the USA. Many, no most everyone doesn't want hear about it. They love their life, their job, their things, their church, their family, and don't want to hear anything about the disruption that is coming on the whole earth. The stage is set, the players are in place, the Lord has spoken and continues to warn us but we are sleeping, and refuse to hear what the Spirit is saying to the Churches. Read Revelation CHAPTERS 2 AND 3 about the 7 churches,  they are really conditions of the heart, where do you see yourself????  BE HONEST!! My guess is that the American church is Laodicen Church, thinking they are the Church of Philadelphia.
   As we have been studying in our ABF class at church, there is a great battle going on between our flesh and the Spirit of God living in us. Last week as I was thinking about the coming collapse of our monetary system, I was considering buying some gold and silver when the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart and said" I own all the gold and silver on the earth, buy a truck load of rice and feed people". So last week I bought enough rice for 1/2 million meals for 9 thousand dollars, and with that, God is well pleased!!!! DENY YOURSELF, PICK UP YOUR CROSS AND DIE TO YOURSELF AND FOLLOW HIM. EASY TO SAY, SO HARD TO DO WHEN THE WAR WAGES ON IN YOUR FLESH.     GOOD DAY!!!!



    The other day I was just playing my guitar and worshiping the Lord and I was overcome with Gods presence and just started crying as I worshiped. That's when The Holy Spirit reaffirmed that it is good to be in Gods presence. We all know that , but doing it is quite a different story. I'm always so pre occupied with everything the ministry and life has going on. I need, and most likely we all need to spend time just being still in the presence of God and allow The Holy Spirit to minister to us. I was almost uncomfortable because of a lack of "control" over my emotions, so I just said I LOVE YOU LORD, I LOVE YOU HOLY SPIRIT, I LOVE YOU FATHER. IT'S ALL GOOD

   Today Johnnys wife Juanna is having surgery to remove some tumors and will pray fully not have to have a hysterectomy. We are going to help them with the cost of the surgery, so if anyone would like to help with that need, bring it on! She's has been having problems and then a hospital in Reynosa cut her uterus and she has been bleeding. Another gynee is doing the surgery at a different place. so pray for healing for her.
   Saturday Abraham, a good friend wanted to meet us at our place in Mexico for lunch, so Paula , who was looking marvelous Saturday, made food and we took it over. I told him to take 10- 50pound bags of rice, because we ordered a whole truck load and needed to get rid of what we had at the community center. So he took 10 bags to give out to the people in his area in Reynosa.
   I cleaned the warehouse out, and re arraigned thing to make room for 17 pallets of rice. Raul had given out the last of the rice we had in Texas just before we returned home. I was going to make a few phone calls to get donations to buy an entire truck load, we needed $11,000.00 to buy it and get it delivered, and imagine that, I had enough money in the checking account to pay for it. So if you didn't get a phone call from me, maybe you will get one from the Holy Spirit??? The rice is supposed to arrive by 6 pm today, and we have several people from church coming over to bag beans and rice in the one gallon bags.
    I posted on Facebook the picture of my kitchen table covered with last years receipts and stuff, because I can no longer my books the way I always have. I have to do them right!! So I've been redoing everything and posted that I need a bookkeeper, well one called yesterday and said he would help, and he lives in Alamo Texas, and He's a CPA and He's a missionary and many of you know Shawn from New Life. He also has enough metal roofing from His church in Kentucky that has hail damage, coming our way on a flat bed trailer. The trucker is donating the transportation. Shawn and I were going to fly there in Sept, rent a truck and haul it down here, BUT GOD PROVIDED ONCE AGAIN.