Yesterday hundreds of people came to gather to worship God and receive food and clothes. Dave, Loni their son Steve, Isaac, Carol, her sister Connie and her husband John all came to lend a hand in our monthly outreach. So while Jamie' and I led the people in song and praises, the team got all the food set up and cut up two huge sheet cakes we had donated to us and everyone got a piece after they sang Happy Birthday to Paula. We gave them all so much food this month, that many could not carry it all.
    The Junkin for Jesus group brought Eliazar a little boat last January and he was out in the canal pulling his gill nets, searching for his next meal. He sure was happy not to have to use his old boat that sank every time he was in the water.
    We all had a very full day and didn't get home until 4 pm. The bus that we have been storing for 5 months is finally making it's way to Belize. The Pastor in Belize had a friend pick it up yesterday and after a friend donated a spare tire for him to take, he was on his way to the border to get all the papers he needs to transport it through Mexico.
    We're going to start building the house for Juan on Monday and the weather looks great, 80's every day.


    Yesterday Dave and Loni arrived and we headed to Mexico, stopping at the tienda to buy the rest of the food for this months outreach. We already have the beans, rice, and oil, so we purchased flour, and tomato paste for each family. We also bought over 200 juice boxes for the kids that will be there. Our friends Isaac and Carol are bringing her sister Connie and her husband John to help with the food outreach. Anna and Rudy just dropped off two huge sheet cakes and some bread, so I guess we'll have a little birthday party for Paula since she was sick last Sunday.
    After unloading all the food in the Community Center, we hooked up to the trailer and took the wood down the road to where we will build Juan and his family their new home. Just as we arrived at the site, the winds shifted and a thunder storm blew up out of nowhere. It poured for about two minuets and then the sky's parted and we were able to unload everything. The same storm dropped hail across the border, just north of us. PTL. We'll start building on Monday.
   Paula, Carmelo, Ruth and the kids went to the DMV of Mexico to register the Expedition that was given to us. They spent 9 hours there and didn't get the paper work. They were all very frustrated. They got tho the final stage to pay the fees and they would not title it in Paulas name because she doesn't have Mexican credentials other than her passport. They were all glad that I wasn't there! Maybe I should just sell the darn thing, and let someone else sit in line for days.
    While they were gone all day Zacharias and I cleaned up around the Center and then I took a nap, and Paula had to yell to wake me up when they got back. I love naps. So were just praying for God to move in the hearts of the people tomorrow as they hear the word and receive from God.
    Alfred hernia surgery went well and he's back at the rehab center to start over again. He and Gladys are getting a little weary. They came to do missions work and three months and two surgerys later they still don't know when they can go home. At least it nice and warm now.although it is back in Illinois too.   Thanks for all the prayers and support, you all are awesome!!!!!


  While Paula held her weekly sewing class, Lisa and Mike were cleaning the teeth of the women that come to class, kinda of a two for. Or maybe a tooth-for. The dental duo will be there again today doing what God has equipped them to do. I love when God uses our passions to serve others. The sewing class women asked if they could come back as well and have two classes this week. They sure love making those quilts.
   While that was going on, I took the wood needed to build Vicky her new stairs leading to her new house she got in December. I can't believe I procrastinated this project for three months, oh wait    yes I can. Any how the 65 year old Vicky, no longer needs to negotiate those old dangerous stairs. I just hope nobody else sees them and wants some as well, because stairs are not my thing, it requires precision and a level and I suffered many brain cramps yesterday. They work and are so much better for her. She made us some fresh tortillas and egg tacos for lunch. Louis, the young man that has helped us on the few houses, including his own, came along and helped me.
    April 3rd, is what we call Good Friday. The Jews call it Passover because it was the same day that the Angel of Death Passed Over the houses of Israel that applied the blood of a lamb to their door posts, by Faith. We celebrate because Jesus poured out His blood on the cross to cover our sins for all time and eternity. This year there is full blood moon that falls on Passover and will be the third on a series of four blood moons in a row to fall on Jewish feast days. This will not happen again for hundreds of years and as we can see from history, very significant things have happened when there have been 4 blood moons on feast days. God is speaking to humanity, no He is SCREAMING at humanity to return to Him. So as the sun sets on Good Friday, remember the traditions of the Jews and celebrate from sun down Friday to sun down Saturday maybe a fast, maybe a Jewish Passover meal, but get up and see the Blood Moon in the middle of the night, look up, and rejoice, our redemption is near. GOOD DAY!!!


   This young couple has been struggling for quite a while living in this old make shift house. Well thats all going to change this week as Dave and Loni Siirtola head down from the U.P. of Michigan to provide the new home for Jose Louis, Yesenia five year old Manuel, Naomi whos three, Juan Lois Jr 18 months and little Leslie who was born 2 months premature and has been fighting for her life all winter.
    Friday we knocked the old house down and prepare the ground for the cement truck to come and pour it today, LORD WILLING!! It is really muddy on that side of the canal and the truck will have to back up about a half a mile to get to the lot to even get a shot at getting it done today. While i was down tearing the old house down, Paulas sewing class had a birthday party for her and even came back on Saturday in the rain to help paint the wood for  Jose Louis's house.
   While that was going on Saturday I couldn't even get out of bed. 102 degree fever all day, Paula was in Mexico and I had to go pick her up, but couldn't get out of bed, chills hot flashes. The phone rand about 2 in the afternoon and it was Claude from Canada. He and his wife have been blessing the poor in Mexico with food and stuff for years. They gave us a sewing machine last week and was calling about bringing a dental hygienist over on Tuesday. I told him I was sick and needed to go get Paula, and Claude graciously volunteered to go over and get her. Praise the Lord for provision. Until now I couldn't do anything and now Paula has it. Maybe Fridays mole'? I don't know,8 years and I have never gotten sick on the food. Maybe we're just wore out. It's been the quite a year so far.
   Tonight there is a one day only movie at selected theaters called Four Blood Moons you need to go see this if you want to know what God is up to. April 3 will host the third of a four blood moon tetrad and the significance is startling.


   Just one last selfie as we headed to the airport Saturday to drop off the team from Moraine Valley Church. What a great week of ministry. Mark and his son Drew, Roger, Dave, Karen, Matt, Aaron, Rickey, and Estafania, all gave of themselves last week to further Gods Kingdom. We miss them all and look forward to them coming back. The week was special because Aaron, Rickey and Estafania all are fluent in Spanish and that just enhanced all the different activities beyond building the house. Rickey interpreted for Mark as he treated people with Chiropractic issues, and many were helped tremendously by his adjustments. Estafania and Aaron held bible school for the kids, and there were a lot of em. The Spanish speakers freed up Paula to hold sewing classes at the Community Center and led to the salvation of one of the women attending. There is way to much to tell about the team and what they did last week, and believe me, lives were changed. Dave and Karen stayed until Monday and the weather didn't cooperate with our golfing plans. Oh well, we had a great time anyway. Thanks to them for putting together such a great team.
    Monday night we were invited to a going away dinner for the "Net Menders" leaders, Alan and Elaina, Butch and Ann. They are heading back to N.D. and MN. They have been mending the nets of ministries like ours for years and are also involved in many ministries in Mexico mending their torn and tattered nets. They are a huge blessing to us and many others. Anna and Rudy sponsored the dinner to show their appreciation for helping them build their orphanage in Progresso MX. They did all the plumbing and foundation work. Pray for Alan as he will be having shoulder surgery when he gets home. He tore his rotator when a tractor he was driving tipped over.
   Paula and I spent the last two days in Mx in the rain trying to get things done. I built another porch off of Carmelos house to keep the yard from flooding, and hung a couple of gutters as well. Luna was helping me with the rafters on the porch. Loni and Dave are coming next week and we can't get the truck in to pour the floor, so pray for some dry days so we can get that done.


   Sorry, too busy building homes and relationships to post any stories about the week here with Moraine Valley Church. Let me just say that it has been an awesome week that culminated today with the dedication of the house for Alex and Marilee. Alex gave his life to Jesus today and our group was amazed at the days events. Many of them were first time missionaries and all were used by God to build His Kingdom and their relationship with God.
   There was a group building, some held childrens bible school, Mark was here and did chiropractic work on dozens of people. We have all been blessed this week and are grateful to God for the opportunity to serve Him.


  The last several days were extremely cold in Mexico and Texas as well. Not by Chicago standards of cold, but by our warm blooded standards that we have adopted since moving here. 50 degrees or less brings out the long johns for me. Anyhow, Connie and her two boys Adam and Ian are here from Nebraska to spend a week serving the poor. We spent one night in Mexico when the cold front blew through at 2 in the morning with 40 mph winds rocked the house, after basking in 80 degree temps just hours before. 45 degree difference from one day to the next. Oh well, give thanks in all circumstances, Thanks alot Lord.
    Yesterday we braved the cold and got the walls framed for the team coming next week, while Paula, Connie and several other people painted the rest of the wood. Making next weeks teams build go faster and easier gave these guys something to do while here. Connie found out about our ministry by searching for ministries in Mexico helping the poor and decided to come down for a week and expose her two teen aged boys to Missions. They have had a blast playing with Mimi and Caleb as well as the other kids that they have come in contact with. A family trip with a purpose, brings them closer to God and allows others to see surrender in action. We bought everyone at the site an "elote" a piece of corn on a stick with mayonnaise , chili  powder and powdered cheese on it. Mmmmmm good, except when the mayo is rancid and you get salmonella. But were all good. After a hard days work, Paula grilled burgers and then Connie and Paula made chocolate chip cookies before we headed back across the border. A great few days getting to know these guys.


  Every Tuesday Paula is holding sewing classes for the women in the colonia. Although we thought no one was going to show up, as usual, the women started coming about an hour later than planned. 7 women came and were busy all day sewing and making a couple quilts. A couple from Canada stopped by and donated a Singer foot powered sewing machine. Paula made everyone a nice lasagna lunch to show them how much she appreciates them coming. I had fun playing with Alex, and his brother Eliud. They got a kick out of the selfie.
   The wood arrived that I ordered yesterday for Marilee and her husband. The team from Moraine Valley Church will build it next week. Marilee is ready to give birth to their first child and I hope she'll wait until after we build them their house. We built her sister Perla a house in January, so she's excited for her sisters blessing, and will help her paint all the wood.
   Loren brought us a couple of totes of beans from the warehouse in Waco, TX. These are the beans that Joe and Barb Warner grow for us up in South Dakota. Fred Zwiefel donated the transportation to Waco and Loren will bring them down as we need them. He made a delivery of medical supplies to The Way of The Cross Ministry in Harlingen yesterday and had room for a few skids of beans. The totes were donated by Beck Seed Company in Macomb Il or somewhere in Western Illinois, and sent them up to Joe to fill with beans. Sometimes I can't believe just how many people are involved with the ministry here. God never ceases to amaze us and the generosity of people never ceases to amaze us as well.
    After finally getting that huge generator across the border, Roy Busby and Bo got it all hooked up to the wiring in the trade school and they had er running and Roy is convinced that now that we have all this power, he'll start having some classes in the trade school. 50 thousand watts!! We could power most of the colonia with it.
   On a more somber note, a good friend and supporter of our ministry had a stroke last week at work, drove himself to the hospital, and is now recovering from the effects of the stroke. His name is Tom Gilligan and there is a GoFundMe site set up to help with expenses. So I would emplore you to help Tom and his family out. His boss has said that he would not pay him while he is off recovering, which could take months. Paula and I are sending several months of the support that they had donated to our ministry and pray that God would honor all the years of support that they have sowed into our lives and provide for their every need. Proverbs 19 vs 17 He that gives to the poor, lends to the Lord and the Lord will repay him for his kindness to the poor. So we are just taking God at his word and calling in the harvest!!!!


   After a few airport delays and  canceled flights, Roger and Paulette made it down here last week. We had been wanting them to come and visit and they finally came. I'm pretty sure getting out of Chicago in the middle of winter had something to do with it. These two have been very generous toward our ministry helping the poor, because we all have like minds SPEND YOURSELF ON BEHALF OF THE POOR!!! Roger uses his business to fund a homeless shelter and two soup kitchens in Chicago. Thousands of hot meals are severed every month.
    Tuesday Paula and I took Roger and Paulette to Mexico to visit the colonia and unload some plywood in my truck. No one comes to Mexico and doesn't help us with one project or another. Touring the colonia had them asking many questions as we showed them all the houses that God had allowed us to build. We finished the tour showing them the two houses that the Carpenters Crew built last month, and headed back across the border.
   We headed over to Padre Island for two days and nights of  rest and golf. It remained quite cold and windy for our stay there, but we did play two rounds of golf and enjoyed a lot of laughs together.

   Saturday we had our monthly food outreach and despite the very cold temps, 125 families came for food, clothes and a message of hope.