As I sit in my warm house, typing on my computer, I know all of our friends in Mexico are feeling the effects of a very cold weather system that has gripped South Texas and Mexico. It's 43 degrees outside right now and I'm sure most of the people in the colonia are struggling to keep warm. Its cold and rainy which makes it even colder. We gave out hundreds of coats and blankets on Saturday, so I'm sure the people are thankful for that.
   Yesterday we took Roger, Chris and James to Progresso Mexico to get a few Mexican trinkets, and a few Cohibas. We then stopped by the local building supply store in Mexico so I could order some gravel for the section of road in front of our house and the neighbors. We also bought some chicken fresh off the grill and headed into the colonia to find Carmelo and Ruth making fresh corn tamales from scratch, my personal favs! We quickly ate the chicken before the first of three loads of gravel arrived. I called out a few of the neighbors to help spread the stone. It was some back breaking work, but well worth the $278.00 it cost me. I would guess, another $15,000.00 and we could do the whole road. Man would that be nice!!!
    While the tamales were cooking, we finished the work at hand and just waited kinda impatiently for the tamales to be done. Well worth the wait, mmm good. We headed back home about 7;30 and I took the boys to the airport this morning, so they could bring in the New Year with their families and friends. A great week of ministry, with a lot of laughs and good home made Mexican food.
   So as 2014 closes out, I can't help but reflect on all of Gods Goodness and Grace that has been poured out on us once again as we seek to do His will. At least 20 houses built , a Community Center, a new tool shed, 5 million meals worth of food given out, 1000 bibles, countless beds, and other household items, hundreds of coats, blankets and hats. We experienced the devastation of an enemy called cancer take my good friend David into the loving arms of Jesus way to soon.  We hosted one wedding, and saw many people come to faith in Christ. We will never know the impact this ministry has on the world until we get to heaven. So much of our food is given to other people that give it away to those in need. I could go on for pages tell of all the blessings we received this year and all the great memories made from the people that came to serve along side of us. My daughter Kelly was here for a few weeks, the Carpenters Crew, Moraine Valley Church, First Baptist Mcallen Tx,, Loni and Dave, Junkin 4 Jesus, and so many more. THANK YOU TO ALL THAT PRAY FOR AND SUPPORT US, we will all hear one day, " enter into to the place prepared for you, for I was hungry and you gave me food, I was needing shelter and you built a home for me, I was naked and you gave me clothing, i was hungry and you gave me food, for as much as you have done it to the least of these my brethren, you have done it unto me"


The last few days we have built an addition on a house we built several years ago, to accommodate a very large family. 4 adults and 11 children all living in one 12 X 24 foot house. After we finished the addition yesterday, another family asked if we could build them a porch. They had already purchased the materials and all we had to do was build it for them. So after working most of the day finishing the addition, we were able to build the porch as well. Roger, Chris and James were a real blessing to everyone they came in contact with this week.
   We are getting ready to head across the border one last time with them before they leave tomorrow morning, just in time to ring in the New Year with family and friends. We still have some gifts to give out, and with all the churches coming through the colonia the last few days, we would like to go somewhere else and bless some kids that don't see many missionaries. Our plans are still uncertain, we may spend New Years Eve in Mexico and celebrate with Carmelo and Ruth.
   If anyone out there intends to donate to our mission before the end of the year, envelopes must be postmarked tomorrow to get a deduction this year.. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL AND THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT AND PRAYERS. EVERY YEAR GOD TRUSTS US WITH MORE THAN THE YEAR BEFORE, BECAUSE WE DON'T HOLD ONTO IT, WE GET IT INTO THE KINGDOM ASAP!!!


   How about # this, It's only a couple days away from 2015. Over the last seven days, Curtis and Brandy flew in from Kentucky, we gave out hundreds of presents and hot dogs, they left, we made and fed over 500 tamales to the colonia on Christmas, Roger, Chris and James flew in on Friday, we had our monthly food outreach Saturday morning, 180 families were given food, 240 juice boxes, 200 bottles of shampoo for the women, deodorant and razors for the men and 230 warm winter coats were handed out, and then we managed to get all the walls up, windows in and door hung on the addition we're building on Marios house for his 2 daughters and their 9 kids and then went downtown Reynosa Saturday night to join several Pastors and their families for a fiesta.WHEW! A long sentence A long day and a long week.
    Iv'e been learning to play the guitar and was able to play along with the Garcia family Saturday to a couple of the worship songs they play. Paula says it's a fad I'm going through. but I really enjoy playing and learning. If only I put that effort into learning the Spanish language.
    It rained most of the day Sunday, so we didn't work on the house and stayed inside and ate and watched t.v. in Mexico before heading home last night. It's cold this morning and I have my long johns on. We're hoping to get the house done today, because their calling for rain the next few days as well.


Paula and I awoke yesterday to cold noses and ears, as the temperature dropped to 40 degrees in the colonia. No heat, but plenty of blankets and body heat kept us comfy, but someone had to get up and start the coffee, and we knew Mimi and Caleb would be knocking at the door soon. I did it! But man it was cold. Cold pants, cold shirt and socks, I should have done the old boy scout trick and put my clothes under the covers as I slept. I also started the propane heater before jumping back into bed where I could snuggle with Paula. Soon the kids were at the door and we started getting things ready for our 2nd annual Christmas breakfast gift to the colonia. Last year pancakes, this year tamales. Personally I like the pancakes and bacon, but Mexican tradition should dictate the menu, not some gringo. The girls made 6 or 7 hundred tamales and we consumed 500 for breakfast. Many people came in their pajamas, ate and went back home and probably back to bed. A great Christmas morning. David and Luzma came and David and I were able to play and sing a few Christmas carols. It was cool, He sang in Spanish and I sang in English at the same time.
   Paula gave out all the gifts she had wrapped for many of our friends that had come and we delivered the rest as we headed out of the colonia towards home. Mimi and Caleb , naturally got the most gifts, and most of those were toys and stuff donated and Paula just wraps them up for the kids.
  An awesome day followed by an awesome evening spent at Scott and Joanna Mathew house in Texas. Turkey, ham sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, and  desserts to die for. We laughed a lot and watched a couple of old movies, before heading home to see Shadow our lonely cat.



Yesterday while were surrounded by kids and their parents, we gave them a clear and concise invitation to receive the greatest gift of all for all of mankind, namely the forgiveness of sins provided by the coming of Jesus Christ to this earth. Salvation can be found no other way than to accept the free gift of Salvation wrapped up in a relationship with the only One capable to to offer it. God came down on that Christmas morning to reveal His plan of redemption to mankind. When this baby boy  grew up, He provided purification from sin (unbelief) and now resides in the heart of only those that believe, Wow what a gift!!! The God of all creation lives in me.
   Many came forward for prayer and an opportunity to give God thanks. Paula and Carmelo cooked up 600 hot dogs for the event, and Curtis and Brand Adams flew in from Kentucky for the opportunity to bless all the children with a gift for Christmas. Lee and Diane Thalmen from our church in McAllen joined us for the day along with several other friends that are servants in Mexico to the poor. Hundreds lined up for hot dogs, juice boxes, a gift or two, a salvation bracelet, and a copy of the Story Of Jesus booklet. The Garcia family provided the worship music, as Brandy and I joined in with our new found passion for playing the guitar. Carmelo and Paula both gave a great Christmas message.
   When the festivities were done there, we drove through the colonia giving hot dogs to everyone that we came in contact with until they were all gone. An awesome day indeed followed by another great meal that Ruth and Paula made while Brandy, Curtis and I jammed on the Guitars trying to sing in Spanish and play at the same time. I think we sounded pretty good!!
   Paula and Ruth are making tamales today, we'll spend tonight in Mexico, eat tamales on Christmas morning, and then head back across to join some friends at Scott and Joannas house for Christmas dinner, and then on Friday our friends from Moraine Valley Church come down for a week of building a house and blessing more people. Yea it's busy around here, as always, but "ONLY WHATS DONE FOR CHRIST WILL LAST."



Yesterday Curtis and Brandy Adams flew in from Kentucky for the sole purpose of buying and handing out gifts to the poor kids in Mexico. They raised $1000.00 to bless those precious kids in Mx. We purchased hundreds of soccer balls, dolls, and other little toys to be handed out today, so please pray that the gospel will go forth and God would be glorified.
  Last night we went to downtown Reynosa to see the Christmas decorations and the newly renovated square. It was gorgeous and we had a great time and had a delicious meal when we returned. All the wood has been delivered to the three houses we will be building in the next few weeks and the families are busy painting everything.


It is such a joyous time and yet so stressful. I wonder what God thinks about all the stress people put themselves under because of the birth of our Saviour? Why don't we all just worship God and not people? With several groups coming over the next two months, I always find myself stressing about having everything ready for them. Foundations, wood, windows, doors, siding,it has to be ready and on site when they arrive. I always say that next year we are going to be with Family for Christmas, and yet we never do it. 18 years in a row away from our kids and families on Christmas and New Years doing ministry in Mexico.
   The colonia is even looking quite festive and the kids have had their school programs and are enjoying their vacation from school. Paula and Ruthy have wrapped hundreds of gifts for the kids, and we have tried to get everything ready for the 23rd and the 27th, two days of gift giving and food outreaches, can't wait!!!
   Lupita, Jose and their 6 kids are so excited about getting a house in a few weeks. The Junkin 4 Jesus group as I call them is coming on the 4th of Jan to build two houses and some deep relationships. The group has outgrown our bunk house, so they are staying at New Life just down the road a bit.
  So if anyone coming the week of the fourth of Jan reads this, your Families names are as follows;
  House # 1-- Dad Jose, Mom Lupita, Almendra Ruby (15), Diego (13), Challan Gudalupe' (12), Ana Tavita (10)
Maria Jose' (8), Danna Michelle (6). They are pictured on this post without Dad.

House #2  Mom- Navia Dominguez, Lucia (18) Lois Carlos (16), Rodrigo (15), Navia (13). No Photo yet.


There is such a huge difference between life in the U.S. and life in the colonia in Mexico. Last week we spent our days building Vickys house, and our nights were spent in Mexico with Carmelo, Ruth, Caleb and Mimi, sharing a meal, laughing, watching the Mexican Novellas on t.v. drinking hot chocolate and eating sweet bread before bed time. Simple unassuming time spent doing what God has called us to do, lifting the poor from their conditions with whatever means we have. We have been spending more night in Mexico and we love it, more and more.
  As we finished the house on Friday, we decided to dedicate the house on Sunday afternoon, because we had our Church Sunday School party Saturday night at Ray and Rosies house in McAllen. So we attended the class party surrounded by absolute luxury in the most beautiful house that I had ever been in. If I could live in a house like that and still do what we do in Mexico, I think there would be a real battle in my heart to leave that every day and go to Mx to help the poor. But I'd like to try!! Just kidding, I don't think I could. Some people brought gifts to give the kids in Mexico, and we had a great time with way too much food. But it made me think of just how awesome our mansions in Heaven are going to be. If man could build something like this in a couple of years, can you imagine what the mansions in Heaven will look like after Jesus has been building them for two thousand years plus?????
   Sunday we went to Church and then Herb and Carol joined us to go to Mexico and dedicate Vickys house. We had a great time of worship and prayers of thanksgiving were lifted up for this wonderful blessing of a new home for Vicky. Again more food!!! a two hour trip home got us to church just as the Christmas Musical started.
   So, I'm reading through the book RADICAL again for the third or fourth time, I would challenge you to do the same. It grounds my heart as to what is "really " important. Risk is awesome when you risk everything for Christ, or almost everything I should say. I'm not there yet. Jim Elliott said" He is no fool who gives what He cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose." So I invest what I have in the kingdom and get a return greater than anything this world can give. May that be our hearts this Christmas, invest in the kingdom, because this world is going down and soon!!!!


It seems like it took forever to build Vickys house, and I guess compared to the normal three days, five days did seem long. But we put the finishing touches on yesterday and Sunday afternoon we will be handing the keys over to a sweet lady. Vicky has prepared us two meals everyday while were building the house, maybe that's why it took us so long. Great food and great fellowship. It was only Carmelo, Zacharias and me building the house, until the kids from near by started coming and helping. We were teaching them different skills, like building and leveling stairs, using a battery saw, drill and nailing with their hammer. They were a big help, but slowed us down a little bit which is fine by me.
   Paula and I spent the last few nights in Mexico, which makes it so much easier, especially since the bridge wait time is getting long. Last Saturday we dodged a three hour wait time by driving east to another bridge and waited only an hour. Paula and Ruth have been so busy wrapping the hundreds of gifts we have bought in the last week. I think we have spent almost $2000.00 on toys and gifts for people that this just might be the only gift they will get this Christmas. I often rant about the fact that we Americanos spend so much money buying gifts for people that already have to much stuff, so all of our " gift " money goes toward those that will not get any gifts. I try to challenge people to give up the normal buying practices and bless people they don't know and get their families involved in the process and watch what God does.
   We probably won't get a Christmas news letter out in the mail, but should get an electronic one out soon, so we'll see what the year end gifts are like without sending a snail mail letter with a return envelope. So if your being led to give a year end gift to Mexico Missions, Thank You. We always have so many projects in the works and we never seem to get them all done.


As hard as I tried to talk Carmelo into waiting until a group came to help us build Vickys house, The Holy Spirit won the battle when He said to just build it now because the days are short and God wants to bless Vicky NOW not next year. Who am I to try to delay the blessings God wants to pour out on people? I want ,what I want God to do and I don't want to wait. I want it NOW! But that's what were here for. To have God live His life through us, and do whatever He says to do, when he says to do it.
   So we started Building Vickys house on Gods timetable yesterday, and we had a great day. Even though we didn't start until after 10am we got all the walls up, the rafters and purlins on even as I'm sitting here wasting time, Carmelo is probably putting the roof on. The picture of the old house is Vickys sons, and it is pretty nasty. No doors or windows, the floor floods when it rains, and animals could just walk right in at night. The sad thing is, or was, is that Vickys house was ten times worse than this one, but we had to tear it down to make room for the new one. So she should be in her new home by Saturday, and she can enjoy it for a month longer than " I " planned.
   Phil and Maryanne are are their way to the mountain villages in southern Mexico to do the Christmas backpack programs that they do every year. We are going to join them next year, so anyone wanting to come next December, lo siento, we won't be here, Lord willing. Paula and Ruthy have wrapped over three hundred gifts for the women in the colonia, and they are working on the kids gifts. We are planning on giving out over five hundred gifts to the children this Christmas Season.


As the warm sun shines here in South Texas, those faithful and loving servants of God from One Family One Purpose are busy building a house for the Timmerman Family in Beaver Crossing Nebraska. This years project for OFOP is going quite well without us being there getting in the way of " real builders". These guys and gals are rockin it. Go to their web site. to see the progress of building a home for a family that lost their home in a tornado earlier this year. Three days in an it's framed, sided, under roof and the heat is probably blowing if I know these guys.
   Many people have asked people that return from a missions trip with us here in Mexico, " how come you don't do that for people in the U.S.? Well the question to these guys from the Carpenters Crew turned into a challenge and they met the challenge big time. This is the fourth house they have built for disaster stricken families with no or inadequate insurance coverage. Missouri, Iowa, Oklahoma, and now the State of Nebraska has been blessed by OFOP. These guys get it! We wern't born to survive, we were born to thrive, and thrive they do by reaching out to those in need, wherever the need. I am proud to have them as friends and we always make it a point as part of our giving to help cover the cost of the homes they build. To God be the Glory for what they have done.
   It always comes back to the question, what on earth are you doing for heavens sake??? As we look back on the past year, I always stand in awe of God and His provision. Another 22 houses built this year, millions of meals of food past through our hands into the hands that needed a meal, 1000 bibles given out, bicycles, backpacks,solar systems, clothes, and most of all, I believe that we loved on the " least of these" that God has assigned us to with the love that God has put in our hearts. We don't do it all perfectly, far from it, but we do trust God to take our lives, that we put into His hands, and use us however and wherever He wants.