When God does something so out of the box, we must boast about His provisions. We arrived in Chicago a few days before church. On Sunday, most of my family was there with us. My sister Pam flew up from Florida,  so Paula and I could baptize her that afternoon. What a joyous occasion to share with family and friends who came.
  Pam leaned over to me at church and said, "for the first time, I understand all the Pastor is saying." The Holy Spirit is alive and inside of her. How Awesome!!!
  Monday, we took delivery of a newer R.V. that some partners bought us!!!! What? Yes, we have been traveling in our 22 year old R.V.  Some time ago, we told some friends who are going through hard times, a stroke, a car accident, other health issues, if God ever provides us with a newer RV, we would give them ours. Well, God gave us one, so I drive our old one to Tennessee and  have it to them, and then flew back to Chicago . Some friends even donated air miles to make the one way fight home.
  So why is God so good to us? I believe it's because we don't ignore the Holy Spirits instructions on giving to those in need. The widow with 11 kids, a 9 year old with leukemia, whose parents lost their job, house, all because of Kaleys health issues.
  It's been a great few weeks up here, we held our annual pizza party at Moraine Valley Church, about 60 people came to hear about what's going on in Mexico. We drove to Carthage,  Illinois and spent a couple days at Rick and Diane Balmers. Rick helped me fix the lights on the tow dolly, and then fried catfish for dinner. We attended Laharpe Christian Church Sunday , and then had a cookout at Roy and Carla Days.
  Today, we leave for Colorado to help Kelly move out of her apartment and into a Condo in Breckenridge. Her heart is in the mountains. Then we head home, finally!!!!
  Thanks for the prayers and support.


  It's always such a joy to spend some time on the road , with family, with friends, and partners. After leaving last Monday , with the goal of visiting Angie and her 11 kids in South Carolina. A text from Paula to announce our arrival on Wed for a visit, led to disappointment . They're not there! They're at family camp for the week. Bummer! Where's camp I asked Paula? Murphysboro Tennessee she said. Paula, not really knowing our itinerary,  me neither, that's where we're going to attend Maverick and Addys wedding Saturday.  How convenient! God knows everything about everything. He works all things out for good. We were able to stop for at camp for a few hours and visit. Soo good to see them. It's been 3 years.
  We drove to Alan and Lynnea Wells house a couple hour drive from Murphysboro. They've been living in Tennessee since selling their house in IL. We spent the night, did our laundry, played a round of golf, headed back to Murphysboro for the wedding.  We met Angie and the kids for breakfast , headed to the wedding , and then on to meet Kristin ,Larry and the kids in Gatlinburg at a campground.
  We've been blessed with this time together . Seeing the sites, and many sites there are in this area. I haven't been here in 45years. We haven't been in the actual wilderness of the area, too many distractions , go carts, restaurants, shops. No time for hiking.
  We head out today,  visit Shawn and Carla Estes Church tonight in Glasgow, Kentucky.  Head to Chicago to spend a week or so.
  We'll be at Moraine Valley Church Sunday, invite all for pizza night, Wednesday the 15th at 7pm at Moraine Valley Church. But before that, we have the honor of baptizing my sister Pam Sunday afternoon. What an exciting time for her and us. 30 years of waiting for her to surrender to Christ.