Last Saturday was Dianas Quincinera held at Pastor Proconos church. After the service was a fiesta at thier house in the colonia. Sunday I went back to the colonia to lyllend a hand welding the water tower together before Scott and Tom headed back to Austin. Wes and Ruben did the welding as Carmelo and I just held the sides up until welds could be made. Steel is very expensive in Mx. we spent over two thousand dollars on the steel alone to build the tower and next week we'll get the huge water storage tank and weld a strap to hold it on the tower so we can stand it all up at once with a crane. Thanks to all of you that helped fund this awesome project that will bless many families for many years. Jesus started by challenging us to give a cup of cold water in His Name, but we can and should do much more than the minimum that God asks of our lives. One cup is the starting point for everyone to DO something. Radical lives go far beyond the minimum, so again, we have to thank our partners for living radically before the King.


Last Thursday we took our computer to a company that was going to backup our data, clean junk out and re-install our data, and poof, everything was gone. All ouR data, our mailing and supporters info, personal files, everything gone. I knew I should have done everything on a leger in my own handwriting, just like I do with all of our ministry expenses. I hate computers, and don't trust them, IT IS THE BEAST OF REVELATION. On the good side of life, we bought the materials for the water tower and Scott and Tom drove down from Austin and we welded it all together on Sunday on site and we hope to attatch the tank and stand it up this week along with another tank and tower that have been donated by the Reynosa water company. It's in another colonia and we'll have to dissasemble it and truck it over to the colonia, rent a crane to stand it and the other one up on the same day. Roy and Rebecca are back and they brought us our 12,000 watt propane generator to power our house in Mx , if we ever build it, otherwise we might hook it up at our house on this side and if a hurricane ever wipes out power, we'll have back up.


Our drive to Paulas Moms was uneventful and we encountered no problems traveling on the roads in Mexico. We left with Phil and Mary, the directors of Mexico Missions and followed them to San Lois Potosi and spent the night in a Holiday in there. A 6 hour drive to Tejupilco from there and we arrived at about 3 in the afternoon. We saw many military convoys and Federal Police road blocks insuring the safe travel of the general public. Paulas' Mom was so happy to see us and the time there was a blessing to us and them. We gave out several tracts and bibles to many family members and being able to pray with many of them was a real joy. The whole area there was greener than we ever saw it before because of a lot of rain and the mountain passes we drove through were breath taking. We wish we could have stayed longer 4 days of driving and only four days there, next time we'll plan ahead instead of a last minuete trip. We prayed and cried over Mom before we left. I don't understand why God keeps her around but I'm not supposed to. 94 years on this Earth and she still cares about and prays for all of the family. We stayed at the same hotel on the way home and saw thousands of soldiers driving north toward the border towns. Maybe an end to the Cartel siege on Mexico will end soon. We stopped in the colonia on our way home to see Carmelo and Ruth and to drop off all the plants we brought back. Two Pastors came yesterday for food and medical supplies for thier congregations in Mexico.


We are leaving this morning to visit Paulas Mom about 800 miles south of here in Mexico. Phil and Mary from Mx. Missions are here and driving to Vera Cruz, Mx and we thought it best to convoy with them. They have thousands of bible tracks and we have cases of bibles to give out. A last minuet decision to go with them usually means God is up to something spectacular so we'll just go by faith and not fear travel in Mx.


So often we forget the camera or just forget to take pictures while doing different things in Mexico, but rest assured, we were very busy all week. Carmelo and Brawlio started a foundation for Pedro, we helped a single Mom with a baby crib, blankets,and food for her family. We bought a few bikes for men that needed transport to get to work. Bob Georgia and Mike drove from Houston to do some prep work for their November outreach to the whole valley, where thousands will attend and hear the gospel. Today, the POWER TEAM, which stands for purposeful outreach with eternal results, came to check out our work in the colonia and possibly join with us with some work projects while their teams are in the area early next year. We toured the colonia and then had lunch at La Differente' in Reynosa with Dave, Mark, Bob, David, Carmelo, Ruth and of course Caleb and Mimi. It was a real joy to hear of all the work they do along the border, from Del Rio to Matamoras. when we understand what Gods call is on our life, then there is no need to fear what the results of doing the will of God is verses hearing it, and not doing it! We also want to rejoice at the home-going of Naomi Block this past week, she is the Mom of a good friend from church, and Dan said she had 14 worship songs picked out for her funeral.