We left real early Friday morning for Big Heart Orphanage in the mountains. I'm really getting to love the 3-1/2 hour drive. Paula, Sergio, China , and Mary Lou made the trip with me. Clouds and drizzle came to an end as we drove through the mountains . As the sun broke through, it was beautiful.
  As we arrived at the orphanage,  the guys were already mixing concrete. Sergio and I joined the fun, scooping Rock and sand and tossing it into the mixer.
  Lunch, more concrete, assembled the Ping Pong table I bought for them. Took everyone to dinner to celebrate Paula's birthday.
  We returned Saturday instead of Sunday, because a couple needed a ride back to Reynosa .Yesterday we went to Melodys Orphanage to celebrate Jaimes birthday.


  Tomorrow well leave around 6am for Big Heart Orphanage in the mountains. Today Paula's sewing class had a party for Paula. The girls made our favorite, chicken and mole'.
  I bought another ping pong table to take out to the orphanage . 3 ping pong tables for 3 orphanages this month. The kids love em.
  Travis Caywood delivered the rice we bought and some donated beans from Power Ministry. The phone started ringing from other ministries needing beans and rice. I posted some pictures and they saw the post. Thousands of people will enjoy the food.


  Unbeknownst to me, people actually read our blog from time to time. I've asked a few times to send me an email if you read the blog, and I got 0 responses, so I thought nobody read it. But over the last few days we've gotten a  few donations in response to my posting that our 2018 income was down 50%. It was in fact down that much, but wholly responsible was group cancellations and the money to build 15 or 20 houses at $ 5000.00 each, and the room and board housing money that teams also donate to the ministry. So although we would love to have teams start joining us in helping the poor and the orphans God has placed in our way,  we will continue doing what God directs us to.
  We so appreciate all the support we get that enables us to help and feed so many. Just last week,  we purchased  $1600.00 worth of blankets to help some of the caravan migrants, and people in Saltillo Mexico. Friday, I bought two new ping pong tables and gave them to two orphanages. One guy texted me and said that it must be fun to be able to give so much away, and it is, but it's God who provides the funds to do it. I just get the privilege of giving His money away.  So thanks a million times over for allowing God to use your donations to help so many, and change so many lives with the Good news of the Gospel .


  As winter comes to and end, our clocks get changed, trees bloom, our orange trees have the most delicious smells filling our yard. I love the change from winter to spring. How about you?
  While we try to navigate through a new season of ministering to the poor and the orphans God has placed in our way.  We just keep walking by faith and trust the Holy Spirits instructions. Today we're heading back to Big Heart Orphanage in the mountains to join Project Fortify Ministries with their group coming to spend the week working at the orphanage. We're taking beans, rice, blankets, bibles, and some other things to give away in a poor colonia in Saltillo .
  We want to make a trip to Micheocan Mexico to deliver beans and rice to Jorge and Selina pastors of a church down there, and also a few days visit to Paula's family.
  Just delivered our info to the accountant to prepare our tax return. Income for last year down 50% due to groups cancelling their trip to serve the poor in Mexico. Fear really is a Liar and we need to confront the lies. We're thankfull to be debt free and able to navigate through this time. God is faithful and always provides.



  Sergio and I loaded the van with a new water pump needed at Big Heart Orphanage in the mountains near Saltillo Tuesday. We also loaded up the van with other stuff Gator needed. Of course we arrived in time to eat Mexican food in Ramos Arizpe. After lunch Sergio worked on one of the trucks at the orphanage and we installed the new pump that supplies water to the bunk houses that Fortify Ministries needs for their two teams coming this week and next.
  Dianna rode back with us Wednesday morning to Reynosa. We had an hours line at the border. We had dinner with the Power Ministry guys Thursday night,  Friday I picked up hundreds of donated coats and we got them all across the border.
  Saturday I spent the day with Power visiting several ministries,  churches and orphanages as well. We purchased hundreds of tooth brushes, paste, bars of soap, and other health items for the caravan migrants staying at Sende De Vida in Reynosa. Juice boxes for all the kids. The next day we took hundreds of coats to the migrants from Honduras and Guatemala staying at Sende De Vida, along with bottles of shampoo for all.
  Yesterday we took the rest of the coats across and sorted them at the Community Center. We'll be taking them to Micheocan Mexico next week, and hopefully see the monarch butterflies nearby.

  The food outreach on Friday instead of Saturday still brought 125 families to the Community Center in spite of the rain. A great time of worship led by David Garcia. Jaime brought the word, Paula had clothes to give, Roy and Carla piled 200 shoe box gifts up, the food was all spread across several tables. It was another great outreach meeting the physical and spiritual needs of the people.
  After the people left, we headed to Lourdes and Lupitas house to dedicate it. A challenge for them to surrender to God's pursuit of them. God has blessed them with this house because of His love for them.
  Roy and Carla left Saturday morning to head back to the cold. It was great to have them if for only a few days.
  Sergio and I drove to Big Heart Orphanage in the mountains near Saltillo Tuesday to deliver a water pump to replace a broken one. Sergio worked on a broken vehicle while we fixed the water system. Carla and Dianna prepared a great meal. Shawn and Carla have 2 groups of 30 plus people coming to Big Heart over the two weeks.
  I spent yesterday with the Power Ministry guys driving to many different ministries they support. I will be joining Power on week three of their missions trips at the end of the month. We stopped at Sam's Club in Reynosa for much needed hygiene products and other things to take to the caravan migrants staying at Sende De Vida in Reynosa. Juice boxes for all the kids plus soccer balls. A great day.