When we heard that our partners in Ministry were going to be building a home for a mentally challenged couple in Oquaka, Il during the week we would be in the Chicago area, I just knew that we had to join them, at least for a day and help. Yesterday I drove the 3 and half hours to Oquaka Il to watch a miracle unfold. The Wards lost their home to a fire several months ago and have been living in tent where their house used to be. This couple is what most people would call," the undesirables" in society. They are mentally challenged and really don't much care about anything except their chickens, dogs and cats that live with them.They are dirty, smelly, and even a little crude. My kind of people!!
    Pat Peterson and his brothers Quinten and Kenny organized the whole thing and 40 people showed up yesterday to BE THE MIRACLE to a couple that the county just wanted to discard and get rid of. They are a constant thorn in the flesh of the community they live in and no one even lifted a finger to help them after they lost their home several months ago. But God had some children that are equipped with the heart of compassion and actually got out of the pew in church and did something. They presented a plan to the county to build a small home for the couple and the powers that be said the house had to have a minimum square footage and no mobile homes. I drove through town yesterday and there are mobile homes everywhere, but they said no to this couple thinking these "Good Samaritans" would give up on the project. But God provided everything they needed to build the 24 X 32 foot 1 bedroom home and all these people showed up and showed off their gifts and talents and when I left yesterday, the house was 80 percent complete. They have several thousand dollars over the cost of the build and are donating it to the local food bank and community outreach center.
     Pray for the couple as they see Jesus in action through theses gifted servants. They need Jesus to change their lives and give them hope in the midst of their circumstances. Pray also for the people that have been watching all of this unfold before their eyes and realize that Jesus is alive and is compassionate towards those who have needs and need Him.

TIME TO GET OUT OF THE HEAT # I HATE PACKING ( I always forget something)

   First I want to thank the Lord for the Favor He bestows upon us all the time. Our good friend Theresa came down from San Antonio with Carin and brought many gifts for the people in the colonia as well as some great food from her sons catering business. Several people have come the last few days for food for their ministries and we are so blessed to be able to provide them with all the beans and rice they need. The gift we received to cover the cost of the two truck loads of beans just blows me away. They have arrived in Harlingen and we will pick them up when we return home. Just think, One Million meals worth of beans!!!
   Parting is always such sweet sorrow as we said so long to our good friends in the colonia. Paula made a cake for Carmelos birthday next week. The grass is all cut, thanks to Sergio that came and changed the oil in all the vehicles and then cut the half of the yard that I didn't while we were in Mexico yesterday. Fellow servants coming along side of us to bless us.
    I think I jammed enough clothes into my suitcase to last the trip. It is so much easier to take the R.V. on a road trip, then we can bring everything, including our cat Shadow. But we're flying and looking forward to spending some time with Kristin and Kelly also when she fly's in from Colorado on Thursday, to celebrate Kristins birthday and attend Eric and Katies wedding. The 25 of Sept is also the first day of the Shemitah Year, followed by the Year of Jubilee in 2016. Prophetic? I think it is very significant. Give me a call and I'll share with you about it.
   We made an invite to join us for lunch after church Sunday on Facebook and only had a couple responses, so we are going to attend the donors luncheon at church for the High School Group that came down in August instead. That will great to see everyone and meet their parents and supporters and hear their personal stories from the trip. We look forward to seeing our friends and supporters in church this Sunday and possibly the next as well.


Yesterday Paula and I worked out butts off in the yard, on the roof, and then enjoyed a huge Mexican style hamburger at Big Daddys in Pharr. I had to cut the acre of grass with a push mower, because the tractor is broken. All of the rain last weekend sprung a few leaks in the metal roof flashing, so I got that fixed as well. Sergio came over and changed the oil in all of our vehicles, what a blessing he is. We supply their ministry in Mexico with beans and rice, and he keeps all our vehicles in working order.
   It is always so busy right before we leave town for anything, and this week is no exception. We are in the process of pouring the foundation for Carlos and his family, and today Carmelo and the boys got it poured and were finishing up when we arrived. The wood will be delivered tomorrow and the boys will build their first house without us being there. I really believe, that as God continues to provide the funds for building homes when we don't have a team to build it, that these guys can handle it on their own.
   We are looking forward to our trip to Chgo, but it will be to short I'm sure. We changed our flight and are coming in a few days early and are planning on driving to western Illinois and help out with a building project for a very needy family in Oquaka, Illinois. The couple has been living in a tent on their property since their home burnt down several months ago. No insurance, no money and they are both handicapped as well, sounds like the perfect family to watch God provide for. And He is !!! God is always putting opportunities in front of His children to be a blessing. So often we pray, " O Lord bless me, bless my finances, bless my family, bless my children, bless my car, bless my house, bless my vacation, and give me travel mercies as I waste your money on stupid stuff. Well I say bless my ass!!! BE THE BLESSING!!! Don't ask for a blessing, ask to be used to bless others. Just as these servants are doing. You see a need , MEET IT, DON'T THINK, JUST DO IT. well maybe they deserve whats happening you say, or why don't they help themselves. No that's why God created you and me. If anyone wants to go with us and help, were going to leave early Tuesday morning and return that night. Remember who your dealing with, every thing is subject to change without notice! Give me a call- 708-528-4622.



   We finally started Carlos and Virginia's' house after they had torn down the old one. Unfortunately for them, the rain started yesterday and hasn't let up much since. I'm sure the guys got some of the foundation done, but Carlos and his family are going to be staying at the neighbors for a while. It will be several days before we can get the ready mix truck in there, and they are calling for rain every day next week. Oh well the fact remains that the family is getting a house, just as soon as we can get it built, and that's the blessing. Carlos accepted Christ as his Savior back in January when the Carpenters Crew (mature team) built a house for their neighbor. He had helped us all week and on dedication day, he bowed his head, and his knee and got saved!!! If it keeps raining, Carmelo, Zacharias, and Tommy will have to build the house alone because Paula and I are leaving for Chicago  in a week or so. If the rain keeps up, we might change our flight and leave earlier.
    Our two truck loads of beans were picked up by two Wal-Mart trucks this week in North Dakota and should be here pretty soon. Well not here meaning our house, but delivered to The Way of the Cross Ministry in Harlingen because I didn't know when they were coming and besides, we gave one whole truck load to them anyhow, so it made more sense to have them both delivered there. You don't want to make it hard for the trucking company that just donated 7 thousand dollars worth of transportation services. Yep that's right, Wal Mart donated the transportation. So lets see if I can blow your mind concerning Luke 6 vs 38, AGAIN!! "GIVE, AND IT SHALL BE GIVEN BACK TO YOU". I got a call from Ken in Chicago from Hope Development, a like minded ministry, feeding the poor and spreading the gospel all over the world. He asked if I had any money to buy some very cheap beans in N.D. He said it would be $ 6600.00 dollars per load. I said it would take quite a while to raise fourteen thousand dollars, plus transportation. He said if I could raise the money for one load, he would donate the other. Well Praise the Lord, I can do that. I already had about 5 thousand dollars saved for beans, and surly God can provide the rest!! I called Ben at The Way of the Cross Ministry and asked if he needed any beans? He said he didn't have any and they are planning a Celebrate Jesus Fest in Nov and would need beans for the 30 thousand people that will come. I told him that I would like to donate a whole truck load to his ministry, Silence!! Then I told him about the buy one get one free offer, and he would be blessed with the free load of beans and I would pay for mine. I asked if he had any money for the transport and he said he did not, but he would call our mutual friend Bob and see what he could do and wouldn't you know, Bob called his contact at Wal- Mart and walla more of Gods Favor!
    I called Ken the other day to tell him that the beans were picked up and on their way here. I also inquired about our paying for the one load. I asked if he would wait and I'll see him in Chgo in a few weeks and give him a check. He asked if I had all the money. I said that between the donations we saved for beans and rice and money from our personal support that we had enough to pay for the beans. Ken said, " I'll tell you what brother, why don't I just send you a donation to cover the cost of the beans and then you can pay for them with my donation and use the money you have to build houses and spread the gospel!!!!! YOU CAN'T OUTGIVE GOD MAN, I'M TELLIN YOU!!!! I'M TRYING AND I CAN'T DO IT!!! So I sowed a whole truck load of beans into another ministry and God gave me mine for free as well!!!

IS IT JUST ME ??????

Is it just me or does time seem to be flying by at flurry? There is never enough time in the day to get done what we need to, or so it seems. The bible says that in the last days, that time would be shortened, is this what God meant? Not that time would be decreased, but that everything would seem to go so fast, it almost makes your head spin. I have just finished doing my taxes for last year, thank God for extensions! I kept thinking, Oh I have time, and now, time is up! Procrastinating is one of my spiritual gifts, but I have been learning more and more, not to procrastinate when God wants you to do something. The Holy Spirit is always guiding and directing our lives and our actions, so being more sensitive to His leading brings some huge blessings and benefits.
   I just read an article on Jews News, that reports that ISIS has positioned themselves in Mexico, across from El Paso, Texas. They are ready, and we are asleep at the border. Two days to 9/11. Are the Assyrians of old going to be used by God to spank America again? Yes I said again! The Assyrians which is what ISIS is, were responsible for 9/11 and the destruction of Israel 2500 years ago when God sent them to judge the nation for turning their back on God, Just as America has. We have poked our finger in Gods eye for too long and I believe this is it!
   4 Blood Moon all falling on Jewish feast days, The 7 year cycle of the Shemitah, Elul 29 on the Jewish calendar, The peace agreement being considered in the Israeli/ Palestinian war. Putin running ruff shot over Ukraine, 18 trillion in debt, thousand and thousands of illegals pouring across our border, and the Govt won't tell anyone where all these people are. Need I say more? And yet, every one I talk to has never paid any attention to any of this and has no knowledge of any of this. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!
  I guess I just wanted to let you know, because the bible says that" my people perish, because of a lack of knowledge". Search out these things and see if they are not so. Take the time away from your cell phone and your closed doors and your so called "life"  and spend time in Gods word.


Last night we invited the two Christian families that needed to be reconciled after an issue arose about the water distribution. David and his son David Jr. handle the daily routine of opening and closing the water valves in different sections of the colonia to insure everyone gets water every week. Well Naftalie and his Wife Esa go to work early in the morning and are not home to fill their barrels on "their day". They leave the gate unlocked to allow Jr to fill the tanks for them and when it is locked, he can't fill them. They ran out of water and headed to Davids house to confront them and an argument ensued, leaving one family without water and the other wounded by the word spoken.
   We invited them all to a meal at our house last night and witnessed how God wants us to deal with issues within the body. There was confession, repentance, forgiveness and restoration. When you choose to do things Gods way, He shows up!! How many times have we wounded someone with our words, or been wounded and just blow it off and never seek reconciliation? I know I have, and sometimes it festers for years and the Holy Spirit keeps moving us toward reconciliation, and until it is dealt with, Gods way, it will continue to eat our lunch.
   On another front, God has put before us two families that lost their homes due to a fire last month. The fire started in one house and burned both to the ground when the flames spread. We have spoken to one of the families and told them to pray for the funds to re-build. Both families are staying with family members until such a time as God provides the funds and He will!! He always does!! Proverbs says that the poor cry out and gives you and I an opportunity to be the answer to their prayers, so THANK YOU for being part of what God does through us to meet the needs of these special people.
   There has always been a huge need for the kids in the colonia to further their education beyond grade school and many choose not to. That is all changing now as the RHOI Foundation and their partners are building a high school in the colonia to meet that need. They are pouring the foundation today and will start building it next week. We are always glad to be part of anything that meets the needs of the poor. PTL!!!!


Carmela and Zacharias have been living together for a few years in a house we built for another family several years ago and they bought it two years ago. They both started going to church and both accepted Jesus Christ as Savior. Two months ago we baptized both of them in the canal with several other people from a few different churches. It was a great day. Well as we got to know them better, they told us that that were not married. We asked them what was preventing them from getting married and the response was that " that they could not afford to get married". We told them that they could not afford "not" to get married, and that God takes sexual sin very seriously.So Saturday after a two month engagement, they were married in the Community Center with about a hundred people present to witness the event.
    We bought a few dresses at the resale shop for Carmela and she picked out the one she wore, complete with a beautiful train. Several people helped decorate and prepare all the food, Pastor Victor officiated the service, Tasty treats in Mccallen donated one of the cakes and we bought the chicken, paid for the permit and civil service. So all told, the whole wedding, dress, food, drinks, band,  rings, decorations and everything else, costed about $500.00. Well worth the price to see the joy on their faces as the day unfolded.
     So we believe that by doing the "right " thing and getting married, that God will bless their lives together and reveal His plan and assignment for them as a couple. You know it always costs you something to be part of Gods plan for other people, and I believe we are entering a time when everything that we "trust in" apart from dependency on God is going to be stripped away. God is getting ready to "shake" the so called church out of their complacency. I go through Facebook and see some people so self absorbed and life is all about me, myself and I, and very little about reaching out to a lost and dying world with the Gospel and a helping hand. Jesus said that if you "really " want to be my Disciple, you have to DENY yourself and follow Me.