Well after two and a half years of just starting the engine on the R.V. to keep everything working, we blew the dust off of Bessy, hooked Paulas' car up behind it and hit the road for an extended visit to attend two weddings in the next 40 days. As I write this, we are about 300 miles south of Chicago in a campground. We left home yesterday afternoon and aftre burning about 200 gallons of gas, we decided to spend the rest of the day here near Rend Lake and drive on up tommorrow. The R.V. runs great and it sure is a nice way to travel. We'll put some pictures of our last day in Mx as we said goodbye to our friends there and then had dinner at the Kincaids. Carmelo and Beto will be able to do a lot of thier own work while were gone and hopefully get my truck fixed as well. We've been trying to call ya'll and let you know when were there, but I'm sure we'll meet up. Thanks for the prayers


After many years of prayer, Javier, Erica and thier two precious girls opened the door to a brighter future and a new home. They were both overwhelmed with emotion as they placed the key in the door and Javier swept his wife into his arms and carried her accross the threshold. It has been a long hot week of building and we have been blessed to share in this wonderful gift from God. As I shared with the family about the importance of maintaining thier relationship with God thru Jesus Christ, I could see something in Javiers face that could only be described as a humbling. I think he knows he needs to go deeper with God and we promised him we will walk with him in his journey. Maria and Luz are so cute and thier smiles light up the world. Again we couldn't build these houses without the help of Carmelo and Beto and thier wives. As we prepare to head for Chicago, I miss them already. We are looking forward to the time off, I had an MRI on my left knee in Mexico Tuesday, and the Minuscus is torn and needs rest to avoid any kind of surgery. Paula smashed her finger and needs the healing touch of God as well. Pray for us as we travel and healing for our tired bodies.


As the concrete poured out of the truck and down the 20 foot makeshift shoot and into the foundation, Ericka and her kids applauded as thier prayers were being answered. No longer will dirt and mud be the place where thier feet will trod. No longer will rain pour into thier house and soak everything they own. No longer will the kids be wet and cold in the winter months and be eaten by mosquitos as they sleep when it's hot. No longer will the chickens and turkeys have open access to thier house. No longer will Javier and Ericka have to cry out to God for a house, free from the effects of the elements. Life is going to be different from now on. Life is going to be better. Thier life in the colonia is never going to be like it has been for the last four years. Thier life is being touched by the love of God expressed thru generous people, sharing thier lives and money to make this change possible. All heaven applaudes those who sacrifice even a cup of water given in the name of Jesus Christ. And without the help of those men in the photo, this would not be done. GRACIAS SENIOR PARA TODO. THANK YOU LORD FOR EVERYTHING


While we went to the Colonia to share Mothers Day gifts for a few moms in the colonia, they blessed me by singing happy birthday in espaniol of course when we arrived. It's only once every seven years my birthday is on Mothers Day in the states, but no matter what day of the week, May 10th is Mothers Day in Mx. So we brought some chicken and salad and spent the day with friends in Mx. Thanks for the texts and well wishes for my B-day. 53 used to be old, but now that I'm there, it's young. We spent the rest of the week searching out a family to build the next house for and Javier, Ericka and thier two kids Maria and Luz are Gods choice to pour out his blessings on. A few neighbors will help tear down the old house and build the foundation, so we can build the house next week. We had a couple from church tell us they wanted to bless a family with a house, in honor of thier anniversary, so when we return from Chicago, they will aid us in selecting the family.


Last March, some friends from Hancock Michigan were here and while building a house in the colonia, Geraldo and Maria Del Carmen helped every day paint and build with the team as they saw some friends recieve the blessing of a new house. We had built them a foundation by faith in Feb. and were waiting for God to provide the money. Well the team left a few hundred dollars toward thier house and Wed, Geraldo carried his wife across the threshold of thier new home after some donations specific for a house were sent. Carmelo and Beto helped build the house as usual and we were all blessed to be a part of another families answer to prayer. Thursday we hooked up the water well pump in the canal and pumped water for several families to wash thier clothes in. We built a fliter system out of sand and gravel, and the canal water comes out clean out of the spicket. We will continue to pump water for other families this week. A new ministry unfolds as the need presents itself. Saturday we took the rest of the backpacks we had left over to a colonia near Rio Bravo, Mx and blessed about 50 more kids with the great things donated. We also loaded up tons of clothes and the women enjoyed thier gifts as well. We had a bible lesson for the kids and some children accepted Christ as thier Savior. A stop at the grocery store to bless Carmelo and Ruth as well as Beto and Lucy. We told them to fill up carts with as much food as they wanted and then we stopped at the meat store for some steak and chicken. We love seeing God use these two families to reach the people in the colonia and pray Gods blessings on them and consider them co partners in ministry and part of the support money we recieve is used to provide for some of thier needs. Muchas Gracias to all for sharing in so many lives
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