OK, Bruce went to Chicago IL, to visit family and friends and I had to stay back because some of the kids that we sponsored to go to school, wanted me to be present for their graduation day, (they are so sweet)! so I will join him July 9th. I am looking forward to visiting with all of you back home! What a Lord we serve! He never ceases to give us blessings over blessings . When I arrived in Nopalera, two Doctors from Reynosa that we met a few weeks ago, wear already there, we fixed a place for them to give free medical consultation to the people, after they got their food. We also told everyone that the public baths were going to be open again and that everyone was welcome to use them. Last month Bruce challenged the people to become givers and to share what was given to them with someone that was less fortunate than them. Today when I asked who did such thing, 5 hands went up, I asked them to please stay. After most people were gone I asked them, how did it feel to be able to help others? They answered GOOOOD!!! so I said, because you gave, God is glorified, because of His mercy and grace we can give you something extra. Some other people that hung around asked, can we have the extras too? I said sure! when you start giving, God will also give you more. Their heads went down and walk away, It reminded me when Jesus told the rich man to go and sell everything and give it to the poor, He was also sad and walk away. Some times we forget how blessed we are, God loves us so much and gives us more than what we need, perhaps, because He wants to see if we will share those blessing with others? I think YES!

Thank you Lord for the many blessings

Can you see the rain? it finally rain! in TX.
Volunteer Dr's from Reynosa joining, to help the poor
Message about Gods love and grace
Thank you for the food
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Elizabeth's new baby
Flor's baby is getting big
Our ABF class helping bag food for MX.
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You don't have to be a missionary to take advantage of the opportunities to help those in need that come across your path everyday, you just have to be observant. If you ask God in the morning to give you an opportunity to be a blessing to someone that day, I guaranty results. Put $50 bucks in your pocket and watch what God does when your available to be used, and your money is available as well. This week was not a week that a whole lot building was done in the colonia, just a week of filling the truck with food and driving to the farther parts of the colonia and blessing them. I also spent many hours doing last years taxes, so I can take everything to Chicago at the end of the month. While sitting there staring at all of the numbers on my ledger, I was blown away at how God provided for us last year and opened the door for to be in a position to feed the multitudes with the new house and warehouse. Every dollar that was donated, God used, to bless those in Mexico and we were privileged and blessed enough to send a little support money to 15 different ministries around the world. When I was in working in Chicago and making a lot more money than I do now, I gave proportionately less to Gods work around the world, I figured it was the churches job to support missionaries, so I gave to the church. Wrongo bucko, now that we support the efforts of others in the mission field, God takes care of us. WHAT WE MAKE HAPPEN FOR OTHERS, GOD MAKES HAPPEN FOR US!! How about adopting a missions family this week? Find one and do it!


A week has gone by since we built Natalies' house but the team left the money to put a screen door on, buy some much needed plastic barrels to store water in, and a few other items they wanted to bless the family with and so, IT IS FINISHED! We also dropped by to see Laticia and Ledy over in colonia Alacranz and see how they were doing. They were both home, so we were able to get the money shot of Ledy carrying his bride over the threshold. The house was kinda hot and they hung a tarp to block the sun a little. It is a shame, because when I met the family, we wanted to build the house turned the other way because of the design of the architectural students from Chicago made and it would have been more efficient turned away from the sun, but Ledy told my foundation crew to turn it the way it is now, not knowing the special design. The rest of the week had me taking food to a Friends ministry in Mission where he feeds many families every month, so we were just blessing those who bless others with the blessings we have received. Wyman has been in missions ministry over 50 years. He has founded several childrens homes in Mx and planted dozens of churches. We rebuilt his house in Alton about four years ago when His wife had some health issues, and he needed a functional house for her. And because of Wyman, we have been working in a colonia that He built a church in 6 years ago and the Pastor needed a home and God led us to the Colonia Nopelera to start the work He had prepared in advance for us to do. DIVINE CONNECTIONS AT THE APPOINTED TIME!!! Church and Sunday school were great today and I even played a much needed round of golf this afternoon, when a Pastor from Mexico cancelled picking up several skids of beans and rice until tomorrow. DAN, God is going to show His Favor over you.