LET US DO GOOD TO EVERYONE, ESPECIALLY TO THOSE OF THE HOUSEHOLD OF FAITH. It was such a joy on dedication day to hear Luciano and Eva expres thier gratitude toward God for the miracle of a house. Lately we have built houses for those who didn't know Christ as their Savior and as the building progressed they had all come to accept Gods free gift of salvation thru a relationship with Jesus Christ when they saw Gods love expressed in action by those that provided the funds to build the house, and those of us that physically built it. But when Luciano and Eva were able to share from the scriptures about Gods faithfulness, it is a special time of fellowship and oneness shared in the body of Christ. Eva and some friends from church prepared a wonderful meal for all of us and thier Pastor, Basillio and his wife came along with Pastor Victor and Erica and they both shared about Gods goodness. Evas girlfriends wept openly for the blessing thier friend had just recieved. Paula and Ruth decorated the house and we purchased them new beds, a table and a whole lot of household items they might need. PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW!! Paula, Ruth and Lucy spent hours preparing all the gifts for the celebration of Gods gift of children tommorrow and between the backpacks donated by Phil and Marrianne Chain from Mexico Missions in Cancun and the stuffed animals and piniatas, we are confident that no child will go untouched by Gods love tommorrow. So many people make what we do possible, so thank you so much for your partnership and love.


Yesterday we finished the house for Luciano and Eva and today we dedicated it with about twenty people present. The food outreach last Saturday was pretty special because we hadn't gotten enough donations to cover the cost of all the food, so Carmelo and Ruth spent about two hundred dollars to supply every family with sugar. The poor giving to the poor. Only Jesus could move a heart like that to give of what little money they had to help their neighbors. They are such a blessing to us and the people in the colonia. Our friend Raul spent his money on the 12 cases of cooking oil needed to supply all those that came. God is soo good to continue meeting the needs of the people here, it continually blows me away. Martha lives down the road a little ways and had a baby Sunday night, right there in the colonia and both are fine. We brought their battery home on Sat to charge it for them and when we brought it back, she had a baby boy to show us. Tradgedy hit our neighbor in the colonia last week. Their 21 year old son was in a serious car crash and lost half of one foot and his other leg is messed up bad. The hospital bills are huge, so a group of us gathered around them and prayed for a miracle for their son and a financial miracle for them. We gave them the money we had from Saturdays garage sale to help them, but it is only a fraction of what they need, so Pray for Eliazers healing por favor. Dan Castro arrived here yesterday from chgo and will spend the next week or so helping us out. The DAY OF THE CHILD is Sat and we have hundreds of packpacks filled with gifts for the kids, given to us by our friends at Mexico Missions. org and we'll get a couple of piniatas and grill a bunch of hot dogs for the kids special day. One more house to build and then my knee needs a break, it really hurts. We are looking forward to a month off in June to attend a few very special weddings in Chicago and visiting some good friends while there. ADIOS
Watching how their new home goes up
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Friday, we were finally able to finish Melquiades and Martinas' house. A week from start to finish, but with all the rain it really made for a slow build. Only a week and this sweet couple has a new house and the greater news is that while they have spent over sixty years on this earth without knowing where they would go if they were to die have settled that issue for time and eternity. no body had ever shared with them about salvation and eternal life found in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. As Paula spent some time laying out Gods plan of salvation to them, we called everyone over to pray for them and with them as they accepted Christ as their savior. We planned on dedicating the house Monday so we told them they were free to move their stuff in and we would dedicate it Monday and Martina made us Mole' and we brought the chicken. While Pastor Victor continues to install the stucco on Luciano and Eva's' house, the colored stucco is awesome. I spent the all day Saturday power washing my roof and it looks fantastic, however the severe sun burn I am suffering from on my back is killing me, and I'll never take my shirt off in this sun again.