We don't have to spend many of our days in Mexico helping those in need, WE GET TO! We don't have to have to spend the last Saturday of every month for the past seven years preaching the Gospel, handing out food, clothes, bibles and many other things to the people in Mexico, WE GET TO! We don't have to spend the resources God has blessed us with to build homes, provide water, sponsor kids for school, pay medical bills for needy people and provide forty other ministries with food for their ministries WE GET TO!! We don't have to die to the things of this world to live for our King, WE GET TO!! DO YOU GET IT? Come on  LET'S GO!!!!!


We actually had some rain here over the few days, and yesterday we were able to celebrate under David and Luzmas new porch while it rained, Awesome! While were celebrating Davids daughter Adreas birthday yesterday afternoon in Mexico, Rocket Rick Caywood was drivin down the road with a load of rice we just bought from Colorado County Rice Mill in Eagle Lake Texas. The demand for food is rising along the border and we just want to be able to keep meeting the needs. We have been so blessed by those of you that donate to our efforts to feed as many people as possible. The Junkin For Jesus Ministry in Stronghurst, IL sold enough scrape metal to buy the load of rice. What God does with what we put into His hands is, well is just what the Bible says, " pressed down and over flowing". I can remember when God gave us the instruction several years ago,to feed more people by canceling our medical insurance and buying more food. We have never run out of food to give away ever since, and all of our medical needs have been met. Praise God from Whom all Blessings Flow!!
   We had eleven visitors spend the night last night as they returned from their Missions Trip in Rio Bravo Mexico.Blake and Summer were hoping their baby would be born while in Mx to give him dual citizenship and property owner rights. But lo siento, he didn't enter the world this week. They have four kids now and Wes and Meagan have two. We really enjoyed their company and they helped unload the rice this morning before they left, and while the girls made us all a pancake breakfast. They blessed us with a very generous offering before we prayed for each other and they headed down the road. You see, God can get you money any time, any where you are just because He's good.
   I can't believe I have a cold, it hit me last night.


David and Luzma have three young adult children, Andrea, David, and Fernanda. They are missionaries to the people in the colonia from the State of Garreteno. They manage the two schools, facilitate many community outreaches, manage the water distribution, and attend almost all of our dedication ceremonies with their awesome worship and musical gifts. They have needed a roof over their porch for years and last week we started the project. We have attended several events at their house and belive me, it's hot on their deck. Every Saturday night, they show movies on the wall for anyone that would come. In spite of the 100 degree temperatures, Carmelo, Juan, Zacharias, and I have gotten everything ready for the roofing, which should be delivered sometime tomorrow. Working in that hot sun for the last three days sure takes the gas out of my tank. Hopefully the roofing will come later in the day, because after three or four in the afternoon, most of the area is shaded by their house and putting the roof on in the shade would be fine by me.
   David and Luzma have some very similar problems that we have in ministering to the people in the colonia. We never seem to be able to turn the corner of seeing the people really appreciate all that God does for them through people that truly care about them. Now there are some exceptions, but David Jr. is very discouraged by the attitudes of some people as he goes door to door helping them with the days water allotment. People actually get angry at him because they were not home when the water was turned on and the people don't work with their neighbors to make sure everyone gets water when they are not home.We can relate to that as well, as sometimes people get angry at us if they miss the day we hand out the food. We're always willing to give it to them whenever they come, but we have been doing it on the last Saturday of the month for seven years now. We just remind ourselves to not be weary in well doing, for in due season we will reap a harvest if we faint not.
    Churches down here in Texas are mobilizing to help with the flood of illegals coming across the border. I posted the other day, that they didn't have a need for the beans and rice in our warehouse, that some local restaurants and food service companies were providing the needed food. Well many of the kids are getting sick from all the "fine" food they are bringing. These kids have eaten mostly beans and rice their whole lives and that's what they need now, not gringo food. So prayers are being answered to get these people help, and I'm so glad to see the churches getting involved, after all these people need Jesus and we are the Light of the world.


Everyone that names the Name of Jesus as their Lord and Savior can do something. I've tried to give food from our warehouse to no avail to help with feeding the multitudes of kids coming across the border. The Government is taking care of the food. Well how about personal hygiene needs, yea the government is taking care of that to! How about sleeping bags and other things needed to make them as comfortable as possible? Yea that's right, the government. If the government is so responsible, then why can't they be responsible about border security? That my friends is the fifty million dollar question! But, " THEY"RE HERE"
  So then what is the government not doing? They are not giving them the only thing, or should I say the only ONE that can truly make a difference. JESUS CHRIST. Paula and I stopped at dollar store yesterday and bought 50 pairs of flip flops to get to the kids. After wards I thought to myself, what is 50 pairs of flip flops going to do? Well it will give 50 kids flip flops. So if everyone that reads this does the same, we could bless a lot of kids. My daughter Kelly Hepburn  posted on Facebook, a plea to help us help the kids. I have several boxes of little story books about Jesus, given to us by our directors Phil and Marrianne Chain, when we passed through Oklahoma last month. One is called " THE HISTORY OF JESUS" and the other is " JESUS IN ME". All of them are going with the flip flops, and if they won't let the Gospel go with the flip flops, shame on them! Pray that the booklets will be well received by the border patrol and given the kids.
   We are in the process of building a  huge porch at David and Luz mars ministry house. They do all kinds of outreaches on their deck and show movies every Saturday night and have no shade for the people during the day. It's pretty big, 25' X 50' so it will take a few days to get er done. We are also expanding the roof on the Community Center for the same reason, HOT HOT HOT in the sun.


I had posted on Facebook, that I wish I could play a round of golf with my Dad today. He has been with Jesus for about 20 years now I guess. One of the greatest days in my life was kneeling down with Him as He  prayed to accepted Jesus Christ as His Savior. Two weeks latter, He had a heart attack and died in His sleep. We were in the planning stages of a golf trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina the next month, that obviously didn't happen. So I abhor anyone that still is blessed with having their Father in their lives to take some special time together and make a memory.
   A hot and busy week in the colonia, as we are still organizing 7 years of junk and misplaced tools in the new garage. The temps have been over 100 every day, so we work in the shade as much as possible.We are planning to start building a few homes in the near future as soon as we hear from God as to who is going to get them. We just wait upon the Lord as He always seems to guide us to those most in need.
   I'm sure most of you have heard about the crisis of all the children making their way across our border, with no where to go and uncertain about their future in the U. S. We are trying to make the necessary contacts to make sure they have enough food while in custody. Obama would not appropriate 150 million for more border security, but he has asked for 2 billion to take care of all the illegals flooding across our unsecured border. We still need to take care of them, so I'm asking God for favor to be part of the solution to meeting their needs. BE BLESSED TODAY AND REMEMBER TO BE A BLESSING TO SOMEONE, FOR THIS IS THE REASON YOU WERE CREATED.


Yesterday morning we headed over to Mexico to join three churches baptizing some of their members under the bridge in the canal. The service started at 11;30 and within a couple of hours, all 14 had been baptized. I don't think there is anything more special than watching new believers take that step of obedience in getting baptized. We knew several of the families there and had built some of them houses recently. We had the privilege of providing each person baptized with a new bible to commemorate the occasion. As is customary during most Christian gatherings, we had our fill of tamales that several people had brought. Please pray for our new brothers and sisters in Christ.
   We can't believe we have only been home a few days! It was only a week ago that we had our annual pizza party in Chicago, where over a hundred people attended. During that time, I asked anyone if they would like to share about how God provides for them as they are faithful in meeting the needs of the poor by partnering with us. Now I am well aware of many testimonies of our partners and was hoping a few would tell their stories. But after we returned home, I got a call from someone that has listened to me tell stories of our own encounters with God supplying our needs as we meet the needs of others. She had given me a check Sunday for $500.00 and was standing on proverbs 19 vs 17 that I had shared, " that He who gives to the poor, lends to the Lord and He will repay them." She called me the other day praising God for what He had done. A few totally unexpected checks came in the mail for over three thousand dollars. Now I hadn't even deposited the check in our account yet, but God, seeing her faith by writing the check, honored her faith.


What a great feeling to pull into the drive-way after a month long journey! We spent the morning cutting foot long grass before it got to hot. A few people stopped by for beans and rice, what a joy to start providing for the needs of others. A huge THANK YOU to all that donated to our work here and already the windows of heaven are open. A call from Woodie in Chicago has made it possible to get a truck load of frozen plums from Dallas. Roberto came for beans and rice and said the company he drives a semi truck for would probably be able to pick them up and bring them here. Gods Favor is already providing.
  We headed into Mexico late in the afternoon to visit Carmelo and Ruth and of course Mimi and Caleb. Many hugs and kisses when the kids came home from school. Carmelo built an awesome garage for all of our tools with a nice shaded carport as well. We brought Churches chicken over and enjoyed catching up on the things that have been going on since we left.
   A stop at the post office to empty the box of the mail that had been piling up. Next time I think I'll forward it, but it's all good. We need a few days to get caught up on paper work and more yard work. The trip home was good as we were able to stop by Dr, Clarks in Oklahoma City and get my teeth cleaned and pick up the portable dental lab that he had fixed while we were gone. Thanks Doc. We spent the night at Phil and Mariannes in Noble OK before heading down the road. The a/c on the R.V. quit on us and we had to run the generator all the way home to keep cool, more gas!
    We were so blessed at the pizza party at Moraine before we left and we thank all of you that helped make it another great time. We look forward to the youth group from Moraine coming here in August. Be Blessed and remember to be a blessing