Eight years ago, Moraine Valley Church built a house for Hugo, Theresa and their kids, Jacqueline, Margarita, Hugo Jr and Alejandro. Yesterday we joined most of the family at the dedication of Jacquelines house. She is 18 years old, and her and her boyfriend Brandon have a 2 year old, Alexa.
A group that cancelled their trip missed out on a great moment, but it's appropriate that Moraine Valley Churches faithful donors made it possible. We were blessed with the funds to build a few houses, and since the group that cancelled their trip, will be rescheduling their trip in the spring of 2018, should the Lord tarry until then.
So the Johnson Family helped build Saturday, and Shawn and Mathew from Fortify Ministries helped Monday, and we dedicated it yesterday. After we put the finishing touches on the house yesterday morning, Paula and her sewing class were getting things ready to decorate the house.
The message and invitation we're given by Jaime, and I shared about God's relentless pursuit of them. The blessings they have received as a family should be enough to move their hearts towards a relationship with Christ. We're holding out hope for them. Shawn and Carla Estes joined the dedication and Shawn prayed for the family as we all gathered around them.
More wood is getting delivered tomorrow and we'll be building our 23rd house of the year!!


So many choices, so little time! As Satan, the enemy of our soul, wreaks havoc all over the world, we all have basic choices to make to overcome the wiles of the devil. At the same time, Jesus prays that our faith would fail not. God's greatest desire is to be trusted and His heart breaks when we doubt His Word, His Presence, His Plan.
Phil and Marianne Chain just returned from Oaxaca Mexico where the 8.1 Earthquake left thousands of homes destroyed. They experienced the front lines of people in dire need of basics. Food, shelter. They bought $1000.00 dollars worth of tarps to provide shelter for those with condemned houses. Floods have devastated the area as well. The needs will continue and we will continue to help as we are able. To date, Mexico Missions has provided over 15 thousand dollars of aid to the Region, and we thank God for the privilege of serving those in need.
The Johnson Family from Yukon Oklahoma is here and are staying at Big Heart Orphanage. We worked on a house we bought in the colonia, painting, installing Windows, and fixing the doors. We will be giving it to a family in the near future. Yesterday we worked at the orphanage all day, and today we will start building a house in the colonia. The group scheduled to come next week cancelled their trip. The Violence in Reynosa has been an issue lately. We have been more cautious about our schedule and are always getting info from friends. Again, Satan knows his time is short. Keep us and the ministry in prayer as we continue to walk by Faith and not by sight.


Thank you so much for supporting the ministry, it's such an honor to hope to those in need. While we are busy building houses and helping the poor on the border, Phil and Marianne Chain are in Oaxaca, Mexico with our trailer taking food, and supplies to help those that have been devastated by the earthquakes. Today they will reach the villages and start distributing the aid.
They are needing building materials to start rebuilding. A group of young people have built a complete house for 1/3rd of what we build houses for. Our initial commitment is for 10 houses. As God provides, we will provide the funds to build more. We will have pictures to share when available.
Phil and Marianne filled up another trailer at Sam's Club in Oaxaca. $3000.00 guys a lot of food. $1000 was spent on tarps. Pray for them as they minister to hundreds of families.
Our last couple days with Hulls Grove Baptist Church had us at 2 orphanages, and assisting Shawn and Carla Estes, Fortify Ministries, feeding and ministering in the garbage dump.
We built a house for Hugo and Theresa 8 years ago. Their daughter Jacqueline in now grown, married and has a two year old Alexis. A group from Big Heart Orphanage wanted to build a house with us, and next week, this family will have a home.


Since my last post, we have dedicated two houses with great joy. 8 people have gotten saved, plus 25 more at last Saturday's outreach at the Community Center. Hulls Grove Baptist Church arrived Saturday morning and we headed to the colonia for a week of non stop ministry.
Andres and Victor had 3 walls up by the time we arrived. The food outreach was awesome with worship and the Word. Hearts we're changed with a message provided by a visitor from Big Heart Orphanage. Sunday we attended church at Melodys Orphanage and then celebrated Rosalbas birthday. Monday and Tuesday we built in hot and humid conditions. We dedicated this afternoon.
Phil and Marianne Chain drove down to take more food and supplies to Southern Mexico. We filled their van and our trailer with 2 tons of beans and rice. That makes over 50 thousand pounds of food we have sent to areas in the U.S. and Mexico to disaster areas. Thanks to those of you that support the ministry, we are indeed making a difference in the lives of those in need.
Tomorrow we visit Children's Haven and Big Heart Orphanages with the team.