Last week, Paula helped our Missions partners in the colonia with a medical clinic, where they saw over two hundred people come through the door for anything from a headache to prostate problems. Blood screens were done to check for diabetes and over a ton of wax was removed from one child's ears. Just kidding. The doctors were very grateful to Paula and her medical knowledge and her Spanish. Our old friend Dan Castro made the trip with them and spent the week catching up with all the friends he made while living here. Chuck Rice aka Charlie the Clown arrived last Thursday and Larry Peterson drove from Arizona and arrived Friday and we had one heck of a storm to follow up behind the great hail storm last month. Charlie helped Scott in Mexico and did a Clown show in Reynosa one day. Larry and I drove the R.V. to Harlingen Saturday and picked up Dave, Karen, Alan and Lyneaa and the team for this last week was complete. We Built Rosas house in two days complete. It is nice to have carpenters come down and use their skills to help those in need. We have had a great time and a lot of laughs, they have also blessed us with many little projects around the house on this side as well. Paula and I have not taken one picture all week with Karen here, so we'll get photos on today or tomorrow. We dedicated the house yesterday, and as always, we were the blessed ones by being the givers. Rosa made some great mole' and chicken, I think the whole colonia knows that Martin loves mole'. Dave, Alan and I put six windows in a ladies house from church that the hail storm smashed and Larry and Chuck put some awesome ceiling fans outside under our porch complete with lights and remotes.