Roy and Carla Day delayed their trip here, after Toys brother passed away. They left everything in their van, including the 244 shoe box gifts that Laharpe Christian Church and The Stronghurst Youth group had packed up. We deliveredvsome yesterday to the kids at Melodys Orphanage in Reynosa. They now have 14 kids, and what joy filled their faces as they opened up the gift boxes. We had a great few moments before we headed to Sende De Vida home for the wandering migrants from Honduras and Guatemala staying at Sende De Vida.
  As the men jumped on washing our filthy van, we called all the kids to line up and gave them all a shoe box. We unloaded the beans, rice and about 50 pounds of ground beef and took it to the kitchen, where there were four vollenteers that cook the meals. I like to hear their story's about their journey. As our government says, most are looking for a better life away from the poverty and dangers of their countries. I encouraged them all to go back home and make a change in their countries. Bloom where God planted you, I said. It very sad that these caravan organisers lie to these people about coming to America. So they are at capacity there and refuses to take any more refugees. I need to get them blankets, pillows, and much needed soccer balls, to keep them busy, as they wait for whatever is going to happen next in their lives. The goal, USA, the reality,  Mexico, or return home.
  We'll have our monthly food outreach today, and give out more shoe boxes. Afterwards,  we're going to dedicate the house we built for Lourdes and her kids. Two widows with kids living together needing more space, so Roy, Carla, and others from back in Illinois paid for us to build them an addition on their existing house. They are our only group scheduled foruntil a group comes in June. They usually have 40 to 50 people, but this year, 3. The Day family. It's been a great few days with just them.


  God IS a God not bound by time. The future is already established. The Carpenter's Crew always comes this time of year. They always have at least 40 people in their group. But this year, only 6 we're coming. The van left Illinois yesterday, but had to turn around and go back home. Roy Days brother passed away and his family needs him and Carla. Pray for Roy and Carla as they navigate through this difficult time.
  They still might come after all is done, but we will build the house before they come so they can just relax and breath for a bit.
  We have been working on the Community Center house little by little.  Also prepared the foundation for Lourdes house. We mixed the concrete by hand last  Saturday when it was very cold, and rainy . Pastor Juan painted all the wood we ordered. His wife has been ill and we're paying for doctors and medicine. He wanted to work for the money, even though it's not necessary for the financial help, but he insists.
  We had a great few days with family in Wisconsin Dell's water park. 4 birthdays including Leas 3rd birthday .


  Seeing the temperature in Chicago the last week, we asked ourselves WHY? Why are we going to Chicago Today, Saturday? Well the temps are rising 80 degrees warmer than Wednesday. Lea turns 3 and that's why we're going. A family reunion of sorts in the Wisconsin Dell's at an indoor water park. Several other nieces and nephews are coming as well. We return next Wednesday and the Net Menders come to the colonia Thursday to paint, and hold a medical clinic.
  Paula and the girls got all 10 quilts done for the guys from Power Ministry that they ordered for delivery before Valentine's Day. Mission accomplished!
  We finished the electric on the house POWER built, went to Sam's Club in Reynosa for food for the colonia and Melodys Orphanage. We had lunch at Melodys Orphanage after shopping and met the new children that are now members of the family. That brings the total to 12 now, and Jaime says that's about capacity for the facility. 2 more boys are coming, so we need to make some more storage cabinets.
  We got all the year end giving statements out on time. 90 different donors to the ministry, what a blessing knowing so many believe in and support our work helping the poor. GOD IS SO GOOD TO US!!!!
  We received 10 pallets of snack food last week, much has already been given away. Most of the Carpenter's Crew headed back north Friday. We miss them and their great friendship already.