Gods timing is always perfect. The family farm in Onida South Dakota owned by Barb and Joe Warner provides tons of beans for our ministry every year. And this year they wanted to visit and build a house in Mexico, and their son Lane flew over from AZ. Well Monday they got to connect with the REAL Bean man Louis Davenport from Idaho. Louis runs a big bean producing ranch in Idaho as wellas being the founder of Power Ministries, and while he was delivering us some much needed rice, He and Joe were able to talk about growing beans. We started building yesterday and with so much going on around here, building was a good break. Joe and Fay Wilson and Tom and Betty Amos unhooked their R.Vs yesterday and headed north to continue raising funds for a prison chapel in Oklahoma. They were a great help around here, as we raised and welded the canopy over our R.V. spots for shade. Rick and Diane headed for Az on Monday and we will miss them greatly. I had the chance to speak to 60 men at Rudys BBQ on Sunday night as the Power team continues their building projects along the border. I challenged them to obey Gods call on their lives with no regrets or fear of the unknown, and Craig cam up afterwards and said He and His wife are ready to answer the call. WoW!! another crazy Christian ready to get out of that stinking boat and obey! The food distribution last Saturday was busier than usual with 175 families coming for food and clothes and one lone man stood up and accepted Christ as Savior. Antonio started anew life in Christ Saturday and Gabriel will be mentoring him. PTL!!!

Home in Progreso is completed


taking measuraments  for a new home with w/8 people
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While the team of volunteers from the Rio Grande Bible Institute work every day at the Bible College, they found time in their hearts and their time to build a home for a very needy single Mom. A great time was had by all as they prayed over the family and the house. It really is what it is all about as Norma and her two oldest daughters prayed to accept Christ as their Savior. Her two oldest sons Jose and Richardo had prayed with us the week before and now the whole family is part of Gods Everlasting Kingdom. Not that the numbers mean anything, but 9 people have gotten saved in the last few weeks as a result of building these simple houses. Tuesday we went to Progresso, MX with the remaining Carpenters Crew along with Joe, Tom, and Betty who are staying at our house with their R.V.'s. They are with World Mission Builders and are in the process of building chapels in every prison in Oklahoma. The next project needs about three hundred thousand dollars to build a chapel in a women's prison. We built a small house for Guierllmo who is 88 years young and blind. He was living in a small shed at the back of lot owned by Paula who takes care of him. The 12 foot by nine foot room is just enough for him to live out whatever days God has for Him. We gotter done in one day, as everyone worked together to assemble the tiny house. Yesterday Carmelo and Eliazar finished the next foundation for next weeks house to be built by Joe and Barb Warner who are driving down from South Dakota. They grow the beans for the ministry and wanted to come and build a house with their son Lane, who will fly over from AZ. That will be 6 houses since Christmas. The wood got delivered yesterday, and Maria and her grandchildren will start painting today. It's almost been a little crazy latley building so many houses in such a short time, but that's Gods explosive favor and goodness being poored out on the poor and needy. We have had several ministries come for beans and rice and this week alone, we have given out over a thousand pounds of beans and rice.

A new family has a new home

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After we dedicated the house that the Rio Grande Bible Institute volunteers built, a few of us drove down to the trade school and a family called us into their house to pray for their child that had just spilled hot soup on her arm. We prayed for God to heal her little arm and hand and then I emptied my wallet to get the child medical treatment at the hospital. We have heard back that she is OK and might need some skin grafts. I see so many wonderful miracles, like Norma and her two daughters accepting Christ just an hour before as we dedicated their new house. So when we prayed for healing and the healing isn't immediate I get a little discouraged in heart. I expect super natural healing to be manifested in the believers lives. We call out and I expect God to answer. Isaiah 58 says, when we call He will answer, and healing will quickly come. So I don't understand how God works and that is a good thing. All I know is that God is good all the time! The team from RGBI was and is a real blessing to us and the people in the colonia. When the people who live here fear going to Mexico, God raises up people from Canada, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, and many other states to help the poor and needy and we are so grateful for their help. We can't thank them enough for their desire to raise the money and then come and build the house.
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I've asked the question before. How much is a human soul worth? Better than that, how much is two souls worth? The Carpenters Crew built the house in three days, but it has taken the Holy Spirit years of preparing the hearts of Jesus and Ortencia to receive the greatest gift of all, namely Jesus Christ as their Savior. Both of them are well along in years and God had been preparing them for such a time as this. When we finished building the house, the time had come for the ultimate question. Are you ready to profess faith in Jesus Christ as your Savior? Are you willing to place all your sins upon Him and receive His righteousness as a free gift? They both had the same answer--- YES! So the answer to the question of how much is a soul worth, is WHATEVER IT TAKES! 21 people driving 1300 hundred miles, spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars to come and build this simple little house for a family none of them even knew, sacrificing their vacation time and hard earned money to bring Glory to God by reaching out and providing a tool for the Spirit of God to use as a means to soften their hard hearts and humble themselves before strangers and pray a prayer to receive eternal life through Jesus Christ. How wonderful, how marvelous are the ways God reaches people. I watched as their faces actually changed, as the Light of the World filled their hearts.