LETS GO !!!!!

   The demand for food is on the rise, and God is meeting those demands, as He promises in His Word. We are encouraging those ministries that come and get beans and rice from us to GIVE MORE to the people. Every time God has put it in my heart to give the poor more food, God already has a plan to give us more to give. The harvest in South Dakota was nothing short of a miracle this year. Joe planted twice as many acres of beans than last year, BUT GOD GAVE US 4 TIMES THE AMOUNT OF BEANS. Gods math doesn't line up with mans math. Another ministry was going to come this morning, but heavy rains will put it off until Monday.
    Paula and her sewing class continue to make the most beautiful quilts. Naomi made this one for herself. The two days a week class now is really a blessing for the women. They all feel they are part of something special.
    Miranda is 15 years old and has been very busy painting the wood for the house we will be building  for her and her Dad next week. She speaks perfect English because she was born and raised in North Carolina. Her Mom and siblings are still in N.C. and I haven't gotten the exact story as to why they are separated but we will have that conversation next week. I'm sure it's another tragic story of the deportation of an illegal alien. You know the bible commands us to be kind to the stranger and alien in your land, whether legal or illegal. I don't know what the answer is to the problem, but I do know what the bible says.
    Yesterday we helped Carmelo and Ruth make corn tamales. We stripped the corn from the cob, and then ground it up with a hand grinder before they made it to tamales and slow cooked them filling the air with the smell of sweet corn tamales. I can't wait to get over there today and eat some. But first we will be dedicating Mimis new bedroom/bathroom. It's all done and the Princess will have her own room.
   We will be heading North after next weeks team from Moraine Valley Church spends themselves for several days helping the poor. They will build a house, work at an orphanage and do other ministry while here. The One Family One Purpose Ministry will be building two houses just outside of Rockford Il. One before Thanksgiving and one after. Both families lost their homes in the spring tornadoes and will be getting new homes donated by OFOP and it's supporters. We hope to spend a day or two at one of the sites. If anyone is interested in " Spending Themselves " for a day or two contact OFOP. They have a web site, so Google One Family One Purpose. A great group of people that come down here every winter and build houses in Mexico. SO COME ON MY FRIENDS IN THE CHICAGO AREA, GET INVOLVED!!!! THIS PROJECT IS TO CLOSE TO SAY NO TOO. ALL SKILL LEVELS WELCOME.



   The remnant rains from Hurricane  Patricia devastated a good portion of Texas over the weekend. The people in the colonia spent Friday getting ready for flooding rains. It all started Saturday and lasted until Sunday morning. We got a few inches of rain while the town just East of us got over 10. Some roads are still closed this morning. It was a miracle that no deaths were reported in Mexico when the cat 5 storm hit the west coast of Mexico. Now the sun is out and the humidity is very low, it feels so good!!!
     Last week Carmelo and Ruth put the finishing touches on Mimis bedroom/ bathroom. It has taken quite a while, working on it when able , but it is beautiful, complete with dolphin tile on the walls. Carmelo did most of the detail work, tile, floor tile, drain, pretty much everything. We framed it in August when my cousin Brenna was here, man that was a while ago.
    Paulas sewing and quilting class is officially two days a week now, thanks to the pressure of the ladies to make it available for an extra day per week. They have made some really pretty quilts and they are available if anyone wants to buy one and help these women make a small income from their labor of love.
    I've spent the last couple of days getting all my bookkeeping for the year up to date. I'm such a procrastinator, I'm going to do my taxes on time this year!!! No more extensions, no more lengthy phone calls to my accountant in Chgo trying to figure stuff out. She has me doing the books the way the IRS wants them done and I just got a bill from her for $1400.00. OUCH!!! She always charged me 200 to do my taxes and gave us a $100 donation every year, but this is crazy. I did all the work to make it easy for them and still got charged $300 per quarter plus the $200 to do the taxes. #timeforanewaccountant.
    Do you know how we wait on God to do something that you have been praying for, and just when your going to make a decision and take matters into "your own hands" God shows up????? I've got to say that it's God because Satan does not tell people to give us large amounts of money for the ministry, it has to be God. Every week for years we have been sharing about how God provides for the poor through many many different people that support our ministry and surrender their finances to the Kingdom. The only wise investment by the way!!! Well yesterday two different couples from church gave us enough money to build a house for a poor family, and enough to transport one of the four truck loads of beans from S.D. to here. GOD SHOWED UP!!! We didn't ask, nor would I ever!!! God knows the needs and The Holy Spirit prompts people to give. Honestly, I have been wrestling in my heart to find a church that challenges people to experience the joy and provision, found in reckless, and hilarious giving to help the poor and TRUSTS GOD!!! I want hang with like minded people, that we can share stories about how God provided, after He saw our faith and gave sacrificially. I think we just met a few!!! WHEN YOU CAN WALK AWAY FROM MONEY, YOU'VE TAKEN A HUGE STEP TOWARD THE HEART OF GOD.


    The blood moons came and went without any major changes in the world, or did they? As many people were foretelling of impending doom, myself included, I'm reminded of Gods Mercy and Patience, and Long-suffering not willing that any should perish. But since the end of the 4 blood moon tetrad on Jewish Feast days, the end of the Shemitah year and the beginning of the year of Jubilee a lot has happened. Read Ezekiel 37 and then look at the world news. All the nations prophesied to gather against Israel are in place since Russia took it's position in Syria. Things are going to unfold quickly as tensions rise between all the "players". Just a thought!!
    So with all this going on, we continue to "spend ourselves" on behalf of the poor. We poured another foundation Friday getting ready for the next group coming from Illinois Nov 4th. The week was a busy one and we spent several nights in Mexico. Yesterday the Power Ministry Leaders came for their annual scout out trip, to see where they could"spend themselves", in Jan and Feb next year with three teams over three weeks and over 180 men building the Kingdom and aiding us "frontline" missionaries. With no pressing building needs in our ministry, we took them over to Melody Orphanage in Reynosa to meet Pastor Jaime and see the Casa Hogar he is building to house 30 or 40 kids one day. We toured the building and saw the tremendous amount of work needed to get it up and helping children.
    On the way to the orphanage we stopped by Abundant Grace Church in Reynosa where the Power Team toured Pastor Willies Church. They have known Willie for years but have lost connection with him, so it was a great reunion for all. We prayed over Willie and his assistant Victor before we left. I know that the renewed relationship will be fruitful for everyone. So it was a day of some very Divine Appts.
    Paula and I will be driving up to Chicago next month for Thanksgiving and our daughter Kristins baby shower on Nov 29th. We will probably drive up the week before, Lord Willing.


   With some kind of fear or another gripping the hearts of most everyone, everywhere, in one form or another this last week was week free from the grip of fear that would hinder us. 16 people came from 3 states to "do" the work of the ministry, namely allowing Jesus Christ to live His life through them and be a blessing to the poor in Mexico. Hulls Grove Baptist Church in Vale, N.C. sent Bobby, Ernie, Sara, Karen, Lori, Nick, Jess, Wayne,Sue and Victor to represent Jesus to the Colonia. Curtis and Brandy brought their two kids Nevaeh and Abby, joined by Horrace and Margaret in their donated van all the way from KY. Jeremiah flew in from MO to join us as well. They all wanted to stay in Mexico, so we made every effort to make everyone comfy in the Community Center and at Gator Carters Orphanage in Reynosa. A truly new and delightful experience, staying over there and a whole lot more time together rather than sitting at the border bridge.So thanks team for a great week and a great experience.
     Two families had their prayers for a new home answered last week, and 16 Americanos, well actually 14 Americanos, 1 Costa Rican, and 1 Guatemalen, had their prayers answered that God would use them to be a blessing to the "least of these, our brothers and sisters" in Christ. The homes were just a small part of the ministry this week, the team was more about the people than previous trips, and that was due to the fact that we stayed over there.
    As usual, Paulas cooking was so much more than we deserved, but we all had the Grace to receive those delicious meals with humility. Ruthy and Paula had it all under control and we never missed a meal. Having electricity and air conditioning sure helped ease the suffering we had to do for Jesus.LOL. I'm having problems loading pictures on the blog again, but you can see a bunch by befriending Paula or me on Facebook, and that would connect you to everyone from the trip that posted pictures as soon as they crossed the border, and got access to wifi.


    Saturday afternoon, 10 people from Hulls Grove Baptist Church flew into McAllen and joined with 6  people that drove from Kentucky and one other servant from Missouri, and we all headed across the border to " SPEND " ourselves on behalf of the poor in Mexico. We had our monthly food distribution Sunday morning , so the team could experience what we get to every month. We had a great turn out. over 300 people and several members of the team shared the Gospel with the people. The Gospil bracelets were given to everyone after it's meaning was told. Curtis, Brandy and I led everyone in a few worship songs as well. We ate lunch and went down to get a jump on building the two houses and by days end four walls stood tall.
     Sleeping at the Community Center has been great for us and the team. Our new air conditioners have been keeping us all pretty comfortable at night. Paulas cooking is just as great in Mexico as it is when we stay in the U.S. Tonight we had her famous meatloaf..Best thing, no bridge wait time, more fellowship time. Today one house is finished and the other will be by noon tomorrow, so we can dedicate both tomorrow afternoon. Big rains expected starting Thursday morning. I drove across the border tonight to buy chairs and get some roofing materials I forgot to take the other day, to finish house #2.


    A couple of weeks ago, Rick Caywood Ministries dropped off twenty thousand pounds of pinto beans, bought and donated by Gary and Diane Heavin. This couple buys and distributes hundreds of thousands of pounds of beans and rice every year and sends a lot of it to Haiti. They are now getting involved more with ministries like ours that distribute food here in Texas and Mexico as well. Since I didn't have the room at the time, Rick dropped the beans off at The Way of the Cross Ministries in Harlingen, so I have to go and pick them up. Yesterday I took the van that Laharpe Christian Church donated to us, because it has an electric brake activator for the trailer brakes. It was quite a load on the van, but I made it safely back home. Next time I'll take the F350 Super Duty Diesel truck that was donated to us this past February by the Power Ministry. Are you seeing a pattern in this story? I'm blessed just by writing it. Seeing just how Great God has been to us. Donated trucks, beans. rice, money, everything we need to do the work of the Kingdom. And it's just as God promised us over 8 years ago." Leave everything and come follow me, and all these other things will be added unto you".
     So while I was sitting at home last night, Joe Warner texted me the picture of the combines up in South Dakota, harvesting the pinto beans Joe grows for us every year. I talked to him last week and he said the beans were just about ready to be harvested. He also shared with me about a company that hires themselves out to harvest crops for farmers, and it ain't cheap. Well these guys contacted Joe after hearing that he grows pinto beans to feed the poor in Mexico and offered to harvest the beans for free. Yea for FREE. He never asked anyone, but he shared with a few farmer friends that he had planted twice as many acres of beans this year to feed the poor, and the word got back to these custom harvesters and they sought Joe out to help with the harvest. Praise God!! When you get involved with what God is doing, He will get involved with what your doing!!
    So lets recap the last 24 hours, I picked up some of the 20 thousand pounds of beans donated to us, and then Joe lets me know that they are harvesting the beans on his farm and we'll probably get another 88 thousand pounds of beans, so that's 108 thousand pounds of beans plus the 19 thousand pounds that Power Ministry donated last month, to go along with the 30 thousand pounds of rice we have left from the 42 thousand pound we bought in August. Thats 157 thousand pounds of beans and rice and you get 14 meals out of every pound, that comes out to 2.2 million meals. Yea I think we can feed a few people.THANK U LORD!!!!
     I'll let you know how God provides the transportation money for the beans, we'll need about 7 thousand dollars to transport them. Pocket change for the God of All Creation.