Today the Moraine Valley Church youth group called Revolution,  will present the house they built to Juan Carlos, Jenny and their baby boy Dylan. It's hard to describe how proud I am of these young followers of Christ. Working through a heat index every day surpassing 100 degrees, they never complained  or gave up working. So today we will celebrate our Great God and Savior and He accomplished through them.                  Yesterday the team split up and half went to an Orphanage in the building process.  Melody Orphanage  is one of the projects God has given us to do.  The Revolution team helped out tremendously getting some much needed work done. The rest of us finished with the house and it's all decorated and ready to go.  I got a call yesterday from Dan Larson, he's a Pastor in Oregon.  Their youth group was going to southern Mexico on a missions trip this Friday but the missionaries cancelled their trip which left themy hanging, Dan got a Facebook post from Mike Locke, the Revolution Pastor  and called to see if we could host their group. They arrive tomorrow,  I ordered Wood so they can build a house, and they are excited and so are we, tired, but excited.


    Our monthly food outreach is Saturday, and Paula and I stocked up on the needed food to meet the needs of the people in the colonia. We purchased 336 bottles of cooking oil, 200 cartons of milk, 200 bags of pasta, 200 juice boxes for the kids, 200 cans of jalapeno peppers to go along with the rice and beans we already have on hand. It seems every month more and more families are coming for the small but significant amount of food we give out. It's just such a privilege to be able to meet these needs once a month, but more importantly to be able to share the Gospel and pray with everyone that comes.
    In the past few months, we have been able to make significant strides in our efforts to get water into every home in the colonia. With the combined efforts of ROHI Foundation, our supporters and the support of Roy and Rebbeca Busbys supporters, we are working on the final leg of this long and expensive project. The huge rock grinding trenching machine has been chugging through the rock in one section of the colonia known as Calicheta or rocky ground in English. This beast of a machine is grinding it's way down the last stretch of road. The pipe was delivered yesterday and a backhoe with a hydraulic chisel will come next week to carve out a path to each house from the main line. It's going to take a lot of help from each family to get this phase done, and we're trusting God to make it happen.
    The wood has been piling up at the Community Center, as I continue to order wood for future projects that we just haven't been able to get done from the storms of last month. I paid a few guys to come and at least get it all painted and ready to go. We have the youth group from Moraine Valley Church coming on Sunday to "spend" themselves on behalf of the poor and build a house, and probably shovel some rock back over the water pipes. Juan Carlos, Jenny and baby Dylan will be getting a house next week, and they have built thier own foundation, painted the wood, and even started building the bathroom that will connect on the back of the house.
    Paula's sewing class is really cranking out the quilts, and we need to sell them asap, so lets support the efforts of these dedicated women that come two days a week to make these quilts. Paula posts pictures of them on her Facebook page, so like her Paula Hepburn, and pick one out. They make great gifts for others. We suggest at least $75.00 per quilt, of which $25.00 is what it costs us to ship it. Paula then splits the balance up with the ladies, which helps their families.
    Last but not least, I just want to mention what just happened in the U.K. departing from the E.U.
The E.U. is indeed the Revived Roman Empire spoken of in the bible. The profit Daniel says they the Empire must be reduced to 10 kings before the Anti Christ will appear on the scene. Just stay tuned and watch others exit the E.U. These are exciting times if you watch and study prophesy. If you don't pay attention, WAKE UP!!!!


    A week ago Thursday, Christ Central Church from Alabama gathered around the house they had built for Rogelio, Dayaneeda and their two kids. Rogelio had been working all week and the team had not met him, and this was again the case on dedication day. Dayaneeda and her friends from the colonia were all there and had prepared a meal for the team. We sang songs , prayed over the family, and even had a communion service, inviting everyone to partake in the sacrament. The house was decorated beautifully and the joy on their faces when they entered the house was evident. They had just received a miracle from God. It was a shame that Rogelio couldn't be there to carry his bride across the threshold as is our custom, but providing for the needs of his family was a higher priority. After we dedicated the house, the neighbors passed out food to all that wanted to eat, and enjoyed the end  of a hard week of work and heat. Thanks to all that came to "spend" themselves on behalf of the poor. No greater gift can be given than to lay down your life for a friend and now the team has new friends in the colonia, and they laid down their lives for them.
     After the dedication, the team went to visit other people in the colonia they had come to know on previous trips, while Paula and I headed back across the border to pack up the van for the 1300 mile road trip to Colorado to attend my cousin Toris wedding to David on Sunday. We drove all night, well most of it anyhow, I did take a nap somewhere in Texas, to arrive in Denver and have an early supper with our daughter Kelly, and see where she worked every day selling real estate. We headed up the mountains to Winter Park/ Fraser area where we would be staying the next 5 nights with the rest of our family. Kristin Larry and the four kids were aboard the Amtrack train from Chicago and we picked them up about noon Saturday. Paula and I attended the wedding rehearsal dinner Sat. night and Sunday we all attended the wedding. Kelly did the makeup for the Tori and her attendants. The wedding was at a ranch outside with the mountains in the background and a huge tent for the reception. A beautiful wedding and reception. Some storms moved through the area quickly and made for awesome pictures of rainbows. 5 to be exact, all in a row.
    Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were reserved for the family vacation. We went alpine sliding, rock wall climbing, bungee jumping at Winter Park Monday in between the rain and Tuesday Kelly had set us up with a photographer to take some family photos up in the mountains outside of Breckenridge, CO. It was a beautiful setting and he got some great shots. Kristin, Larry, Kelly and the kids went to Breck. to the water park and alpine slides while Paula and I enjoyed a round of golf. Wednesday we took a ride to Grandby Lake where thousands of bicyclists where taking over the town on a bike marathon. A mini Sturgis S.D. only no motor cycles. We had to get Larry, Kristin, Erika, Gianni, Gabby and Lea back to Fraser to catch the train to Chicago by 4 oclock. We bid them fare well as the train chugged out of site and then Paula, Kelly and I golfed until dark at Pole Creek Golf Club just up the road. What a great Family Vacation howbeit  short. It was the first time Paula and I were with Lea together and we enjoyed every moment with her and the 3 other grand-kids, as well as Our daughters and Larry, who by the way, asked for Kristins hand in Marriage while we were together. So another wedding is in the offing, hopefully when we are in the area in August.
   We made it home in about 24 hours, the van ran great the whole way, the time with the kids and grand-kids was great, life is just great when you allow Jesus to direct your path. He gives good gifts to those who love him, and children and grandchildren are a gift from God. Enjoy them when you can!!!


   Today is the day when Christ Central Church from Rainbow City Alabama dedicates the beautiful house they "spent" themselves building the last few days. They "spent" themselves on behalf of those in need. In need of a house, in need of some hope, in need of a hug, in need of salvation, in need of encouragement, in need of the fellowship that comes along with a missions trip, in need of a family down the street that needed a visit. Meeting needs is what it's all about for me. I know some will say it's all about Jesus, and it is! But meeting needs opens the door for Jesus to come in and invade their lives. So a huge Thank You to Christ Centrals leaders for trusting Paula and I to meet their need of organizing part of their missions experience.
    The building is only a small part of what God does when you decide to "spend" a week on a missions trip. The team reached out to the families they have built for in the past, played soccer in the street with a ball with little or no air, they handed out hundreds of pairs of shoes to kids and adults, they brought cookies to the kids in school, they provided lunch for anyone around at lunch time, they prayed for the sick, they led a few people into a relationship with Christ Jesus, they attended a Mexican Church service the first day, they visited an Orphanage for the first time, they overcame the obstacles that satan would place in their paths to discourage them.They all laid down their lives for the sake of the Gospel, and lived it out!



  When Roger and Paulette invited us to join them on a vacation, all expenses paid I might add, to Costa Rica Paula and I were all in! We had never been to Costa Rica before so we graciously agreed to allow them to bless us. lol! With the team that just left after a week of serving in Mexico from Moraine Valley Church, we were a little tired after all the team accomplished in just a few days. The dedication ceremony got rained out and that was a huge let down for the team. Anyhow the family got their house, the Orphanage Melody got some much needed professional help from the team and all was well that ended well.
   Paula and I left for the airport the 19th only to find out our flight to Houston was cancelled because of storms in Houston. Our missionary friend Shawn volunteered to drive us to Corpus Christi 2 hours away so we booked a flight on S.W. Airlines to Houston. It too was delayed over 2 hours and now the 600 dollars I spent on a 33 minute flight was all for naught because we were going to miss our connecting flight to Costa Rica. BUT GOD! He knew all things and the connecting flight was also delayed, we still had faith we could make it. We took off two and a half hours later and got to Houston at 6pm. We had only one hour to drive all the way across town to Bush airport. The taxi driver we hailed was a Christian and he said only God could get us across town at this time of day, so we asked God to do it, and He did. It was like the traffic parted as the Red Sea. we were at the airport in 45 minuets. The ticket counter person said we were already rebooked on the next days flight because our flight out of McAllen was cancelled. I said " Maam, were here to get on the flight waiting at the gate for us now! She talked to the agent at the gate while Roger was talking her into holding the flight. She gave us our tickets but said our luggage would not make it. Who cares, were going to Costa Rica and I have my bathing suit in my backpack. Now TSA security! Several people let us pass them to catch our flight until we got to a man with his family who said, " I have to wait and so do you". Hope fled from our hearts as we looked at the line ahead of him. Were not going to make it. How long can an agent at the gate hold up a 737 passenger jet loaded with 300 people? we took the opposite line of the devil and his family, and made it through security and started running, yea remember O.J. running through airports before he ran from the police? That was us. While we were far off we heard someone yelling' ARE YOU THE HEPBURNS??? YES YES YES we yelled,  she said' WELCOME ABOARD WE'VE BEEN EXPECTING YOU.  We almost cried, in fact I think I did a little as we thanked God for His Favor once again. We said Hi briefly to Roger and Paulette as we passed them to find our seats. They were as excited to see us as we were to see them. I joined them for a few minutes while in flight and after we landed Roger hands me a thousand dollars to cover the cost of our Southwest flight and taxi ride across town. No I said, you don't have to do that, it's what we had to do to get here. He forced the money into my hand and said it an honor to bless you guys. Don't steal my blessing he said. THE GOODNESS OF GOD WILL CHASE YOU DOWN IF YOU LET IT!! A long story but another example of Gods provision. We had an awesome time the next 5 days. Zip lining, horse back riding, mud baths, swimming, snorkeling, kayakking, Rest you ask? No we'll rest when we get to Heaven.
    Our return flight got us into San Antonio on the 25th at 10;30 pm. I had surgery on my eye at 7 the next morning after driving 4 hours from S.A. and sleeping 3 hours. Saturday we attended Madison Estes wedding to Eliseo, a man of God she met at The Rio Grande Bible Institute a few years ago. A beautiful place on the Mexico side of the Rio Grande River. Sunday we celebrated Mimis 10th birthday at her Aunts house down the road in the colonia. Great food and a great time.
     It's known by some that Carmelo and Ruth will no longer be part of the ministry in Mexico, because God is doing something new in their lives as well as ours. They have served along side of us for 8 years and we are so very grateful for all of their help through the years. We will enjoy time together as friends, and really family, but in a new and different way. We'll be having families wanting a house to invest in their own home by building the foundations themselves. We will still provide the materials that they will need to build it, we just won't be involved it building it.
    Ok I get it!!! I've waited to long to post anything and now the story is too long, sorry. We love you all and thank you for all of the prayers and support you have showered us with. The ware house is full of beans and rice as of yesterday, Sergio is a huge help to us and the orphanage, God Is Great and AMEN