When the team from our home church Moraine Valley, arrived, some concerns of the violence and problems in Reynosa had us wondering about the week of ministry we had planned. We were determined not to give into the fear that can easily grip our hearts and also balance that with common sense. As we arrived at the site to build, we could see that God had chosen a place that left us all feeling very safe, right next to the bridge and port of entry into Mexico where the military had a post. We completed our four walls the first day and had the house almost complete by the days end on Wed. Thursday we put the finishing touches on the porch and house and had a mini dedication because we had moved all the families beds into the new house and they needed a place to sleep. Marthas husband Guernmo was going to try to get off of work Friday so we could dedicate the house with the whole family so we left to prepare the bags of food we would be giving out on Friday. Beans, rice, oil, sugar and soap was all measured out and put in bags for 150 families. Friday morning 120 families came for food and brought over 100 kids with them. Chuck, Jaimie and Daniel put on thier clown costumes and entertained the kids while Pastor Victor gave a message. While the food was given out, the kids enjoyed the clowns as they made balloons for everyone and Dawn and Charessa gave every child a gift bag of candy and bubbles. We loaded up the rest of the food and drove to the farthest parts of the colonia and gave out the balance of the food and candy. The dedication was at three oclock as we waited for Guernmo, Paula,Theresa and Victor shared about the love of Christ with Martha and before long, her eternal destiny had changed from hell to heaven as she prayed to accept Jesus Christ as her personal Savior, having all her sins placed under the precious blood of Jesus and was born again right before our very eyes. Guernmo wasn't able to get off of work and we still haven't met him, so we pray he will see the difference in Martha and seek the Lord. Thanks for a great week and for giving to the Lord.


It's so hard to live where we live, and go to the colonia every day in Mexico without God showing you a huge need, and then challanging us to be the answer to thier prayer. Lets face it, Paula and I are the richest people in the colonia, and with that comes great responsibility. So we met a family that is new to the colonia Victor, his wife Estrella, and thier four children from Vera Cruz.Mx.and all they have is some bags of clothes. Pastor Victor asked me if we could take my truck and move thier stuff into a house that is vacant. There was nothing but garbage in the house so as Victor, the new resident, started cleaning the house out, I had Carmelo order a few beds to be delivered and Paula started gathering things to furnish thier new house. When the beds arrived and all the things Paula had put together, Victor took a few moments and cried as we carried everything into the house. Beds, a stove and propane tank, dishes, clothes, food, a table and chairs, sheets, blankets, pillows, toys and dolls for the kids. One hour they had nothing and the next hour, they had everything they needed. HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD !!!!! The gifts we recieve are simply a way God uses to meet the needs of people that come across our path every day.THANK YOU FOR GIVING TO THE LORD. Watch for God to bring a need across your path today.


I say both. The group from Zion Lutheran Church in Hancock, Michigan gave us a break by sending a group of college age and above men and women with the skills and the passsion to build a home for Jorge' , Flor and thier kids. The blessings of God flowed into the families life as this sweet group of people gave up a temporal spring break for an eternal one. We helped when we needed to, and Paula, Carmelo and Beto painted a lot with the crews help, but they did an awsome job building the house. I stressed the importance of taking time to get to know the family and enjoy the children that love to be loved on and played with, and I believe they all connected with everyone. We met Dave and Lonnie a few years ago and they handle the missions work in Mx. for thier church and asked if they could come and build a house with us. We don't have to house them or feed them or drive them around, so it frees us up to enjoy the whole experience with the team. Mark did a great job of leading the team and spoke on dedication day to our hearts. They also built a new outhouse for the family with enough head room for taller people. We miss them already and we know they will be back, maybe as soon as this summer as soon as school gets out. I'll post all thier names as soon as Paula gives them to me, because these are people you'll want to get to know. ADIOS AMIGOS


A 3200 mile drive was the price that Dave Dennison, his daughter Becky and her daughter Jessica paid to be used by God to reach out and touch hundreds of lives this week in Mexico. We purchased and then distributed food to 15o families Monday and Tuesday. They gathered at our ministry center Tuesday to pick thru some clothes we laid out, and then another missionary family came and sang songs and gave a message to the people before the food was handed out. Pastor Victor and his wife Ericka celebrated 30 years of marriage and invited us to lunch and cake with them. Wed. we were given a van load of cabbage that we took over and handed out as we drove thru the colonia before retreating to South Padre Island to watch the sunset and eat dinner. Thursday took us back to Mexico to buy the materials for a house being built next week, and on the way to the colonia Dave, Becky and Jessica wanted to bless 93 year old Guadalupe' with a new bed and stove, so we spent the afternoon cleaning out her house and making room for her new bed. What a sweet lady, and she was so grateful for the blessings from God. Although our guests didn't build a house this week, they did build build some new relationships, both with us, and the people in the colonia, so thanks to three generations of the same family for offering up their bodies as living sacrifices. ADIOS

Waiting for homes

Two of this families are getting a home within the next week, but the other tree are still waiting, the cement foundation were built on faith that God will bring the funds to build their homes
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A 93 year old lady has a new bed
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food outreach +

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