After 9 days on the road, we arrived at  Alan and Lynneas house to take our spot in their driveway. We have seen many friends and partners along the way. We have played more than our fair share of golf, and spent a great  weekend in Indiana  where the Bosis  came to visit and play golf, followed by our daughter  Kristin  and my sister Pam  driving over and blessing us for Father's Day.  We look  forward to next Sundays pizza party  at Moraine Valley Church.  1pm  in the South  side Chapel. We only have had 10 RSVP  so we might have a small turn out. If your coming, let us know.



Sunday we golfed  just outside of Mobile  AL  and then decided to drive down to Gulf Shores Alabama  and spend the night there. A beautiful  sunset, a great nights sleep, another day of golf. We drove up to Seneca S.C. where we spent an absolutely  great day of fellowship with Dave and Sheree Johnson today enjoying the lake they live on for the day. We are now at Angies place where we are so glad to see all of them, if only for a day or two.


Before  we could on the  road, I had  called  a few ministries to come and get beans and rice.  Bethany Church in Alamo has the greatest needs for food. They give out food to hundreds of  families  every week.  So they got 4000 lbs of beans and 1000 pounds of rice. We are in MS.shut down on account of  needing a shower after golfing  in heat and humidity.. We had some alligators  guarding a sand trap on the last hole. Neither of us  had to go in there. We stopped at  Juan and Cotys  house in You mum Texas.  They are Ruthys parents  from MX. They and Ruthys  3 sisters all live there.  They all got passports and visas and are working towards  citizenship.


    Jesus said " it is good that I go away, for I will send the comforter". Well that's kind of our attitude. We really don't want to leave what we so love to do, but it is good for the ministry if we take a little break from time to time, so that The Comforter can come and fill us as well. So we said our goodbyes to all that we saw in the colonia Wednesday, ate a last meal with Carmelo, Ruth and the kids, prayed with them and when we dried the tears, we drove into another beautiful sunset in Mexico.
    Yesterday we were busy getting things ready to leave, including getting an alignment on the R.V. which made a huge difference. The only down side of getting the R.V. fixed is that when I was backing out of the bay far enough to turn around, I cut the wheel hard to the left and the back end of the R.V. caught the forks on their fork truck that were left up about four feet. I felt something catch and then release, and I put a two foot gouge in the back rear corner. I was so bummed. Who leaves a fork truck with the forks up in the air 4 feet? The Manager just looked at me and shrugged after I examined the damage. I bought a fiberglass repair kit to fix it when we get up north, until then caulk and duct tape.
 I called several ministries to come and get beans and rice for the month and Bethany Church came right away as they feed hundreds of families every month. So I gave them a double portion of beans (4000 lbs) and about a thousand pounds of rice. Another Pastor came and I slid a one ton bag of beans into his pickup.
   We will be in Chgo on the 22 of June through the 6th of July. Remember the pizza party June 28th at 1 pm Moraine Valley Church, Palos Heights IL. All are welcome, bring the kids. The traditional 4th of July party at the Elizondos in Wheatfield Indiana is a must do. We will then be in LaHarpe IL the 6th through the 11th of July. I don't what is planned there, but we usually get together with the Carpenters Crew,The Junkin 4 Jesus team and The One Family One Purpose ministry team, who are all inner connected.
    Looking forward to some refreshing and re charging. We have built 13 houses since January and several other projects as well. We'll be heading through South Carolina to Visit the Lara family, have a meal with The Johnson's who lead Power Ministry, a stop in Kentucky to see a couple of friends that come every year to do missions. I'm tired already just thinking about all we'll do while traveling. Maybe we should just park our R.V. on a Gulf Coast Beach and stay a while!!! I think we will.
                                                 SEE YOU SOON, WE HOPE


   Yesterday Aresele and her four kids, Maria Isabelle, Juan, Imena and Sophia gladly took possession of their new home. The smiles on their faces lit up as we handed them the keys. All the women gathered around them and prayed a blessing over them as they start a new life in a "real" house. The reality of a dry, comfortable, clean home is something we all take for granted in the U.S. , but this family knows that have been touched by the hand of God.
    Many members of her family were there yesterday to celebrate. Her mom, sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews all came to see this miracle unfold. David and Luzma came and led us in worship as always. They made us the traditional dedication meal, chicken and mole'. We couldn't have built this one without the help of some Facebook friends that saw the pictures of this family we posted a few weeks ago and couldn't resist the Holy Spirit prompting them to donate to get them a house.
    Today we had a meeting with a very nice women at the Mayor of Reynosas office about getting some help on the often impassable road. Jaime' set up the meeting for us, and we had a great visit with her and we now pray for Gods Favor. After the meeting we had breakfast downtown next to the Plaza we use to visit quite often with groups. It's all redone and quite nice. Once we returned to the colonia, what do you think we see??? A Caterpillar Road Grader going down through the colonia, scrapping the bottom road, that had been impassable for weeks. Praise the Lord. Now I'm sure that this didn't happen as a result of our meeting just two hours prior to this, BUT GOD KNOWS!!!
    He knows our needs before we even ask. He knows our thoughts before we think them (scary). He sees the end and the beginning all at the same time. I love thinking about Gods Awesomeness!!!
     Paula and I were planning on packing up and leaving Thursday, but a 3 inch rainfall yesterday afternoon and evening brought water pouring into the office I sit in typing this. I thought I had fixed the problem over a month ago, and have had a lot of rain since, but it was sure leaking yesterday, so I have a couple guys coming over Thursday to pull the roof apart and find the problem. So we might get outta here Friday Lord willing. Sergio charged up the A/C on the R.V., and I fixed a few lights Sunday, bumped the tires and shes ready to roll.



    The last two days have been all about Jesus, and what He commanded all of us to do. Take care of widows and orphans, for in this, the Father is well pleased. Aresele is a widow of sorts. The father of her 4 children had left them all for reasons unknown to me so in my mind, they are orphaned and she is widowed by abandonment. She works everyday to provide for Isabele, Juan, Imena and Sophia. Her house was nothing short of a disaster. Leaky roof, walls with huge holes, no door to speak of, and only two holes in the wall covered with screen to allow some air to get in. Well that's all changed now.
   In spite of the hot temperatures, we managed to get it all built in just two days. Yesterday we had so much help, that we were almost in each others way. Several uncles and cousins of the kids came to help. At one time we counted 21 kids and 11 adults all hanging around the site of the new house. The uncles all got up on the roof with Johnny and Me and before long, we finally had some shade over us. One uncle, Lionel was bare foot up on the hot tin roof.
   Paula kept the other uncles busy with painting, and shelves and trim boards. We worked from 9 in the morning until 6 o'clock or so. A long day for us especially on a Saturday, but it was well worth it. The hug I got from Arelese and her kids was priceless. I can't wait for Monday, when we dedicate the house after we finish with the electric wiring.
   We can't do this alone, our partners make it all possible to be the hands and feet of Jesus. And we can't do it without all the help building the house as well. I wouldn't be doing it without God providing for all the help we need to make it happen. I know sometimes we just post pictures without a story, but why don't you look at the pictures and write your own story in your mind. The faces of the people always tell a story, and we have seen faces light up the last few days, as they watch God provide for them.
    Were looking forward to packing up the R.V. and hitting the road toward the end of the week, Lord willing. I'm not even sure which way were going yet, I just know were going. Don't forget the pizza party at Moraine Valley Church June 28th at 1pm. All other plans are open for change!!!


   Well since I didn't experience the miraculous healing in my left eye, God is using the medical world. Monday afternoon I had two injections into my eye to help with the blurry vision I have had for a year. No real pain, but just the thought of sticking 2 different needles in your eye make one want to cringe. Keep on praying that this avenue of treatment helps. I go back for more pokes in the eye next month, can't wait. So what ever God wants to do is fine by me. Not my will but thine be done O Lord.
    Paula was sick all day Monday from some food she ate at a birthday party in Mexico. Bad Tacos!! I didn't eat any of them, but a couple other people in the colonia did and were sick as well. I stuck to the tamales.She was better Tuesday and was able to hold her sewing class. 11 women came to work on the quilts they make. We brought 8 sewing machines back across the border to get fixed, so I'm pretty much done with donated sewing machines. If someone wants to give us their old machine when they buy a new one for themselves, I'll challenge them to give the new one away and keep the old. After all God wants our best, not our leftovers. So I think I'm going to take Paula shopping for some new machines. We had 4 new ones donated and shipped to us last month, now we need at least four more to keep everyone busy.
    While Paula was doing the class, I decided to build a porch on the back of the Community Center. The water coming off of the roof is eroding the ground so bad, I have to do something before it all washes away. We still haven't been able to get the ready mix truck down to the foundation we need to pour. We're hoping tomorrow will find the road dry enough. We have had the wettest spring in many years, but this week, 95 every day and sunshine. Gotta get this house built before we leave, I just want to be there when they open the door on their new house.
    Our road trip will start in a couple of weeks, maybe as soon as next Thursday or Friday.


   I've received a lot of calls this morning concerning my sister with leukemia in the Ukraine. Well I'ts not me so don't send money, unless i'ts to help the poor in Mexico. Sorry about the hacking, but it's not my fault.