Yesterday we had our monthly food and clothes outreach. We had a few friends from San Antonio come down with a van full of things for the the people in the colonia, including two more turkeys. We all spent the night in the colonia Friday, Theresa Paula and I slept in our house and Terry slept in the Community Center. We got up at 7 o'clock to find at least 40 people already waiting in line. By the time we got everything set up, there were a couple hundred people. David and Luzma came with their kids and led us all in worship. As always, it was a Spirit filled time. Pastor Jaime was not able to make it, which allowed Terry to interpret for me as I started sharing out of Isaiah 61, when Jesus stood up in the Temple and read from Isaiah 61. That the Spirit of the Lord was upon Him and He was anointed to proclaim good news to the poor, and to proclaim the year of the Lords favor. He also proclaimed the day of the Lords vengeance, comfort for those that mourn. As I read the passage to the people, I realized that God has anointed You and Me to preach the same message., and there I was reading the very same verses that Jesus read two thousand years ago. So I just challenged them to get right with God and walk closely with Him, because time is short and we need to be ready. Terry looked at me and said that I didn't need him at all, it was as if, no it WAS the Spirit of the Lord was upon me yesterday as I proclaimed Gods word over the people in Spanish with very few mistakes. Pastor Antonio followed up with the rest of the passage for a few minuets. It was awesome!!
    A group from Austin was working down at the little blue schools across the canal, building a playground, painting, and grilling three hundred pounds of chicken. They gave out coats, soccer balls, and toys to all that came Saturday. On a sad note, Pastor Victors brother Nahum that Pastors a church a few miles away died Thursday, so we went to the service at his church Saturday afternoon. You never know when God is going to call you home! He was only 50 or so with 4 kids and a wife, so pray for them as they grieve.
   Well we poured three foundations last week and are getting ready for a busy beginning to the new year. We have two more to go and were set. Many people were inquiring about getting a house at the outreach Saturday, so I just took their names and lot number and told them to pray for the funds to come in. We don't mind building houses with no groups, but it takes $$$.


     It's been a great morning. I spent quite a while giving thanks to God for so many people, and things that God is doing and has done, I really feel rejuvenated in my soul. Giving thanks lifts your heart and soul to God and He then fills our hearts with joy and contentment. It doesn't matter whats going on around you, your life, your family, your finances, your career, your ministry, your mission. The only thing that matters is trusting the only One that holds it all in the palm of His hand.. So we hope you have a great day in the Lord.
    We really miss family more during the Holidays and is the only regret that we might even be able to utter about surrendering to the call of God on our lives, and to spend it serving Him and the poor. But we wouldn't trade it for the " old" life. But we will be going to some friends house from church and we will be eating outside on their porch where it will be about 75 degrees and bright sunshine. I said we miss family and friends in Chicago, NOT THE WEATHER!!!  So while the turkeys are in the oven and the pies cool by the open window, remember that GOD LOVES YOU AND HAS A GREAT PLAN FOR YOUR LIFE, JUST GET OUT THERE AND DISCOVER IT!!


Yesterday morning several members of First Baptist Church in McAllen loaded up two vans full of food to prepare a hot meal for every family in the colonia. They crossed the International Bridge at Pharr and left their fears behind. Fear of the unknown, fear of danger, fear of kidnapping, fear of violence. The faith demonstrated by a group of believers, opens the door for God to do great things, and great things were done yesterday. Lives were changed, fears were overcome,people were loved on and people received love. The love that comes through Faith in Jesus Christ, and a desire to serve Him, wherever and whenever He asks us too. The promise is " I WILL BE WITH YOU".
   So thank you Roy and Rebecca Busby for challenging the people in your your church to be people of faith and not fear, people that do the word, not just hear it. So well over 500 people were fed a hot meal yesterday, we all experienced some great worship music by several talented people.
   While in Mexico yesterday a few Pastors asked me if it would be possible to check prices on some guitars that they need for their churches. Well I stopped at a pawn shop on the way home and bought four good guitars for 300 dollars total. Why not, I asked myself? I have the means to meet the need, why not just do it? Right here, right now. So I bought em, and now we all get to be part of the worship that comes from those guitars. We meaning all of you that support our work, not we, me and Paula. I stopped at a music store to buy new strings for two of them and asked the clerk if he could take a look at the guitars. I wanted to know how bad I just got ripped by a pawn shop. He said two of them were  worth more than I paid and the other two were so so. I probably overpaid twenty bucks or so for all 4. I thought he would say I got totally ripped off.
   Carmelo and the boys completed two foundations last week, and now the question is, do we build them now, or wait for groups coming next year? Vicky's house is so bad that she lives in, that we might have to at least build hers before years end. I wanted to save it for the "mature Carpenters Crew" but I'm not sure. We have three families picked for next year, and need a few more, so be praying for that. Also please pray for Paula, one week and still sick!
                             Muchas Gracias for all you do for us and the King!!!


It's been three months since David Lara went to be with the Lord. Paula and I promised  Angie and the 11 kids that we would come and visit them Thanksgiving, but with our monthly food outreach in Mexico and 1st Baptist Church coming over to Mexico on the 22nd to feed the entire colonia Thanksgiving dinner, we decided that last week was the only time we could get away. So we packed up "Faith" our R.V. and headed east. Angies birthday was last Tuesday and we wanted to make it for that, and we did. Why the pictures didn't post is beyond my pay grade, so i'll work on that. We arrived in Greenville S.C. Tuesday Morning. On the way, we stopped at Roy and Rebecca Busbys in Alabama, Sunday night. They live out in the country, north of Mobile about an hour, and it's beautiful there. They spend most of their time in Texas and Mexico, but happened to be back in AL. that week.
   We had breakfast together and headed down the road and got side tracked by a Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail sign, and after spending 4 hours on one of the most beautiful golf courses I had ever been on, just outside of Montgomery AL we made it to the Georgia/ S.C. border. It was so great to get out of the R.V. and see all the kids and Angie. They live with Angies parents now, Clyde and Jane. They have graciously opened their home and hearts to 12 hurting people, still devastated by the loss of their Father and Husband. We feel Angie and the kids are part of our mission field being a widow and the kids being orphaned without a father. But Psalm 68 says " God will be a Father to the Fatherless and a Judge for the widow". The are indeed in His everlasting arms and He will sustain them.
   We had a great few days and miss them already. They sure live in a pretty part of the country, with the Blue Ridge Mountains a short ride away. Me and Clyde played a few rounds of golf together and it was good to get to know him better. It's a huge adjustment for everyone and they are doing well. They had some friends stop by while we were there and two of the families had 10 kids each. We had a great weenie roast one night, and I still smell like smoke from the fire. Angie loves the new van that was bought for them by some generous friends of ours in Chicago. I'm trying to figure out how to buy her old one for our ministry, God Knows!
   We stopped in San Antonio last night and spent the night at Dan and Rosanne Blocks, got up this morning and picked up some frozen turkeys that were donated to us by Theresa and will make a great feast for the people in the colonia. Can't wait to go to the colonia tomorrow and see everyone. Thanks for the support and prayers.


Wow, Wednesday, we headed over to Mexico to spend a few days while Carmelo was away to a school conference. It was 80 degrees before the winds changed and a cold front came in that afternoon and it started raining and got pretty nasty. Living in the colonia is no easy way of life when it gets this nasty. The muddy road makes it almost impossible to get anywhere. The kids can't go to school because of the roads and the fact that most classrooms are leaky and flood prone. The adults that take the bus to work, now have to walk, because the buses don't come into the colonia when it's muddy. It just makes life harder than it already is. Our solar system doesn't charge the batteries because of the clouds, so we had to disconnect the neighbors to conserve what little power there is stored in the batteries. The girls have to watch their Novellas,( Mexican Soap Operas), well ok, I watch too!
   It really makes us all the more determined to help those that need a house to get them into a dry home asap! We thought of an old lady named Vicky that gets flooded out every time it rains real hard like it has for the last two days. We will start her foundation in a week or two, along with several others that we plan on building in the next few months. Needless to say, life slows to a crawl in the colonia when it rains. No kids outside playing, no traffic on the road, no bus noise at night, the constant rain beating on the metal roofs makes for some sleepless nights, however, I seem to drown the noise of the rain out with headphones and an old CD player with some soaking music by Julie True. It works quite well and we do love sleeping over there from time to time when it's cool out.
   I desperately needed a hot shower, so I came home for a few hours and I'm headed back as soon as some people pick up some beans and rice. I got the mail, did some paperwork, checked the e-mail, listened to my voice mail, fed the cat, now I'll head to the bank and head back to Mexico for another night with our Grand kids, Mimi and Caleb. They really like waking up and having us there for breakfast and coffee. Life might be hard in the Colonia, but it's a whole lot simpler.
   We attended a mid week service Wed night in Reynosa at a new church outside of the colonia, and it was awesome. About 300 believers and their kids coming out to worship God on a cold and rainy night. It was a bout a 2 hour service and one of the members sat in the back with me and interpreted every thing that I didn't understand, so thanks to Victor for his language skills. I think we will come back there again, they need some building help and who knows, maybe we can get them to help us in the colonia. They want to be an outreach church and what a better way to reach out than to help the poor. Pray for the growth of Abundant Grace Church in Reynosa. Thanks for the support and drop us an e-mail sometime if you enjoy the blog or even if you don't, to let us know that you're following us and make any suggestions you feel would help our communicating our ministry updates.


 I can't believe ya'll have a Republican Governor in Illinois. It almost makes me want to move back....NOT. The saddest part of the huge victory for the GOP yesterday is that most of these newbies are lifetime politicians and not much will change.  The bible says that in the last days, men would become lovers of self, boastful, proud, arrogant, without self control, God haters, un-repentant. It seems that winning wasn't everything, but beating their opponent was. Oh well, I must reiterate what Johnathan Cahn has said that " a nation that tries to avert the Judgement to come apart from repentance sets itself up for greater calamity to consume the nation that rejects God."
     A week of business apart from building anything. Picking up beans from Harlingen, giving beans out here at home, picking up clothes and blankets that were donated by our church, sorting clothes, bagging up beans and rice and a few trips to Mexico. Always busy and yet never getting everything done. Paula took time to see a doctor the other day and she needs a few tests to see whats going on in her stomach. We missed our annual life screening tests a few weeks ago when we had visitors from out of town.
   Packing up a few things to spend the next few nights in Mexico because Carmelo is leaving town and we don't want Ruthy and the kids to be alone. We are also wanting to drive to S.C. to visit Angie and the kids for a few days and next week may be the only time we can make it happen. We have a couple of churches along the way that we would like to re- connect with.


    The Way of The Cross Ministry in Harlingen is holding my truck load of beans until I can pick them all up. I can only haul 3 skids at a time, plus some lighter stuff ( a skid of baby food ).  I picked up 6 tons of beans on Wednesday and Thursday, two ministries came and got 4 tons, so I gotta go back next week and get some more. They still have 11 one ton bags, and we'll have another 24 tons  when we pick up our load from the Warner Farm in South Dakota. BEANS GLORIOUS BEANS!!!
    Paula and I spent the night in Mexico last night, ahh, nice and cool. We planned on spending the day there, searching out a few more families in need of houses, not so hard to do, but we got a call to come and get hundreds of new blankets from a donation to our church. We tried to get there before they quit unloading the container, but the line on the bridge was to long and they had already packed up for the day. So I already cut the grass, and did a few other things before a load of siding, doors and a few other things from Matts Building Supply came. I'm trying to get all of the building supplies we buy on this side over to Mexico before the end of the year for the multitude of houses we'll build by the end of February. Matts gave us a great deal on the Smart siding that we like to use, if we would commit to a whole truck load that they will store for us. 800 pieces of siding will be enough for 36 houses and will save us enough money to but the materials needed to wire the houses for electricity. Jehovah Jireh God Provides!!
   I just finished reading a book by Johnathan Cahn, the author of The Harbinger. It is called, The Mystery of the Shemitah It is indeed a must read for all believers, to help us to be aware of just how close we are to the Righteousness of God to bring judgment on America for the multitude of ways that we have followed in the footsteps of Israel in turning our backs on God and driving Him out of our Nation. It's  absolutely amazing. The fact that we are not on Gods calendar for interpreting the times in which we live leave us no room to argue with God when we are shaken once again as a nation, just like 9/11. When discussing the book with people, many say the same thing, that God would not judge America, we are the nation that God has used to take the gospel to the nations, and we have. But a Government or a Nation that refuses to repent once the warning has come will ultimately fall under greater judgement. I have several copies of the book and would send anyone that would like to read it a copy, and then pass it on, to someone else.Let me know. Many people say that you can not know the time of the return of Jesus Christ, but I challenge to read  1st Thessalonians chapter 5 concerning the times and the dates. Be Blessed and keep looking up!!