As we prepare to head back home, we know that when our feet hit the ground, there is going to be much to do. The flood waters from the Rio Grande' River have left its banks and displaced hundreds, if not thousands of families. The colonia where we have built scores of homes in is dry, but on the other side of the canal where we built several homes after hurricane Dolly in 2008, are covered in six feet of water. After Hurrican Dolly we built the houses up four feet higher, but even that was no match for Hurrican Alexs' 12 inches of rain, followed by Tropical Storm #2s' additional 12 inches of rain. We are collecting tents for the families to live in, so if you have one, ship it to us! We know that the colonia we built in with Roland for several years, is also flooded and the families are living on the levy, while they watch everything they own become victims of the flood waters. W are hoping for a renewed partnership with them for the aid that will be needed for our friends there. Pastor Victors brothers house and church are under water also. Pray that the flood waters will recede and the houses built from wood will be salvagable.


As my knee gets better, we are looking forward to our return trip home. We have set the departure date for August 1st right after church here. Our Pastor is having a global outreach message and Mexico is part of that vision and has been a big part of Moraines outreach to the world for over 14 years, so we have been asked to share in church that morning. We are so grateful for all the blessings bestowed upon while we have been here, from Alan and Lynnea alowing us to stay at their house, to all the dinners and fellowship time we have been able to experience. I need to get back to work to lose all the weight I've gained. We are so blessed by so many and may the Lord pour back into the lives of all our friends and family all that they have puored into us.


The Proverb states that anyone who is kind to the poor, lends to the Lord, and the Lord himself will repay you. Paula and I have been here almost two months and we have seen the Word of God fulfilled in our lives countless times in these few short weeks. Without Gods Word, and these precious promises, this would have been a good visit with family and friends, but God has made it a Great visit. We have seen his hand provide surgery for my knee, skin care for some suspicious moles, provision to build several houses for the poor, when we go home, money to send several children to school in the fall, generators to provide power for some churches, tools to build the houses and refreshment for our souls. We are really starting to miss home and the people in Mexico, and we pray that the doctor will release me to go and continue make a difference in the lives of the people we love and cherish. Last week we attended the second wedding since we've been here. Tyler and Leigh met and fell in love on a missions trip with us last year, and their wedding provided some money to build a family a home in Mexico thru tips at the Hebrews Cafe' in Moraine Valley Church where the reception was held. Last week end we spent a few days in a friends condo on Lake Michigan and had a wonderful time boating and golfing. Yesterday Paula and several women made hundreds of tamales and celebrated Susie's 50th birthday. All the activity here has kept us busy, and we have enjoyed every minute, but we long to be back in Mexico where we belong. We have seen both the generosity of people and the hold the things of this world have on people while here. Sometimes we feel our plea to help us help the poor falls on deaf ears. But if more people would realize the great promises of God, like those in Proverbs 19 vs 17, we would be heading home with a boat load of money to build churches and houses and provide for the needs of the poor among us because if the money to help the poor is lent to God, and He promises to repay, then what holds us back?