Every day, the temps are hovering around 100 degrees and the humidity is oppressive. None the less, we started digging hole for the posts to build a fence around the lot next door, to put a small playground for the ministry. I had some great helpers, and they finished most of it the day I had another eye doctor appointment Friday. We still need a few loads of dirt to fill in the back of the lot.
Paula's sewing class continues to crank out the quilts. We sold several last night as a team from Alabama working at New Life with Wayne and Dianne. They took us out to supper to introduce us to them, to give them some options for future missions trips.
We spent yesterday afternoon in the colonia visiting several families to get direction on who will receive houses with this summer's groups in June, July and August. There are several new families building make shift houses in the colonia. There is a new colonia of squatters just outside of Nopalera. There's probably 200 pallet houses that have been built in the last month. We don't plan on building there for a year or two to allow them to get water and electricity first.
Tomorrow, 7 of us fly to Mexico City to meet with the National Human rights director of Mexico. We trust that God has opened this huge door, to obtain favor in our ministry needs. Favor with God and man is what we declare. Jaime Mayorga and Macedonio are going representing Melodys Orphanage, Shawn and Carla Estes are the directors of Project Fortify meeting the needs of Kids with cancer, supporting an orphanage, and various outreaches at the local garbage dump. Sergio who helps us everyday, as well as Paula and I. We hope to raise awareness of our different ministries as well as many others that we partner with.
We can't thank all of you enough, that support us and other ministries around the world. Sewing seeds into God's kingdom is the best investment choice we can make. Every time I tried to invest in the stock market before we became missionaries, I always lost. But since we started investing in The Kingdom of God, we have enough for all God has inspired us to do!!!


Yesterday morning we had a meeting with the Human rights director in Reynosa. We had a great meeting, sharing about the various ministries we partner with, and the frustration at the border trying to bring food and supplies across to help those in need. Jaime, Macedonio, Shawn and Carla Estes, Paula and myself will be flying to Mexico City next Monday to meet the National Human rights director. We pray for God's Favor to get the necessary permit to cross stuff unhindered.
Yesterday afternoon we dedicated two houses with great joy and the presence of God. The guys built both houses while we were in Florida upon hearing that the group that was coming, cancelled. 6 people accepted Christ as Paula and Jaime shared the Good news of the Gospel. Fathers, mothers, sons and daughters all hot saved. It was awesome. The two families got together and made tamales, carnita and green spaghetti. A beautiful time, indeed.
Our monthly food outreach was held Saturday and 185 families came for food, the Word, and Worship. Counting kids, there was probably 300 people. Many came forward for prayer for various reasons. Another great day.


I should have posted this yesterday, but today, would you join us in a time of prayer for peace to overtake Reynosa. The evil one is really messing up missions work again. When violence escalates people get afraid to come and serve. Personally, I believe that God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of love, peace and a sound mind. So if you feel let, skip lunch and pray during that time.
The warehouse was empty until a huge donation of 40,000 lbs of beans and rice we're delivered Monday by Rick Caywood Ministries.Our faithful servants built two house and poured another foundation while we were gone. With groups cancelling their trips here, I have to pay the guys to build the houses, so your continues support allows the building to continue.
Many of you know Raul, the faithful servant that lived with us for 9 years. He is in the presence of Jesus after suffering cardiac arrest on Monday. He will be missed.


We have been so refreshed and relaxed this past week in Florida, that our hearts are full of Thanksgiving. Our kids and Lea joined us for the last week, and it was such a joy to spend actual quality time with them all.
We had the opportunity to speak and share about the ministry Sunday at Naples Christian Church. Four friends from Chicago we're in Florida and joined us at the service, including the couple that arraigned our donated condo. They bless many missionaries with a retreat condo every year. They bless OTHERS and themselves are indeed blessed. We were able to get together with them a couple nights this week.
We connected with several people at the church after the service, and look forward to an ongoing relationship with them.Hopefully we answered any questions they had, or calmed any fear of traveling to Mexico. One of their members is treating Paula and I to a round of golf at one of the most exclusive clubs in the area.
The kids lest yesterday and we head home tomorrow. We could stay for another week, because the recent violence in Reynosa made the group cancel their trip. We still need to build the house for Victors family as we committed to do, so we must go home and leave this time of blessing to go and bless others. It has been a great time here and a great 60th birthday celebration, Mothers Day and Family celebration. Thanks to those that kept the ministry going while we've been gone.


Since we arrived back last week from our great and fruitful missions trip to central Mexico, we have a refreshed heart. It's good to do something different in ministry. When we arrived back, we found someone building on the vacant land next to the community center. They said they bought it from the President of the colonia. We told them that she said we could have it for a playground for the kids. Long story short and God's intervention, we bought the land back from the family and they purchased another property.
Also while we were gone, the guys finished our bathroom in the colonia. Man is it beautiful. 9 years without our own bathroom. We spent the week organizing upcoming building projects, the guys are building a house in Mexico now, and we have another planned for the team from Moraine Valley Church on the 17th. A family lost thiers house and all thier possessions last week in a fire, while they were at church. They saw the flames from across the canal, but couldn't put the fire out. We gave them a bed, some clothes, and food. We'll plan on building them a house in a few weeks, Lord willing.
We're packing up again for a trip to Naples Florida and speaking at Naples Christian Church on Sunday. They are sendiyng a team here in August, to "spend themselves " on behalf of the poor. I think its ironic that we get invited to share about our ministry with a church that doesn't really know us, and our church in Texas, not once in 9 years attending there.
Anyhow, a supporter has given us use of a family Condo in Naples, our kids and precious Granddaughter Lea are coming down for a few days, to celebrate my 60th birthday on the 10th. What a great Birthday gift.
Trying to get things done around here, Paula watered all the trees and flowers, I dropped the taxes off at the accountant, picked up a skid of water at Sams Club, got some $ from the bank, packed the golf clubs, oh yes, there will be some golf in Florida, and now we're packing our suitcases. Love you all, thanks for the prayers and support. Paula threw an early surprise party for my birthday and lots of people in our Mexican lives came. David Garcia gave me his old guitar that I loved playing. Blessed to be a blessing.