Group from MN.

I had a great time reading books to the kids. Pastor Victor is giving sweet bread to the people in the colonia. Rosita is really enjoying the sweet bread. Bruce is doing his normal work helping build one of the orphanage room.
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On Sat. 6/28 Paula and I went over to the colonia to see how Iliel was doing. He had the biopsy done and was pretty uncomfortable.His face is so swollen. We will continue to pray for God to touch him. We also took 100lbs of beans and handed them out as we drove thru the colonia. Our friend Carmello had about 50 pairs of shoes that we gave out also.We visited some friends in Flora De Mayo and gave out the rest of the beans and shoes. It was 9 pm by the time we left mx. On Sunday Paula and I took 100 hot dogs and a bunch of hamburgers over to the colonia. We met Lisa and the kids there and grilled up some meat. Beto and Lucy brought chicken and mole' and some rice, we invited everyone we saw to come and eat with us. We ate our fill and then went to church at Aqua Viva, Pastor Victors church. The service started at 6pm and ended at 9 some three hours later. We sang and Victors brother Nahum gave the message and then we prayed for Victor, and his family. It seems they are under physical attack, how great is our God to give them the realization that as we do what God wants us to do, we will have tribulation. So they give thanks and rejoice. Monday took us to the Childrens Haven Orphanage in Reynosa. Scott and Lisa have 23 people from Mn. there to do work projects from Sons of Salvation and stay in the orphanage. They have many projects to work on so the team will be busy. Paula and I were there about 5 hours and then went to the colonia to see how Iliel was doing. Victor had just returned with hundreds and hundreds of pastries and cakes and sweetbread donated to them by Casi Mami orphanage. Sure the food is a few days old but these people would never splurge on a cake as part of thier food budget. Within a few hours the word had spred and all the food was gone. When these people pray for thier daily bread, they mean it!!!!And God provides. Adios amigos.
Group Bruce and Mimi she is like a nice New ceiling in pastor Pedro's church Word ship time
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Daniel, Carmen and Sammy painting their new home. The family in front of their new home. A happy kid with his fixed bike Sommer bible sschool and gidts after it.
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Team from oklahoma

Last week we had a team of 45 from 1st Pres. Church of Edmond OK. We built a house for a young couple named Daniel, Carmen, and their 6month old son Sammy. We built the foundation the week before and the cement delivery didn't come to fill the floor so we built the house and did the floor after the team had left. It was over 100 degrees every day and we consumed about 40 gallons of water a day. The team did a bike clinic and had the kids bring their bikes for much needed repairs like tires, tubes, peddles or seats. They were so excited to get their wheels back in running order. A VBS was held after the bike clinic and crafts and games for the kids. Scott Kincaid who is called Oscar now, took part of the team to do a drywall and insulation project at a church a few miles from the colonia. The team was a real blessing to us and the people in the colonia. They also painted Aqua Viva, Our good friend Pastor Victors church and then started painting the fence along the road and his house inside the old kitchen. Paula and I stayed at the Christian Retreat Center about 20 miles from our house with the team. We drove old Bessie our R.V. to the facility and plugged it into one of the site plug ins but the A/C was not working. We were so tired when we got back there the first night we slept there anyhow. The next night we moved to one of the parks units with A/C. Hopefully the repairs are not major to fix our a/c. We have another team coming next week to stay and work at an orphanage in Reynosa. Oscar is going to stay on site with the team so there might not be anything for Paula and I to do, so we'll just go over to the colonia and find someone to bless. Pastor Victors son Iliel has a tumor on his face and they have no money or insurance to pay for any medical treatment. We are praying and also asking you to pray for him and if god puts it in your hearts to send some money for him, make checks to Sons Of Salvations and on the memo write Medical outreach.

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